Xperia Play unboxing video

by XB on 17th March 2011

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Xperia Play Unboxing VideoTwo weeks today will see the official launch of the Xperia PLAY and to celebrate that occasion SE-First has come up with the first unboxing video of the handset. The lucky guys have managed to get hold of the retail boxes of not only the black version but the white version too.

Inside the box, you’ll find all the usual items including battery, 8GB memory card, USB cable, Greenheart charger, manual and headphones. You can check out the unboxing of both Xperia PLAY handsets after the cut.

Via SE-First.

  • can’t wait!

  • Question. Nvidia has announced that PlayStation Suite will be released for the tegra2 phones later this year which includes LG Optimus 2X, Samsung Galaxy S II and Motorola Atrix. And the reason for this is because the PS Suite needs that kind of power to be able to run the games. Fair enough, so why on earth does it work on the Xperia Play which only has a single core 1ghz processor? And even worse, if it works on Xperia Play why wouldn’t it work on, lets say.. the Xperia Arc?

    For me it looks like Sony Ericsson and PlayStation are working against eachother, cos everyone interested in having a well spec’ed smartphone along with PlayStation suite, will have to buy something else than a Sony Ericsson.

  • I think you have just answered your on question dude, besides Sony Ericsson are rumoured to be making a dual core successor to the xperia play at the end of the year, they have pushed the xperia play through possibly because of the moaner and seethers

  • Not buying Xperia Plague

  • Svnjay

    Then don’t buy it.

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