Get a first look at the Xperia S retail box, complete with Sony branding

by XB on 16th February 2012

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Xperia S BoxWant to know what the Xperia S packaging will look like? Then check out the image below, it shows what is believed to be the final retail packaging for the Xperia S. As you can see it comes with the Sony make.believe logo on the top left.

If we’re being honest, the Sony logo looks like a last minute addition, although this isn’t entirely surprising given that the full takeover of Sony Ericsson was only completed today. What do you think, do you like the new box art?

Xperia S retail box

Thanks Dacha!

  • M Usman

    No. Sony Ericsson made classier boxes.

  • M Usman

    No. Sony Ericsson made classier boxes. To be honest, it looks more like a hardback book.

  • Adrian

    Looks quite big?

  • Ell.W

    hopefully its big because it has the hdmi cable in :)

  • Sepitci

    I am using from 1994 Ericsson after Sony Ericsson & have the Xperia X10i at the moment.
    I can not wait to buy the Xperia S.
    During the last 10 years Sony Ericsson get so many competitors in the GSM market.
    Honestly it’s good strategy when Sony – make.believe is written on the huge box & definitely sure Sony will be back in the Top 3 GSM market.         

  • Hisham

    Well, it’s just a box !!

  • Tornike Khomeriki

    I like the simple styling, although that much white space makes if look a bit empty. Maybe it could do with a frame graphic, or something.

  • NO! I prefer the Sony Ericsson boxes! This Sony Logo is like a crap!

  • Rasto

    X10’s box is twenty times sexier than this… It’s a shame that a phone like Xperia S, with awesome design, has a box like that.

  • Anonymous

    No I do not like the new box…

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  • Dmitry Pashkevich

    Wanna see the inside pictures!

  • Hojurek

    I hope inside with HDMI cable and 2 Xperia Smart tags B—)

  • Rene Pedroso

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I am looking forward to what is inside. Make it count Sony

  • Anonymous

    the Sony corporate font doesn’t fit their smartphone offerings. it’s an old school serif font and yet the Xperia font is a futuristic sans serif. there’s a clash between the two fonts in one phone. and the sony logo is too big it makes the Xperia S look like it’s your touchscreen TV remote.

  • Where do you buy your remotes? do want

  • Mtekman95

    Where is the SE logo? I hope they dont stop using it, i really love the SE logo :/..

  • Looks lovely. Typical Sony box and very much like the design of the whole NXT series: less is more, simple yet elegant!

  • M Usman

    haha that made me laugh!

  • Anonymous

    ehhhh…. who cares just start selling the phone already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    quad phones are due this year and sony dual processors are not out yet….  

  • lee

    F the box. Whats important is the contents inside

  • That’s What She Said!!!

  • Lolyoulol

    That’s what he said! You know you want a piece of DAT!

  • Lolyoulol

    Too bad. Get over it.

  • Anonymous

    No, I don’t.

  • Sony make you believe that…. THIS IS THE DAMN ACTUAL BOX IT WILL BE OUT! X)

  • Anonymous

    Sony’s packages all carries a Sony logo in a black square at one corner. That’s their design language. :) that’s cool!

  • Anonymous

    at least the box looks very different from other brands. 

  • Who cares bout the box.Any idea what are the stuff that will be inside d box?

  • Have to say. No, this Sony-Logo aint doing it for me. Its kinda ugly, and doesnt match the box at all. Why not use the old SONY ERICSSON logotype? I am meaningen that round thingy grean and white?

  • Anonymous

    In my Xperia arc box from SE it was a hdmi cable inside and the box did not look so boring like this one does.

  • The box looks quite big. My SE Xperia Arc S box looks better… small, nice & compact.

  • WhySoSerious

    dont care about box  i care aout the phone & accessories it came with it. Currious what happen with Sony  ericsson domein gonna dissapear?

  • Anonymous

    lol ok~ the box dosn’t really stand out much. Though i’ve gotta admit its relatively larger compared to other phones the same size.. Wonder if that’s gotta do with the contents included.

  • Leastwanted

    when it i will release in UAE

  • Oh please. The “WE NEEEEEEEEED QUAD CORES, DUAL CORE IS SO OLD SCHOOL ALREADY” argument again? Then again I suppose there are 2 kinds of people. One that uses their smartphone for tasks such as calendar, mail, tasks, sharing information in the easy ways, read some rss feeds while waiting for the train to leave and above all texting and calling.
    And the other group would be the one that benchmarks everyday and goes for maximum frame rate when playing angry birds and feels sad when their phone isn’t on top of the ladder. 

    I suppose you’re the latter and do suggest you to think straight. For sane people, truth is that a dual core is more than enough luxury. 

    And for the quad core=better battery life argument, I’m sure you’ll find yourself very disappointed.

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  • Aoi Girl

    well said, agreed 100%!

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