Sony, please make this flagship Xperia concept a reality

by XB on 30th June 2017

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There’s no doubt that Sony has a very loyal following. Many of you reading this blog today own (or have owned) Sony products, and hopefully there’s a fair few of you rocking Xperia smartphones too. You all have your own views how Sony could (and should) be in a much stronger position in the mobile space, than they are now.

One such fan is 3D artist Saber Kchikech, who created the Xperia concept that you see below. This is his view of what Sony should produce as its 2017 flagship, and it looks fantastic in our eyes. It remains a distinctly Sony device, refining the OmniBalance language, but with smaller bezels.

We see a number of concepts regularly, which take an extreme view of what Sony should produce, such as having near zero bezels like the Xiaomi Mi Mix. What we like about this design is that this is a realistic view of what Sony could make. It’s interesting to see the positive impact made through shaving those top/bottom bezels a little and using top/bottom speaker slots, like the Xperia Z2.

If Sony did produce something like this, it would be one of the more desirable handsets on the market in our view. Which design direction do you think Sony should follow for its next flagship? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Saber Kchikech!

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