Sony announces new 8MP and 13MP image sensors for smartphones

by XB on 23rd January 2012

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CMOSSony has announced that it has developed the next-generation of back-illuminated camera sensors destined for smartphones. The CMOS image sensor uses a new stacked structure that delivers improved camera quality in a smaller chip size. Other features of the new image chip include faster speeds and lower power consumption.

The sensors also have been developed with Sony’s “RGBW Coding” function, important for low-light photography, and the proprietary “HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie” function that can achieve dynamic colours even when taking pictures against bright light. See some demos of these functions below.

Samples of the new CMOS image sensor will start shipping from March 2012. First up will be the 1/4″ 8MP sensor that will come equipped with built-in signal processing functionality. In June, Sony will ship the 1/3.06″ 13MP sensor that will come with both RGBW Coding and HDR Movie functions. Then in August, Sony will sample the 1/4″ 8MP sensor, which will also support RGBW Coding and HDR Movie functions. We wouldn’t expect any smartphones using these new chips until the end of the year at the earliest.

Sony announces new 8MP and 13MP image sensors for smartphones

For more details about how these new stacked CMOS chips differ from conventional sensors click here and here.

Sony announces new 8MP and 13MP image sensors for smartphones

  • The next iPhone and upcoming Sony Phones will use the 13MP sensor by the end of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Hayabusa and Mint I maybe?

  • Most likely Mint because Hyabusa will release in June and the sensors are supposed to ship in June.
    Mint is supposed to ship in September so there is enough time to implement the new sensor.

  • Anonymous

    Come on, get the f**k out of here with smaller sensors every generation. I mean last years Exmor-R 8MP sensor was already 1/3,2″ and was really bad IMHO, this is even smaller with 1/4″. And what’s the idea behind 13 MPx in a mobile? I had SE models since the T610 but Nokia really seems to be the only one who knows that size does matter in regards of camera sensors.

  • boomer

    Sony for me!

  • Anonymous

    Sharp needs to enter the global market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That should give Samsung and even Sony a run for its money!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    relax… Sony is one of the best sensor producer in the market. See what they can do first.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it, so according to that diagram, though the sensor size is smaller, the pixel section that assorbs photos is the same size as its larger counterpart?

  • charcharm

    do you think the mint will have this sensor?

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  • tymodmyt

    Why can’t SONY use these sensors in the smartphones to be announced in February? That would contribute to much better sales. I for one would rather wait till these sensors are used in SONY’s handsets than buying a smartphone without them? Why does it take so long if the sensors are already announced? 

  • Tubegalore Com

    I dont understand so those sensors will not be build in xperia s then I change my maind I am waiting I am not going to buy it untill they fix that in the phone


  • Mario

    well you know these now launching smart phones and the 2011 xperia range have the CMOS sensor, what is new with the new type of sensor is that they can just squeeze the whole thing in a smaller package. The big difference is probably if you have or if you don’t have the CMOS sensor, not if you have the old bigger or the new smaller same CMOS sensor..

  • Je_ramil

     i agreed, they keep on spending a lot of money in advertising their sick sensors- please consider spending money for larger sensors- in world of photography, no matter how advance your sensors are if you’re gonna put large megapixels in a tiny sensor you are wasting money. look at the n8 and now the pureview. they are in arguably unparalleled.

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