Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype pictured again

by XB on 17th January 2012

in Rumours

SE_WP7_1Back in March 2011, we came across the first images of a prototype Sony Ericsson device running the Windows Phone platform. Sony Ericsson has consistently said that it is watching Windows Phone with interest, but plans no WP7 phones at this stage.

However, some more images of this prototype device has been uncovered by To be honest, the pictures look like they belong to the same batch of photos from March 2011 and we’re not sure that they’re anything new. We do wonder whether Sony is legitimately looking at Windows Phone right now, especially after betting heavily on Android. Never say never, but we’d be very surprised if Sony releases any Windows Phone devices in 2012.

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone prototype


Thanks Mark and ammar!

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