Xperia S versus Xperia arc S samples photos

by XB on 2nd February 2012

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If you’re intrigued to see how the upcoming 12MP Sony Xperia S compares against the 8MP Xperia arc S, then check out a couple of comparison sample photos below. We don’t know what settings were used, but the Xperia arc S appears to have the edge over the Xperia S. We imagine that a prototype Xperia S was used in the test, so it’d be interesting to compare pictures once the handset sees retail release. See the pics below.

Comparison pics: Xperia arc S on the left and Xperia S on the right [click to enlarge]


  • Blehhh~

    Honestly, both of them are equally noisy… >.< The XS's picture feels like a cropped version of the Arc S's..

  • tymodmyt


  • Sojvarghese

    Not much difference

  • No-reply

    somehow I prefer ARC S’s color adjustment… XS is a bit disappointing to me.

  • Icefraction

    If I make a picture at night it always turns out ugly, how did they make it so nice here..

  • Carlod879

    Why doesn’t Sony out in a camera like that of the Iphone? What is the point of giving out your technology to others when you don’t use it urself. 

  • Anonymous

    i think the xperia S colour is more realistic(look at the monkey).

  • For my judgement, S’s photoes are slightly better. Not a bad job for the low-light shot.

  • For my judgement, S’s photoes are slightly better. Not a bad job for the low-light shot. :)

  • kamal singh

    xperia s is less noisy & more realistic colours. arc s more noisy. good job sony for xperia s, i am eagerly waiting for xperia s.

  • Mario

    look Sony is all about sharing these days.. and they want to keep the media files as small as possible, that’s why pictures really don’t look that good when you zoom in, but if you look the picture without zooming in, the quality is the same. I guess if you have an Iphone, when sending a picture through bluetooth you have to wait for 5 minutes for the transfer to be done. Not to mention the ridiculous video sizes on the Icrap :)

  • xperia S has given a much more realistic image. You must see the color of light…judge based on reality…can’t wait to get it…

  • I think the arc S has the better colour balance, look at the white pillowcase behind the monkey. Both Xperia S shots are overly warm with less tonal range than the arc.

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  • Hojurek

    I like Xperia S pictures, can´t wait till March!!! :-D

  • Guest

    Haha. You mean, send pictures via another method aside from bluetooth. Iphone’s Bluetooth is almost useless.

  • owl

    In the dark photo, the S clearly has an edge over the arc S in terms of detail. Check out the blue signboard near the green car on the right of the photo — the S’s photo shows hint of English/Latin alphabets underneath the Chinese characters, which is absent in the arc’s. The S also seems to have superior lens with much less flaring than the arc (check out the horizontal blue strip and the diagonal yellow strips on the arc S’s photo), although this also depends on the cleanliness of the lenses. Arc is also slightly noisier.

    The picture of the doll, however, is pointless. Firstly, the composition is slightly different — the doll occupies less space on Xperia S’s photo, so at 100%, they both have the same size. But that’s not the main problem, Xperia S’s photo is a little blur, not sure if it’s the camera’s or the cameraman’s fault. Just compare the nose of the dolls — the arc S’s photo is so much more detailed.

    I’ll reserve judgement until tests by more experienced personnels are done on commercial units.

  • Well, actually the IPhone 4S has the same camare as in Xperia Arc. So Sony (Ericsson) is a step ahead of the Iphone camera wise. But I must say that the camera on the IPhone is great to use :)

  • Doministry1

    Definitely Xperia S slightly better than Arc.

  • Reptile

    Arc S > more natural colors, less saturated
    Xperia S > more saturated (especially red color) but more details (on the right pic)
    the noise is the same for me! crap!

  • Mario

    well yes i heard about the Iphone bluetooth.. But that wasn’t the point – my point was – smaller size file to transfer = faster transfer. It’s kinda obvious that whit a mobile camera you can’t make great pictures.. that’s why you got cybershot and other series of cameras.. the point in the phone camera as Sony sees it is to capture great moments anywhere and share this great moments with cyber-friends :) Pictures from the xperia line of camera phones are great, of you don’t zoo in too much. And they are a small file size. Perfect for sharing and posting on social sites. Get it? :)

  • Mario

    xperia S’s photo looks better because there are green lights on the semaphore, as to red on the arc s’s shot. To me they are pretty much the same. 

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately the noise level of both is not satisfying. I would love a decent sized sensor with all these high tech packed in to make even smaller sensors each generation. It only gets worse.

  • Anonymous

    Not much different.

  • Cholek3

    Is Exmor used in video shooting as well? I like using my phone as video recorder when driving, but I drive mostly at night, so it is kinda important to me. :P

  • Samuel Serafim

    Nice shoots.

  • Xperia Arc s better in second photo 

  • bogar

    Yeah, for that you need a 12MPX camera ,to send pictures in compressed size,with a lot of noice and missing the fine details, for that is enough a 5 MPX camera,its just marketing.Unfortunately,iphone  4s camera is muth better….Please Sony,Do not compress the picture size,give us the possibility ,to can choose high quality, medium and low picture quality for ex. Xperia Arc 8 MPX picture 1 MB, WHAT IS THAT?mininmum over 2 MB  for an 8 MPX .

  • bogar

    less  noise and more fine details, Sony…

  • XYZ

    Both are compressed images. Can’t judge till you see them at full quality.

  • Below are the links for the uncompressed images taken with the XS. In my opinion the Xperia S photos are much better than the Arc photos.

  • Anonymous

    I still think Sony has the potential to make great camera phones that are on par with the N8.

    Just a lil conspiracy theory here.. Could it be that Sony’s actually limiting the camera capabilities on their phones cause they think that it’ll affect their Cybershot standalone compact camera sales?

  • Misterio

    Please, add iphone 4S for compare.

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  • Prettytracy

    I have the arc s, good camera but cant figure out whether it switches to front screne so u can take of your self??

  • Andrew

    You don’t have permission to access /editor/sony/xperias_pic06.jpg on this server.

  • lance

    hey guys, can you help me choose between the two phones.(xperia ion and xperia s) because i’m planing to buy 1…. but I don’t know what’s better… i hope you guys can help me

  • Kalamagwi

    wow.. .this is disappointing. xperia arc s is a lot better detail wise, just look at the nose of the monkey.

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