Sony “DOT SWITCH” teaser video; universal remote app?

by XB on 15th January 2012

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DOT SWITCHSony has released a teaser video of a new feature called “DOT SWITCH” that will be heading to Japan. The 30-second video clip is a bit cryptic, but it seems to show an Xperia acro being used as some kind of universal remote for different devices.

The video shows the phone pointed to different devices (much like you would for a TV remote), before pressing the dot button on the phone to activate it. The DOT SWITCH website says that it is “New entertainment from Sony “, which doesn’t really reveal too much. If we were making a guess, we’d say that this will utilise the infrared capabilities of the Xperia acro and Xperia acro HD. Sony plans on revealing all on 21st February 2012, until then what are your best guesses? Check out the video below.

  • Hisham

    I guess it is something new.

  • Jex

    NO ITS NOT, i think on feb 21 is the big event for Smart Tag NFC chip launched

  • Jex

    i think this video is the advertisement for smart tag accessories for the Xperia NXT Series.

  • Asad Mulla

    i think its something like the “X10 system” which uses wireless technology to control elecricial equipment. if it only did the sony TV then you could say its only IR but since it does many electricial items is remotly switching them on so I dont think its IR.

  • Asad Mulla

    Saying that if you look at ALL the devices they have a small white illuminated object somewhere next to them and since its an ARCO which we know has IR I think I am wrong about the wireless. Also its point to the object to start it. If it was wireless it would have 1, individual buttons for each device and 2, You wouldn’t have to point in the direction of the device. everytime I look at the video its more and more convincing. The last device especially when the lights go dim look to the right of the table.

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  • Anonymous

    The day before the UK/Europe/USA Vita launch, hmmmmmmmm lol. 

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  • Anonymous

    It has (relatively) a lot of information on the website., you guys might want to look into getting translators.

    It talking about being a supposed game-changer for your multi-screen lives (ie: when you have this small screen, plus you have your big Sony Bravia TV screen, etc.).  I would guess based on what’s written on the site that it is related to Bravia Link in making the multiple screens in your home interactive with each other (I think that theme popped up at CES as well)

    It is more likely that it runs over wifi and possibly with DLNA and a bunch of proprietary Bravia Link stuff.
    We’ve already seen Toshiba tablets that interface through Regza Link with your TV to have them companion each other and we’re bound to see Panasonic have a Viera Link with their devices; It’s only a matter of time that Sony and [Sony / Sony Ericsson ] do the same thing.

    At any rate, they will be looking to make a lot of things possible in an easy to use, interactive, fun way… but confetti launchers will be sold separately.

  • Anonymous

    That’s interesting – many thanks for that.

  • Anonymous

    although keep in mind that i’m guessing based on what’s written on the site about making a fun, multi-display interactive, easy to use way and platform.

    “all you have to do is push the switch… for PC, for TV…. the world is going to change” etc.

    With you and your multiple screens (PC,TV,Tablet,Phone,etc), A new kind of entertainment will be created…etc.

    It sounds to be like the same theme as seen in CES with the convergence of multiple screens that can be more interactive … but again I’m only guessing based on what’s written.

    Their twitter however has a bunch of pictures on it from their dotlab #3 that looks like some kind of glasses free 3D projection

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