Xperiathon – The loneliest marathon in the world

by XB on 21st November 2011

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Sony Ericsson really do have some marketing geniuses in its midst. It is launching the world’s first solo marathon called the Xperiathon this Saturday 26 November 2011 at 12pm CET. What does this mean exactly? Well the Xperiathon can be run wherever you want and with how many people you choose.

To take part you’ll need either the Endomondo, MapMyFitness or RunKeeper apps installed on your smartphone and you’ll need to register over at the Xperiathon website. Then when the time comes you just need to activate your app and off you go. Once finished, simply save your results, this will then send the data to a tracking service which Sony Ericsson can analyse. Don’t go trying to cheat by using a bike or car either as the results will go to a jury to weed out the tricksters.

For those that go the half or full distance there is also some prizes including trips to the GoteborgsVarvet Half Marathon 2012 and New York Marathon 2012. The ten runner ups in each distance will win an Xperia active too. It all sounds too energetic for us, but we’re sure it’ll inspire some of you to get off the couch! Check out the somewhat spooky promo videos for the event below.

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