Is this the Xperia PLAY 2?

by XB on 24th February 2012

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Xperia PLAY 2Treat this firmly with a pinch of salt, but Concept-Phones have a render of the Xperia PLAY 2 that they have been told is indeed real. It was sent over by Jsus, who has created a number of different Xperia concept renders in the past. Our sources have not mentioned anything about a new iteration of the Xperia PLAY, but that’s not to say it’s not in development. Concept-Phones says the handset will come with a 4.3-inch (720 x 1280) display , 1.5GHz dual-core S4 Snapdragon processor and 8.1MP camera with LED flash.

There are a few things about the phone that do not look right to us (if indeed it is real). For example, the transparent strip, seen as part of the Iconic Identity of the new Xperia handsets, would probably be covered by the joypad when closed. Therefore it would serve no purpose in terms of notifications. Also there are four capacitive buttons at the bottom of the handset that would probably not be needed under Android 4.0 ICS. Anyway, have a look at the larger image below and tell us what you think. We say it’s strictly a concept, but you can never say never.

Xperia PLAY 2

Via Concept-Phones.

  • Yep, it’s concept of course. Jsus is just excellent creator ;)

  • Sony’s new designs are nothing less than awesome, I wouldn’t mind that transparent bar on all future phones

  • Pen Pen

    Front looks too generic. aka LG/Samsung

    Surely Sony would differentiate more with design.

  • Widz

    If the Xperia S is playstation certified and with the release of the Handheld Vita a) Do SOny need another Play phone and b) are they even likely to release one as it would take sales of the Vita.

  • Cain

    Rog @ esato just said it was fake :P A well made concept though!

  • Guest

    Looks ugly, defo not Sony standard…

  • Anonymous

    The transparent strip doesn’t do notifications on Xperia S either…it just glows I think and the LED-not is to the left of the Sony logo.

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  • Anonymous

    My, I want this to be real.. Although I think if they do announce a new PLAY, it’ll be named PLAY-HD.

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  • Guesthousecat

    Ugly and pointless. Just buy a vita.

  • Anonymous

    Some people won’t want to carry round a Vita and a phone, for them this makes sense having the 2 combined, personally though I would never sacrifice the slimline profile of most Sony phones just to play games … Aren’t these thing about an inch thick or summat, Xperia Ray all the way !!

  • Anonymous

    The Xperia S is very generic though and is pretty ugly imo and this doesn’t look too different so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Sony may infact make a new Play that could look like this.  Only time will tell.

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  • Google

    Wow, phone looks alright to me, although I hate this see through crap their doing .there’s been issues with design for two years now. Firstly the Xperia arc was too thin. What I mean by that is that the camera in thing wasright on the edge of the phone which looked ugly and I hated its curve. And now their putting this see through rubbish. WOW ITS SEETHROUGH OMG. Its just not gonna win them many customers cuz of a see through bit.

    Come on Sony, please concentrate more on functionality and don’t overdo design

  • the concept is fake in my opinion, but the specs will be the same and the phone should be released by the end of the year

  • looks ok, hope the screen really 4’3  , not 4 or 3’7 when it comes out

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  • Alex Bilog

    Looks odd. I do suggest to disregard this and sony to consider the psp vita look alike.

  • i’m a gamer

    that is very very ugly , xperia play 1 is very nice .
    the material on xperia play 1 is briliant , the angels on xperia play 1 is veeeeery veeery nice , but this ( xperia play 2 )) is really ugle , something like LG or samsung !!!!!!

    i think sony’s design is always unique , if this is real ,i’ll buy it
    realy realy ugly

    beside , we need more button to full support ps2 games , we need improvement on cpu , GPU , RAM , ROM and design …

    please sonhy pleeeeeeeaaaase , don’t make mistake , xperia play must have #1 hardware , so we need GPU dual core , even 4 core … if it will come 4 or 5 mount later, so we need #1 hardware for full support games , more that samsung . more that HTC …

    in the end , i want to say again , this design of xperia play 2 is really ugly

  • Reptile1980

    LOL! Nice Photoshopping!!   :-D   

    I see parts from PS vita and Xperia S

  • they should remove the touch-sensitive stuff below the screen, like the Nexus. and its too “square”.. they should but more curve at the design. i hope it can outdo thE PS VITA!

  • Anonymous

    the select and start looks very odd. They need to put all the features in vita into this and this will be awesome.

  • Angel.M

    Wow what a nice phone, I hope it comes out in white. i cant wait to own all the 2012 xperia line.

  • dan

    like the touchpad dpads.

    i think the strip should run the circumfrence of the phone, would look epic

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  • Anonymous

    Is the Hayabusa the Xperia Play II?

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  • Nick Vanadium

    Out do the Vita??? One can hope but I doubt Sony would cannibalize their #1 portal gaming project with another portable device that out performs it. 

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, didn’t everyone call out the original Xperia Play renders as fake, only for the real device to turn up looking pretty much the same?

    Secondly, ICS doesn’t require capacitive buttons, but if they’re present, it turns off the soft buttons off, giving more screen real estate.

  • Inferno986return

    Why no Tegra 3?

  • nice design. nice black HD display. needs tegra 3, LTE/4G, L2 & R2 triggers, still stereo speakers and somehow propper analogue sticks hidden in the slider. also wishing for solar back panel and fully water proff. i wuld chose a play over any handhold console. even the play 1 over the vita.

  • It looks like a nintendo ds just with a sony logo

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  • jaze

    This looks much more aesthetically more pleasing to me. My xperia is great and all but being 25 now I want something sleeker like this. I feel the 1 just not as sexy and i still face the shoulder buttons away from me when I set down because it looks so thick and curvy. This looks very clean and blends with the rest of the xperia line that looks much better then the play imo and this even looks better. The buttons also seem much better I hope they use that instead of the clicky mini ones on the play the dpad is so annoying.

  • Jedi88

    cool!!!i’m using xperia play 1!best mobile!!!

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  • Alfie De Castro

    1.5 ghz S4 pro processor same as XZ they should upgrade to Snapdragon 600 1.9ghz/330GPU for better functionality.. 720pp Igzo panel/3000mah battery will be better

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