Sony Ericsson LiveView successor spied

by XB on 9th January 2012

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Sony LiveView 2Sony Ericsson is all set to announce some new products later on today at CES 2012 (or early tomorrow depending on which time zone you are in). Whilst most Sony Ericsson fans are waiting on details of the new Xperia handsets with feverish anticipation, we expect the company to announce some new accessories too.

One of these will be the successor to the LiveView Bluetooth remote mini display. The Verge caught a picture of the device, which looks imminently more fashionable than its predecessor. It features what looks like a rubber green wrist strap and a spring loaded clip to easily remove the display from the strap. The unit itself also looks nicer than the original, with a chrome metal strip along the sides. Many felt that the LiveView was an interesting concept but needed more work, both in terms of the wrist strap and apps. Let’s hope Sony Ericsson deliver on this new version.

Sony LiveView 2

Via The Verge.

Thanks adsada & Damir!

  • Coooool :D
    it is realy time for a new one… and i hope they will also bring better functionality and also bring a real touchscreen and not this crappy touch-sensitive edge only :-/ i love my LiveView but sometimes it makes me sick >.<

  • Mjwallace1

    sony ericsson always deliver they always have the best products no matter what you say

  • Cssf09

    the screen is small or no more than the picture looks so?

  • Jan

    propably it will have touchsreen because i dont see any buttons (from this angle)

  • the first generation also had no buttons for navigation but touch sensitive edges… but yes this would be nice 

  • Tarekali

    The problem i had with my liveview is that is would drop away from the strap if it is knocked. Because everytime I try to take it off to charge then put it back on, it wears out the clip and cause the liveview to drop. I hope this is a more robust design

  • boosook

    Ugh… I just bought mine!!! :) This new version is really nice and does not have the cheap feel that the old one has. The LiveView is really useful, I love mine! ;)

  • Jan

    i must disagree because 1st gen live view had two buttons on top.

  • Guest

    Probably on the right side? Just like a watch. :)

  • XxX

    They should add a heart rate sensor in the wrist straps. (if not done already)

  • Asad Mulla

    yeh that would be great

  • Asad Mulla

    i just bought mine also. Play made a mistake and sold it to me for £17.99. But i think its a bit useless. cant find any good apps to go with it.

  • boosook

    I find it really useful even with the stock functions… you can control the music player, it vibrates when somebody calls you so you never miss a call, you can silence the call or read the message without taking the phone out of your pocket or bag (especially useful during winter), find your phone when you don’t remember where it is… of course it is something you can also live without, but I like it. Btw, it also tells you the time! :)
    SportyPal has a plugin, but I never tried it because it works only with the paid version.

  • if you read again: “no buttons for navigation” ;) but of course you are right there is a on/off button and a select/back button on top… i own a 1st gen LiveView ^^

  • Anonymous

    Looks cool. Hopefully it can come with different colour wrist straps.

  • Jan

    to be accurate, consider that select/back button can be counted as navigation button ;) I expect the ppi is same like in the old one. I would like to be startled ;)

  • ok that’s true :D but anyway i would prefer a real touchscreen and controls similar to the iPod nano… this new one seems to be bigger than the old one… but we will see details tonight i think :)

  • me

    I hope this will work with my s2 :(

  • Angelmorales

    Wow that looks very elegant except fot the strap color, im sure Sony will offer more colors!

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