Xperia S browsing and boot times compared against Galaxy S II, Nexus and Motorola Razr

by XB on 15th February 2012

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Xperia SIf you want to see how the Sony Xperia S compares against some of the Samsung Android heavyweights (Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus) and the Motorola Droid Razr then check out a couple of videos below. They show the browsing experience and boot times of the Xperia S against the aforementioned phones.

The Xperia S seems to be a bit slower on the browsing front, but it is packing in more pixels than the Galaxy S II (480 x 800) and Razr (540 x 960). Boot times on the Xperia S appear to be quicker although the test wasn’t exactly fair as the handsets weren’t switched on at the same time. Click through for the videos below.

Boot time compared

Browsing compared

Xperia S HD Screen

  • Homerjay

    I prefer samsung for all…browsing more fluid and more fast…samsung the best !!!

  • S S08ti

    Did anyone notice that the Xperia S has the notification light on the front unlike the Arc! So happy right now, can’t wait for this phone! :)

  • Hannad Ahmed

    This is still the prototype stock browser. 1/ with the completed device the browser will most definitely be faster and 2/ Dolphin browser ( Download at market) is better then any stock browser

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  • Rune Christiansen

    What a moron -how can you screw up so much THREE times?!

    The xperia s was close to the nexus, which tells me that the xperia s with ICS would possibly be faster than the nexus, rivaling the GS2, which looks like near perfect browsing….

    The screen brightness is definitely good, almost at nexus level.

  • Jeegparts

    samsung makes me puke, ive used a couple of their phones and they’re all terrible hardware wise, they have such a short battery life it makes you think they’re lying in their spec sheet

  • Guest

    Why in the video is the Xperia S shown as Sony Ericsson but in the gallery, etc its only Sony? :S

  • Amoore58

    Cant wait for this phone! Im so excited!!

  • Anonymous

    It is pointless using the stock Android browser to compare browser scrolling. A superior browser such as Dolphin Browser HD should be used. It is super-smooth on the 1GHz single core Xperias. 

  • The brightness of the Xperia S at its max brightness is heads and shoulders above the Galaxy Nexus

  • TeeHee

    Lets not forget 2.3 supports flash. ICS has no flash support… yet. Effectively making its browser iphonish

  • Anonymous

    its already updated since december…

  • Anonymous

    dont forget opera ! :)

  • the galaxy s2 made me headache after 30 min… and the battery life seriously is a let down.. it consume so fast that I feel like throwing from the 2nd floor balcony. =,=

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  • Xperia S looks like perfect Chocolate Bar :)

  • Xperia S looks like perfect Chocolate Bar :)

  • You probably got a headache no thanks to the colour saturation levels, which are highly unatural, of the SAMOLED screen

  • angel morales

    This is so true jeeparts because i have also had a couple of Samsung phones and they always had problems like my Samsung galaxy s would turn on in the middle of the night and play music, my galaxy s II would force close everything, ever since i got my Arc s nothing has force closed at all everything is great with Sony. it seems that Samsung just rushes there phones to make a profit quick. Samsung should stick to what they know how to make TV’s And Refrigerators, my Samsung fridge is awesome

  • Anonymous

    Regarding about that, I think I’ve read an article that said that Adobe will make an Adobe Flash for ICS but that is their last update that will be given to Android, they will make new Adobe Flash for HTML5 like what’s on S’.

  • Anonymous

    Dolphin has better performance than Opera :P

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  • Anonymous

    It’s because the video is showing an old prototype phone, which was made just before the Sony takeover was finalised.  It’s another good indication that the released version of the Xperia S will actually be faster.

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  • SRM

    Wow,Xperia S is the most stylish even in front of the slimmest Motorola Droid Razr.

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