X10 mini pro successor gets snapped again, shows off keyboard

by XB on 8th January 2011

in Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro

X10 mini pro successorThe last time we saw the upcoming successor to the X10 mini pro, there were no shots of the keyboard. However, a new picture has surfaced that shows the keyboard in all of its glory. It’s interesting to note that this new keyboard has a whole column of extra buttons. This is probably down to a larger chassis size as this new phone is believed to come with a 3-inch display compared to the 2.6-inch display of the X10 mini and X10 mini pro.

The new handset is expected to launch with a 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 chipset that includes the Adreno 205 GPU as well as 384MB of RAM. Check out some larger pics of the handset below.

X10 mini pro successor

X10 mini pro successor

Via IT168.

  • Nilsepils94


  • S&N

    HORRENDOUS! Pantech units look better! Vomit!

  • Anon

    I think it looks awesome!

  • Simon Royal

    thats my x10 mini pro condemned to the bin then as SE concentrate on their new mini range with 2.2+ on it. screwed over again. thanks sony.

  • Jan

    Front is like in x10(big) the shape of the glass. i like it. now sony knows that 3″ in touchscreen is minimum. Let’s wait for the details from SE

  • ohdenny

    I like!

  • Nimche

    X1 looked better.

  • If thinner than X10 mini pro, I want to get it!

  • fact is fact

    I really like the mini’s! I was always attracted to their size and the availability of a qwerty keyboard, at least in the pro version! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there is a chance that I may skip the arc and buy this instead :)

  • Tushar

    Wow… I know the pics aren’t that good quality-wise, but this phone is really ugly. Being a Mini Pro owner myself, they should have kept with the current buttons.

    The Mini Pro looks great, sexy even. This one, not so much.

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