Full Xperia P and Xperia U specifications

by XB on 26th February 2012

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We have managed to get hold of the full specifications of the Sony Xperia P and Xperia U. You can find the full spec list in the Specifications tab at the top of the site. Both the Xperia P and Xperia U will be running on the ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500 1GHz dual-core chipset.

The Xperia P will have 16Gb of internal storage, 1GB RAM and a 1305mAh embedded battery. The Xperia U will have 8GB internal storage, 512MB RAM and a 1320mAh battery (not embedded). It looks like neither phone will have microSD memory card support from what we’ve seen – although this has to be confirmed.

  • Is Xperia U’s memory expandable with an external SD card? 8GB of storage, with only 6 GB user-accessible memory, is kinda small.

  • Anonymous

    … Seeing the Sony P and all the reservations I had with the S… (flappy usb/hdmi covers… on opposite sides of the phone = no smart dock or even powered charging dock for the phone.. and the covers are annoying as hell).. then seeing them fix that on the P… but at the cost of display size/pixel density and processor power/smaller battery makes me really sad…

  • Hmm does it look like they’ve put the touch buttons in the glass strip?


  • Anonymous

    nope.. its right above like on the S

  •  Aha ok!

  • Tymodmyt

    1305mAh battery for Xperia P? Is that a joke? Why so small?

  • Pallish

    You are wrong! Xperia P has touch buttons on the transparent belt unlike Xperia U and S.

  • Jimimoku

    Agree. The display/pixel density/ processor and 16gb none expandable i can deal with but 1350mah battery? my arc has 1500mah and just manage 1 day of usage.

  • Anonymous

    The battery is enough because both the Whitemagic display and Novathor are much less battery consuming

  • Anonymous


    you can clearly see the 3 capacitive dots like the sony s at the begining of the video. would be cool.. but I am not wrong. the clear strip in the antenna… not a button

  • Anonymous

    hope sony is listening. I would throw my money at them for the sony S if there was a desk and a car dock that was POWERED. I dont care about hdmi in the dock.. but 1 days battery means i want to easily charge my phone when I am at my desk or when I get into my car while using GPS…

  • Anonymous


    or this video… seriously.. think before speak

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  • Pallish

    The promo video is edited.

    The video with the hands-on you clearly see the dots are not there.

    Why am I so sure? Because I’ve been working with the phone for some time now.

  • Anonymous

    your right the dots are not there.. still touches above. I’m sorry but you obviously have not worked with the phone because only way touching clear strip works is if you tumb is big enough to also touch the capacitive buttons above the strip. even look at the white paper. 

  • Anonymous

    its true… but still wish it had the S internals. that dock is so nice.. but the s will never get a dock.. very disappointed with that.

  • Pallish

    Unless we did some magic with the Xperia P. Which we did.


    Look closely.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t tell if you just cant admit you are wrong or actually believe you are right

  • Pallish

    Believe whatever you want to believe. I know I’m right. You will realize that later when you actually try the phone.

  • Anonymous

    its funny.. such a huge difference between the S and P according to you. And not one person comments about it in the video. Or sony personnel point it out.


  • Copyprintro R12

    i am so pissed !!!
    every manufacturer makes high-specd phones with HUGE displays !!

    hey, I would want a 3,5 inch phone with 1,2-1,5 GHz, 8 Mp camera, 16-32 Gb internal memory, 1 Gb RAM,

    wtf is wrong with them , I don’t like to carry a tablet in my pocket

    where is the RAY successor?

  • Copyprintro R12

     p.s. I ment 1.2-1,5 GHz DUAL CORE

  • Kuba_havana

    Why does the white Xperia U not have a white frame at front side as S it would look much better

  • Asdff

    1230 size battery on a 4inch screen……uhhhhhhh

    Also HTC make big improvement on Camera while Sony just pumping the megapixel numbers as marketing gimmick………

  • Anonymous

    indeed, but why gimp the phones from last year? It just makes big SE fans from last year like me want to look elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

     This makes more sense. Though, I wish they were proper hardware buttons and not this capacitive crap.

  • anon

    No NFC in the U then?

  • Arbror Qeriqi
  • Anonymous

    they are now using the R sensor that they dont go into detail.. but basically increases the sensor size by 2X compared to previous SE sensors. the R tech basically lets way more light and details through than the previous generation. the tech in their camera for years now but just making it to the phones because they are no longer partnered with ericsson.

    Sony S has also hands down beat every other camera phone is quality so far.. if only it had the P design and a smart dock it would be killer… will probably have it for next iteration.. but that means next march for sony.. dont wanna wait a year for them to fix the flappy usb cover mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Pallish – You are right. Our recent testing of this confirmed that the Xperia P buttons seem to reside on the actual strip. I’m not sure how Sony Mobile has done this. We tested very carefully, making sure we only pressed on the strip itself and the commands registered easily.

    This was not the same case with the Xperia U, the buttons reside just above the strip on the U.

    Our question though is what kind of button is this – is it a capacitive button like on the Xperia S and Xperia U? It seemed a lot more responsive to us.

  • Pallish

    Yeah, I know. Like I said, I’m working with the project.

    BryanMacKenzie just didn’t want to believe it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Pallish – do get in touch if you can (use the contact link at the bottom of the site). We’d love to hear more details about this!

  • Onir

    That French pussy who designed should be kicked on his ass

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