First 1080p video samples from Xperia S emerge

by XB on 13th January 2012

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Xperia S videoThe Xperia S is the first Sony (Ericsson) phone that will be capable of 1080p video recording thanks to its 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Adreno 220 graphics. Obviously Sony Ericsson has been known for its great camera phones of the past, so the pressure is on the company to not only keep up with the competition in terms of imaging, but to be at the forefront.

We’ve attached some of the first Xperia S 1080p video samples that we’ve come across. The results look good, although not outstanding. The videos that panned over a landscape exhibited what looked like dropped frames. However, given that these samples are likely to be using pre-production firmware we’ll give Sony the benefit of the doubt. What we can say is that the audio seems to be consistently very good across the videos, picking out a lot of detail. We’ve also attached some 720p videos shot from the front camera of the Xperia S. These looked a bit soft to our eyes, see them all for yourselves below.

Xperia S: 1080p Rear camera video sample

View all of these vidoes in YouTube for the HD samples.

Xperia S: 720p Front camera video sample

Front camera footage from 50 seconds:

  • the first video test is here in Malaysia, Batu Caves (north of Kuala Lumpur).

  • Rene Pedroso

    It’s a phone

  • Dafuq

    laggy as hell

  • Ur Ma

    Chicks are nice but who is the dick who keeps blocking the view?

  • tymodmyt

    Not impressed.

  • You know, those dropped frames are probably because it’s recording in 24p or 25p. There is no way to display 25fps on a 60fps display (almost all computers) without creating that dropped frame illusion.

    Connect the phones to a good TV over HDMI and it’ll be perfectly smooth.

  • Somebody

    The results look good, although not outstanding. ”

    YouTube re-encodes videos… How could an HD video with a bitrate of 3mbps look outstanding?!? The untouched stuff is obviously a lot sharper and contains a lot more detail…

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree. Its not very impressive.. The first video is ok cause its in bright sunlight. The lag in all videos i’d assume its youtube’s fault. But in the last video when she was taking photos with the S, the photos dosn’t turn out very good…

  • Aishafu

    That is what happen when putting too many megapixels inside a very small sensor

  • Chronosnake

    YouTube compresses and changes framerates, youtube ain’t a good place to see what games are like graphically, let a lone a HD Camera sample

  • Gundam_zhen

    True. the First video was in Malaysia. How come this phone in Malaysia ? LOL

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  • Anonymous

    The Camera is above average but still not impressive! But then again, the device overall is very superb. I don’t want Sony to revive the Cybershot and the Walkman brands bec. they may fragment their specs again instead of producing all in one complete superphones, but I want Sony to compete with N8’s mega camera sensor!!!!!

  • Angel morales

    Very nice video!

  • Julius Buma-at

    As of the moment in general, no smartphones with cameras can match the quality of a dedicated digital camera.  Zoom lens coming from a digital camera vs digital zoom lens coming from a smartphone, sensor from a digital camera vs sensor from a smartphone who do you think would win?

  • Zephyron

    Would prefer to see 720p shots.

    Wanna see if the whole sensor is being used for recording or otherwise.

    Maintaining a good bitrate at 720p at a higher frame rate should be more feasible and pleasing to the eyes while upscaling to 1080p shouldn’t result in a huge drop in detail preservation quality when compared to recording in 1080p at a the 720p image bitrate x2.25.

  • W-bernt

    The 1080 p video was better then 720 p which was recorded inside anyway you tube is not the rigth place to show videos iam sure xperia s can better then this

  • Assfg

    Yes, but there are better camera phones

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