Black Sony Ericsson LT26i Nozomi spotted in the wild

by XB on 7th December 2011

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NozomiThe previous live pictures if the Sony Ericsson LT26i ‘Nozomi’ were of the white version, however as we revealed over the weekend a black version is also being planned. Now it appears that live pictures of the black Nozomi have been snapped in the wilds of Hong Kong.

The overall appearance looks similar to what we’ve already seen with the Sony Ericsson logo sitting above the ear-piece and a front facing camera to the right. We then have what looks to be a >4-inch display, with a slightly wider bezel than seen in the recent render.

The most revealing part of this new photo is the capacitive buttons which sit behind three small white illuminated dots, quite a nice touch in our view. Previously we had only seen the actual tiny icons (menu, home and back) that sit above the thin glowing strip at the bottom. We’re not sure what the small triangle towards that third capacitive button is (this could be a sticker and nothing related to the phone). We’re also not sure what the line of text is above the Xperia logo on the bottom. Although this could be a reference to this particular prototype, hence why it seems it has been blurred out.

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Another photo has appeared from Concept Phones, but instead of being a render this seems to be a live model. It shows a silver trim on the side edge not seen in the other photos. Most of the features do seem very similar to the above photo, although there are small discrepancies when comparing both photos. However, the photo below may have been of an earlier prototype, or as the author points out, the guy that sent it in could have created this mould himself (must be a huge Sony Ericsson fan if true!) Either way, with leaks intensifying it shouldn’t be too long before we have some higher-res live shots of this beauty soon.

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Via Techorz.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Muhammad Shahmeer

    what the disadvantages if without MicroSD card slot?

  • I want that font so bad on my Neo…

    On the last photo, it looks so much like an iPhone 4(s)

  • Anonymous

    Could it be possible that they’re two entirely different devices? The only thing linking them together is that white glowing bar at the bottom of both handsets. But maybe this is a design that will be seen throughout the entire 2012 portfolio, like we saw with the x10, arc, neo etc. which all have a silver strip of three buttons?

  • OMG….I want it so bad :(
    In two weeks, I get the Galaxy Nexus but, if this is out, I’m buying this instantly. <3

  • Anonymous

    I think the second one looks more like some of SE’s old candybar feature phones.

  • Anonymous

    No ability to upgrade storage (SDXC supports up to 2TB) or re-use microSD cards :(. For a user who is smart you can also save a lot of $$$ if your new phone has microSD.

  • Anonymous

    The first image looks very like the K850.

    I absolutely HATE capacitive buttons, just as I hated them on the K850. Give me tactile buttons any day.

    If I also wanted a dumbed-down device without microSD, then I’d have bought a crApple phone :(

  • Anonymous

    @adsada_arc: it may be a prototype not related to the lt26, maybe lt28. but as pointed out in the article it just might be fake.

  • mingguan

    It reminds me my previous C902.

  • Anonymous
  • i want this so bad… but i loooove the Arc design :S The LT26 looks so boring…

  • Anonymous

    The first picture Kinda looks like the x10 with a light strip at the bottom lol. Btw i noticed. There’s no dedicated camera button? o.O?

  • That could be ICS on this device, if you clearly look of top, there are circles to show you, which homescreen you are at the moment. hmm

  • Asad Mulla

    i was thinking the same thing. I still use a C902. Its the way you pull the upper part of the phone on the c902 to open the camera and the general shape and not to mention the C902 has a similar bezal.

  • Anonymous

    I want it, mainly for the glowing strip lol.

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks like Gingerbread still, but with a different theme that is perhaps closer to ICS in appearance. Though having said that, the thing that it reminds me most of is the theme on the old Sony Ericsson feature phones!

  • Anonymous

    I think the retro old skool Sony Ericsson design from 2007 is cool on the second picture, but hope they have not abandoned the “human curvature” type design either. Actually I hated “human curvature” at first (the Elm was ugly IMO), but “human curvature” has really grown on me – the Xperia arc and Xperia pro are the sexiest shaped devices that have ever been on the market!

    Now just give me an Xperia pro in a similar shape as the current model, but with different surface material and a back cover that doesn’t creak!

  • Anonymous

    Will the Nozomi be Sony´s upcoming flagship device? Or are there rumors about another device that will offer e.g. more gb memory (I´m interested in a phone that has expandable memory with micro sd)?

    Since Nokia goes the microsoft route I´m thinking of switching back to Sony/Ericsson again after my W960i has been a “faithful” servant for about 2 and a half years…

  • Ramy Ayash

    This is gonna clearly have ICS lol…The 2011 Xperia Line Up is getting the ICS update maximum by March, expected to get it in January. Anyways, even if the phone was displayed with Gingerbread in the CES 2012 in January, it will launch with ICS.

  • Anonymous

    This will be one of the last Sony Ericsson phone. I will get this!

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  • Felipe Pimenta

    I fucking want one.

  • Cssf09

    :D ? 

  • Anonymous

    The last SonyEricsson phone it´s a must to buy one. If it looks anyway near theese pictures it will be amazing.

  • hugo

    where the hell human curvature has gone?

  • adoet_t

    design looks bored, better Arc,,

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