Sony testing 3D facial recognition on Xperia phones

by XB on 27th June 2017

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Android smartphones offer a variety of security options to keep your phone protected. Sony Xperia phones typically offer pin, password, swipe and pattern options, but we’ve not seen the company adopt facial recognition authentication. There’s probably a good reason for this, many of the manufacturer’s that use 2D face recognition have found that the phone can easily be unlocked using just a photo of the person instead.

Sony is looking to get around this by utilising a 3D facial recognition system. Sony has been showing off this technology on Xperia smartphones at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017, using software from a company called KeyLemon and a special 3D depth sensor from SoftKinect, a wholly owned Sony subsidiary.

3D facial recognition should in theory be much harder to fool, compared to 2D facial recognition, adding an extra security layer to a facial biometric. There’s no steer on how long it will take before we see this kind of technology in your future Xperia smartphone, but we’ll keep you posted with any further developments.

Via TechCrunch.

Thanks Moisés and Svnjay!

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