Sony DK60 USB Type-C Charging Dock Review

by XB on 18th June 2017

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Sony Mobile has a history of launching different charging docks for its Xperia smartphones. The latest dock is the Sony DK60 USB Type-C Charging Dock, which as the name suggests, is the company’s first USB Type-C dock. The Sony DK60 dock was launched when the Xperia XZ and X Compact arrived, and it also supports that latest 2017 Sony models such as the Xperia XZ Premium.

We managed to get hands on with the DK60 sock thanks to Mobile Fun, who offer a wide range of smartphone/tablet accessories and deliver worldwide. The dock is available for £39.99 – click through too read our full impressions.

To get rid of some confusion, the Sony DK60 USB Type-C Charging Dock does not actually include the ‘charging’ part of the dock in the package. So, you will need to have a charger available to plug into the dock. As most people should have a charger lying around, it’s a bit mean of Sony not to include a charger, especially considering its price point. The dock uses USB Type-C as both input and output, but unfortunately there is also no USB cable included in the package.

Inside the packaging, as well as the dock itself, you will find three different sized inserts that can be used depending on the thickness of the phone (or for example if you are using a case).

The Sony DK60 dock uses an adhesive edge on the bottom which helps give a better grip and to keep the dock held firmly in place. On first use, you need to remove the film which covers the edge, exposing the sticky surface. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t properly stick the dock to your surface – the dock can easily be removed and placed elsewhere without leaving any residue.

The three differently sized inserts included in the package, should allow you to find the right fit, no matter which sized case you are using with your phone. The inserts click firmly into the dock, without wobbling around, so this should give confidence that it is likely to hold your phone securely.

The Sony Xperia XZ shown below easily fits onto the dock, with or without the case. It is a convenient way to charge the phone and the phone docks easily. Once docked, the phone also sits at a nice angle to see the phone display.

Overall thoughts

Overall, the dock does a good job of securely holding your phone and providing different options if you use a case. The dock is well built, sits sturdily on your table and offers a level of convenience. However, we do find it a shame that Sony has not included any charger or USB Type-C cable in the package, as asking for close to £40 just for a plastic dock seems way overpriced to us.

Obviously, this is Sony we are talking about, and we know there’s always a premium to be paid, but in this case it is hard to justify. If Sony included a Quick Charger and cable at the same price, then we’d be happy to recommend, but unless you desperately need your phone docked, we think you’re better off just plugging in your phone instead.

Thanks to Mobile Fun for providing the Sony DK60 USB Type-C Charging Dock for review!

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