Sony Ericsson ‘Pepper’ details emerge – Xperia neo successor?

by XB on 17th December 2011

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xperia-logoMore rumours on yet another new Sony Ericsson Xperia handset destined to launch in 2012. This time we have details of the Sony Ericsson ‘Pepper,’ which judging by the specs is likely to be the successor to the Xperia neo V (rather than the original neo).

According to our source, the handset will come with a 1GHz dual-core chipset, 3.7-inch Reality display with FWVGA (480 x 854) resolution. Camera duties will be handled by a 5MP camera sensor, capable of 720p HD video recording. Like the Nozomi and Nypon, the Pepper will come with a sealed battery (1320mAh capacity) and will initially launch with Android Gingerbread before being upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at a later date.

If these specs turn out to be correct, it looks like Sony Ericsson will not want to position this handset as closely with its flagship as it did with the original Xperia neo. The Xperia neo sat very close to the Xperia arc in terms of specs, having the same 8MP Exmor R camera sensor, HDMI output and even one-upping the Xperia arc in terms of a front-facing camera. The only things separating the handsets were screen size (3.7-inches versus 4.2-inches for the Xperia arc) and styling (Xperia arc obviously being a lot more desirable).

For the 2012 Xperia range, the Pepper would sit close to the Nypon (1GHz dual-core, 8MP Exmor R, 4-inch qHD display) in terms of size but will have an inferior display and camera sensor. This would make sense in terms of differentiation, as these things won’t be important for everyone, and for those people it will come at a cheaper price too.

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  • Jan Pal?o

    Why 1320mAh capacity? 

  • Dru

    why sealed battery? I hope they won’t be issuing sealed batteries and no sd cards cos I would have to switch to Samsung..

  • mountain

    My source told me that the new handsets will have prices of €500, €400, €300, €200 and €100, so we are still missing in the€200 category. And yes, all handsets will have internal batteries.

  • Zash

    Becoming more and more like apple with lack of sd card and battery removal etc.

  • Anonymous

    Just when SE has once again become a great player they’ll ruin it once more with the lack of SD cards, sealed batteries w/c are not even 1500 mAh! SE should know at how power-hungry android is! It just doesn’t make any sense. SE is doing great these days, why be a bitch?

    Are they wiping out all their supplies for the entrance of SONY? Even with their resurrected great reputation?!!! @_@

  • Anonymous

    Guys I would like to point out something that I believe is very important.

    The thing that I love about replaceable batteries, is that they are replaceable! Which means if the battery sucks than I can simply replace it.
    Also, I like the idea of buying higher capacity batteries! Such as mugan power and others.

    I know the iphone still has some extended battery system, but they really look ugly! and they make the phone look different, not the stylish iphone people brag about at all. So, I really don’t want this to happen with the new xperia models you know.

    Choice is always a great thing! So, why are Sony taking the apple approach which limits our choices :(

    I would never buy a crappy samsung with cheap built material and ugly looks, but I may consider HTC if that’s the case.

    Right now I am so enjoying my Xperia play, it’s a truly brilliant phone which proves S/E still has some amazing and unique offering :D

  • Rune Christiansen

    I don’t really get the battery issue -I’ve never seen any reason to exchange the battery…
    I get the sd card issue, but are you sure it isn’t to make sure we get the best performance out of the phones?

  • Anonymous

    That’s the issue, that samsung phones are getting more populer because that give you a choice.

    Therefore, it wound not make sense that S/E limit their choices.

    Apple can get a way with it because they are apple! So, Sony should seriously keep this in mind.

    You know folks I just have a feeling that Sony is already in full control of S/E, because everyone who knows Sony, Knows as well that they are strict as well!

  • Howarddelinto

    sony ericsson is making a great mistake !!!!!!!!!! like the previous comments here, by using the internal battery they aren’t giving an option for the customer.

    in my honest opinion the 2011 xperia line-up is the best android mid range line-up in the market.

    because they give a option for the customers, what micro sd they want to use ??? if they want to change the battery, or buy another one and things like that. and price was cheapper for a strong hardware.

    now my second option is samsung galaxy W series.The galaxy w series has the qualcomm processor, and for gaming in mid range phones, is the best processor.

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  • Anonymous

    This is bad news for consumers. The fact that the 2011 Xperias were essentially the same under the hood but allowed consumer to choose the size they wanted was the right way to go and made SE stand out against its competitors – many people want the processing power but don’t want a HUGE handset. This “mid range” price bracket is where is greatest volume of sales should occur too.

  • Anonymous

    PS: SE has lost it – apart from the “dual core” (which we didn’t really need), the features that DO actually matter to non-geek normal users are camera quality and battery life.

    I mean “sealed battery (1320mAh capacity)”, non-removable battery and microSIM. These features are all a step DOWN from the Neo. From all these rumours it is sounding unlikely that I will be recommending SE in 2012 as I was in 2011. They are removing what was great about SE and taking decisions which were the reasons why I DIDN’T buy an Apple device.

  • Anonymous

    Sealed batteries are such a failure. Bye bye SE for 2012. I can understand the logic if it means they can improve the build qualities of the poor quality back covers on Arc/Neo/Pro, however, the leaked photos still show crappy back covers. The optimum solution is not to have sealed batteries, but to have a battery that is inserted into a slot at the bottom of the device like digital cameras do (and like SE did with the K850).

  • i like it, i like gadgets with built in battery, because it is safe and good for our health

  • it is better believe me

  • i like the idea for having built in battery

  • i agree about battery issue, it doesnt make sense wether it is removable or not.

  • it will become thick

  • Anonymous

    indeed, for the worse.

  • Anonymous

    please explain how a lack of swappable battery and losing the ability to upgrade your storage capacity is “better”?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    There is no reason for it to be any thicker than a phone containing an internal battery. By saying things like this you are giving them excuses for poor design and for using shoddy materials.

  • Anonymous

    indeed, this is why I was very disappointed in learning Sony were going to take control. Sony are known for the same bad practices as Apple of proprietary solutions to everything and removing user control.

  • Anonymous

    It is handy to be able to carry a spare battery when travelling – they are very cheap and have been life-savers for me. Also Li-ion batteries also lose performance after 2-3 years and I have always had to replace them on phones that I’ve had for a while. There is also potential to upgrade to a higher capacity battery.

    A non-removable battery makes no difference to “performance” either. In fact, a lower capacity battery (as they are proposing) will make performance WORSE, not better!

  • Tymodmyt

    Non-removable battery and no memore expansion are gonna be a big mistake.

  • Anonymous

    we all know how power hungry android is so carrying an extra batt isn’t even new w/ just Android handsets!

    A recent introduction to 64 sdhc has been made w/c offers more storage for media, HD videos and more! W/c ties to my first sentence!

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  • argiriano

    I doubt battery will be 1320mAh ’cause even 2011 Mini and Ray has 1500mAh in smaller packages than this device would be. 

  • I can live with microSIM, there’s nothing wrong about that, infact if it will give more awesomeness it will be better, the reason to go for microSIM is space.. nothing more, nothing less…

    but lacking microSD is very bad… even with such large built-in memory, they must have big ROM ( 2GB ) and large built-in memory ( 16GB min. ) and the microSD slot is a must…

    embeded battery is another story.
    1- they have to make an easy accessible port that can be used to attach an external cover with built-in battery ( like some iPhones covers ).. that port can be used for docking purpose also, but being a non-standard port means they should keep the standard micro-USB port ( and it might have MHL cabability to save the space )2- they have to make the first battery replacement ( after the battery dies ) is free of charge.. note that this is separated that in-case of battery failure within it’s lifetime…

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  • KF

    Dual-core processor and 720p HD video recording, FWVGA resolution?? It will probably use the ST-Ericsson U5500 which is an entry-level dual-core chipset.

  • Anonymous

    WTF? How do you work out that it is “safer”? There is absolutely no difference with the tech used in internal batteries. Have you not seen the picture of the guy who’s iPhone 4 battery exploded on a plane and burnt his leg?

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  • Cocky

    what’s going on here, take it as a pinch of salt! rumour isn’t it?

  • Rytunk

    Any info about xperia pro successor, with slide keyboard or any other with a qwerty??? ;D

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  • apramit pradhan

    Omw cant wait if its true!!!!

  • apramit pradhan


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