Sony starts emailing customers about the change from Sony Ericsson

by XB on 15th February 2012

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Whilst Sony’s deal to acquire full control of Sony Ericsson has not received final regulatory approval yet, it hasn’t stopped the company from emailing customers about the change. The email from Steve Walker, Sony Ericsson’s Chief Marketing Officer confirms that all existing SE warranties will remain valid.

It also reiterates what Sony is trying to do with its four-screen strategy (smartphones, tablets, TVs and PCs). When talking about future plans, Walker says that “you can expect even more leading-edge Sony capabilities – and easy connectivity with other Sony products including TVs, PCs and tablets to allow you to share content seamlessly across multiple screens.” A big part of this includes Sony’s music and video content through the Sony Entertainment Network. We expect to hear more information about this at MWC next week.

  • I’m excited about the future of Sony.

    ..just a suggestion for this site.. hmm, can you make a Timescape extension??

  • Anonymous

    Re: Timescape – we’ve considered this in the past but wasn’t sure if there was enough interest. If that changes we’ll certainly look into it again.

  • Anonymous

    Please do…that will make many lifes easier :)

  • Challenge accepted. Would make a great challenge for me as a beginning Java developer!

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sony really hasn’t impressed me with their talk of ”sharing content seamlessly across multiple screens (TV’s, PC’s & Tablets)”. With Video Unlimited I rented a movie on my Tablet S (SD Format) and went to my Sony Bravia TV (the movie was available in HD format) and it would not allow me to watch the rented video. Called SEN and they stated I would have to purchase it again to watch on my TV or Xperia arc S or PC. 

    Talk is cheap, but the movie rentals are not. hopefully Sony will get their act together so if I rent or purchase on one device, I can view on all devices.

  • Jan

    Xperia Play S? Xperia Play ? Xperia Playstation? Playstation Xperia? Xperia SEN? Xperia P is already owned. Sony X?
    Just wondering bout new smart gaming pocket device from Sony. I bet name of “Play S”, whats your ideas?

  •  You posted the same comment yesterday on a different story??

  • Rene Pedroso

    I did because they are related. 

  • Rene Pedroso

    And I loved to hear myself write

  • jex

    four screen features in not started yet and it might be the reason you need to buy to use it in other device. but i guess Sony’s four screen strategy will announced on MWC and they will launched it at the same time

  • Sam

    I would download the timescape extension, seeing as this is an XPERIA BLOG

  • Cssf09


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  • Magz Ray

    Pls do, so i we can access to newest blog easily, since we are all Xperia users, i guess

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  • R Pedroso

    There are blogs all over the place. See below link

    Hope it works

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  • Will be waiting for it. X)

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