Guess the Xperia S Android 4.0 release date and win a prize!

Discussion in 'Xperia S and Xperia SL' started by Xperia Blog, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. djm

    djm New Member

    June 23, 2012
  2. Deepak Adhikari

    Deepak Adhikari New Member

  3. Deepak Adhikari

    Deepak Adhikari New Member

  4. HugoT

    HugoT New Member

    Le 21 juin 2012 suis sur ! :cool:
  5. dragontrumpetare

    dragontrumpetare New Member

    Well according to my Operator Three in Sweden the update will arrive week 25. So that would be probably before midsummers eve in Sweden. So my guess is:
    2012 - 05 - 21 (year - month - day) but it could also be the day after. But i do guess 21/5. Why? Well Sony (Ericsson) have never what I can remember release anything on a weekend, or a Saturday och Sunday or any red day as we call it in sweden. The releases been quite close to the swedish calendar. And on 22 second of june its as I said midsummers eve. Many swedes tend to go on vacation on that time. Thats I think the release is the day before.
  6. JackEr60

    JackEr60 New Member

    June 24! 2012 :D
  7. Joseph Boukaram

    Joseph Boukaram New Member

  8. Zebastian

    Zebastian New Member

  9. DiveNT

    DiveNT New Member

  10. electrash

    electrash New Member

    1. June 2012
  11. Madclamper64

    Madclamper64 New Member

  12. Valetto

    Valetto New Member

    1st july
  13. Yasaka

    Yasaka New Member

  14. sitabesoindami

    sitabesoindami New Member

    hey.. I think on the 23d of June :p
  15. Rafael Q

    Rafael Q New Member

  16. Shaik Imaduddin

    Shaik Imaduddin New Member

    29 June 2012
  17. libya1

    libya1 New Member

    hi, 29 jun2012- 29/6/2012
  18. ant

    ant New Member

    June 21st 2012
  19. Art

    Art New Member

    27 Jun, although I do hope it comes sooner
  20. Yatsinar

    Yatsinar New Member

    26 June 2012
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