Spy image of Sony Ericsson Walkman W23i with dual-core processor?

by XB on 13th October 2011

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Walkman W23iWe have come across an image that is believed to show one of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Walkman devices. We know very little, but from what we can tell it’s a chunky looking model with three dedicated playback controls on the top of the phone (pause/play, rewind and forward). This sits next to a 3.5mm headphone jack and another button (Walkman?) that has been blurred out.

There’s nothing in this photo to suggest that it is even from Sony Ericsson (the logo on the back cover has also been blurred), but it is believed to be the upcoming Walkman W23i model that will have a dual-core processor. The design doesn’t look like Sony Ericsson to us, but it could be a prototype model or it may just be some cheap device out of China. Click through for a larger image and if anything comes of this we’ll keep you posted.

Sony Ericsson Walkman W23i

  • it could also be a sony walkman… not a phone just a player… possible the final device of the IFA prototype?

    the blurried part where the manufacturere logo should be has enough room for the sony logo…

  • MySony

    I don’t think sony will give their walkman pmp a camera module, so it’s definitely a phone.

  • Rhiejhal

    But it no flash, ya??

  • why not? the iPod touch has also a camera… the samsung galaxy S wifi also has a camera and is not a phone…

  • MySony

    Can you name any other brands? If it’s just  Apple and Samsung, you can only count 1. Samsung seems to just follow Apple way. Moreover, Sony usually impresses their fans by many things other than putting new features in their devices.

  • yeah ofcourse… i only went to say that it is POSSIBLE that it is just a walkman… not that it really is… ;)

  • Ada

    No SE

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