Xperia S 12MP camera – first photo samples

by XB on 16th January 2012

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The Sony Xperia S and Xperia ion are the company’s first Android handsets that will sport a large 12MP Exmor R camera sensor. Sony Xperia S photo samples from a number of different sources have been floating around for a few days now, so we thought we’d collate a gallery for you to gander over.

We’ve only included ones where the EXIF data confirms they come from the Xperia S. Therefore the PhoneArena photo samples were not included. It is perhaps too early to cast final judgement on these samples, given that they are taken by pre-production hardware. However, it gives an indication of what to expect.

Our initial impressions are that detail looks good, although noise is evident. Judging by each photo size (around 3.5MB), hopefully compression is less of an issue as it was with the Xperia arc. The samples include a variety of shots, some from the day and some in low light. There are also a few panoramic photo samples too. Please click on each photo to enlarge.

Via Rog from SE-First [esato], SoyaCincau and ePrice (1 & 2).

  • Raiden

    Not bad

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Not bad at all, but can anyone tell how i can make some nice pictures with my xperia arc in the night?

  • bogar

    disappointed…just an average phone camera quality..

  • Anonymous

    actually pretty good, nose in the indoor photos and low light ones is there, but this is the Exmor-r working and without it you would have a much darker image with less detail and would probably be blurry (unless you have a tripod etc.)

  • MOE

    some people would never be happy or appreciate things….

  • Hisham
  • Bashar Enjarini

    not bad, BUT could be better… hope the final version will include better image processing engine….

  • Dabliu2

    Last 6 images are total crap but the rest is a joy to look at, GSMArena got the wrong device?

  • Videoguard

    im a bit dissapoited ..looks like my arc got less noise xd lol hope they will improve this in final relase.

  • Not as good as I expected either. I think we’ve hit a physical boundary with 8MP at that sensor size. Without increasing the sensor size (and the lens quality) it’s obvious we can’t go much higher in quality.

    There is way too much noise in most pictures, and way too much noise reduction too. I think I’d prefer less pixels but more detail.

  • Gabriel

    They’re all JPEG! Does it save in JPEG or are the pictures converted? 

  • Anonymous

    They should have kept the resolution at 8mp and increased the sensor and lense size.  14mp on these phones is just going to introduce a ton of noise. I know it’s more of a challenge but marketing have got to figure out a way of making potential customer know what really matters when it comes to the camera modules quality and get away from the idiotic MOAR PIXELS approach.   

  • boomer

    Yes it is early release unit and but i think it will be fine and when an update comes via ics it will be the best camera out there except for the N8 which in my mind is superb and I dont think nothing will come close! Im not biased as I own xperia neo but i went for the neo for android. Keep up the work Sony 

  • Shanefalco

    galaxy s2 photo is much better than arc s and this s!!! xperia s make photo out of focus and disturbed.

  • Anonymous

    Still doesn’t best the 1.5 year old Nokia N8…

    …if only that phone ran android.

  • Apa Mau

    Ya, I have to agreed to most of the commenter here, I since a lot more that what’s been collected here, and so far from a pre-production, it is really below Par… sony, what are you doing ?

  • bogar

    i am waiting from a long time that SE, or now Sony will take revenge in the camera phone battle, but since the K800, K850 last with nokia n95, n82,C 905 with Samu innov 8, satio with N 8, AND ALSO NOKIA N8 in the gsm arena test with Sony DSC Hx7,IT WAS A CLOSE BATTLE, and sony dsc Hx7 a very good compact camera.its never happened before that after the new update the camera picture quality to be impruved radically, or significally,DISSAPOINTED,small lens,small senzor,there is no miracle..

  • naruto20007

    Still no phone can beat Sony Ericsson Satio Camera (12MP-Xenon flash).

  • Azh

    Still cant beat N8, i even personally think that xperia arc’s camera is better

  • Assfg

    Agree 100%

    They will sell more at the beginning since people will think 12mp is better then 8mp

    BUT they will have many customers that will not be happy to find out that their camera is worse then others and then this customers will not buy SSony again

  • So many guys here have not read the News, just looked at the pictures…

    DAMMIT this is an early pre-release firmware!!! this 6.0.A.1.171 is form november or beginning of december!!! with newer internal builds pictures are much better….

  • Ali

    You had direct sunlight. Try to do indoor photos and you’ll notice it’s not much better than this.

  • goku

    is sony scratch resistant glass is as hard as gorilla glass (like sg2)

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  • Ramy Ayash

    My Arc fell plenty of times and nothing happened to the screen. It’s very strong and durable :) 

  • even my X10 8 MP camera takes photos size up to 8 mb , how 12 MP camera take photo size 3.5 ?

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  • Psyche .

    Not bad, but could be a lot better, Dealbreaker ??

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  • it depends on the camera user :) 
    check my arc S

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