Xperia P and Xperia U promo videos (and product pages) live

by XB on 26th February 2012

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Want to get a closer look at the Sony Xperia P and Xperia U? Then click through for some official promo videos for each handset. The official product pages for each handset have also gone live. You can find the Xperia P page here and the Xperia U page here.

Our initial impressions are that the Xperia P looks absolutely gorgeous and that the Xperia U has a great feature in terms of the illuminating notification strip (it’s a shame this doesn’t seem to be included in the Xperia S and Xperia P). Click through for all of the official promo videos we’ve come across thus far.

Xperia NXT Series

Xperia P

Xperia U

Xperia Smart Headset

  • Atlas

    Ha, I just noticed the exclamation mark the phone makes

  • Vandenbornejeffrey


    I preordered the S and the appearance of the P is giving me thoughts of canceling !

  • Pen Pen

    So disappointed…

    Cheaper P has aluminum body and the flagship S has plastic.
    And all 3 models look exactly the same, the design on the S is not so distinct anymore.

    Hm…I not interested in paying $700 USD for the S anymore.

    This is totally backwards!


  • how come xperia S is in plastic … 
    aluminum body please

  • jeson kamalnath

    Xperia P is sexy!! If Sony prices this right, they have a real winner here!! 

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    Don’t be persuaded by the aluminium. It looks nice and fancy and all, but that’s it. Yeah you can slide your phone over concrete and drop it from a tad higher perhaps. But if you want to do that with your phone or if somehow your lifestyle causes it, you shouldn’t be going for these kinds of smartphones anyway. 
    I can imagine Sony pricing the P as high as the S because deeply they know that a lot of people are attracted by the aluminium on it’s own. The Xperia S apparently feels very solid with the matte plastic cover if you watch any hands on review. You won’t be disappointed. 

  • wyldthang

    Why Why Why?  I want the spec of the S but I’m going to buy the downgraded P.  I want aluminum! I’ll pay extra I promise …. Sony please put this right ASAP how hard can it be to make the S look this beautiful.  OK I feel a bit cheated by my cracked power switch on my beautiful ARC I want robust and beautiful!

    Bas*ards are maying me buy yesterdays technology!!!

  • Anonymous

    and the P has a smart dock.. but the design of the S means it can never have a smart dock

  • Anonymous

    but the S has flappy covers on the usb and hdmi. they are also on opposite sides of the phone.. so it will never have its own smart dock.. or powered dock for that matter… mean you need to plug it in seperatley in the car and at your desk every time … AKA total fail. 

    I believe sony knew this and fixed it for the P and the ion… but the S will be released with the crappy design.

  • Anonymous

    careful downgraded P has downgraded battery. even if it has better design and a dock

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    It is like Sony took “Apple fans” into consideration.
    While the Xperia P looks classier with the aluminium design and dock capability to keep your workplace very neat and organised the flagship Xperia S (is it still?) features better battery life, full HD resolution, a better cpu, gpu, more memory and better camera. Okay, the design and comfort that the P provides does look attractive but I think I must give in to the fact that I choose features over design and comfort. Docks are fancy and all but I decided I’m still going for the S. 

    Performance over design for me

  • Anonymous

    If it was just the body I would agree, Right now I have the Galaxy Nexus but the screen cracked… (340$ to replace it). So instead I will use my upgrade to get a new phone. The Nexus has the 3pin connector so you just put it in the dock and it connects and charges. So you get in your car you just push it into the dock and your done… even the SE arc S you just push your phone into the dock and it plugs into the usb.. The Sony P just plugs into the desk dock.. so it will be the same for car dock… this means you dont have to worry about GPS being on for that 3 hour drive and your phone being dead.

    Now look at Sony S. You stick it into your car dock and use you smart tag to turn gps on and then you have to pick open the usb cover and plug a separate usb wire into the phone that runs from your outlet to your car dock… depending where you mount the gps could mean running a wire across your steering wheel. Its REALLY annoying. Everyday use the S wins hands down.. but these phones have a 1day battery life at best… which means it should be able to charge in your car or at your desk easily. Even those flappy covers look cheap.. could easily left it open like the P and we would get powered car docks/ desk docks.. just no hdmi.

  • Ocean12

    Falling in confusion again.. Please Xperiablog Team update the comparison table.
    thanks for your efforts.

  • xperia p got only 1300 battery, 
    NovaThor U8500 chip set, no gyro , no GLONASS (gps special on xperia s),  BUT STILL LOVE ALUM BODY ,SPEAKER AND POWER KEY TO THE SIDE…


  • wyldthang

    Yeah the downgrade on the spec sucks, but the looks are so much better.  How much is this baby going for anyway?  I ‘l carry a spare battery if I need to, can you swap it out unlike the S?

    God Sony Why!!!!

  •  Sony uses DragonTail glass.Same as on the xperia active.

  •  Where have you read no Glonass? What I understand there should be Glonass in all Xperia phones, even in the 2011 lineup.

  • Aoi Girl

    Hi  Bryan
    if you really need smart dock and want the spec of xperia S too why you dont go to xperia ION ?! it have smart dock, the same spec as S , a little different design and bigger screen! i think its the best choice for your need and i like it too ;)

  • jdclegendre

    can all change colours like the xperia U does with it’s LED?

  • Anonymous

     It’s only in the Xperia U.

  • Anonymous

     I think the WhiteMagic display will save battery

  • Why didn’t Sony use ALU for the S?!?!?!

    Razr has Kevlar, GS3 is rumored to have ceremic, Xperia S should have a special casing at least. NOT Xperia P
    BUT I will still buy the Xperia S for it HD screen and 12MP camera.
    Will just wait for 3rd party case or son to release ALU case for the S.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, would have to see it in person. It seems like a boxy nexus/gs2 with better camera. The S/p/u all have the clear strip and the p is just so much more in terms of design. I already have the nexus.. just the screen has a crack down the middle. its still more then usable.. but annoying… especially the 340 to fix it compared to 160 for even the previous nexus or any other phone.

    while the sony s/ion are not really much better than nexus.. the s was at least way better looking so it was tempting. but now with seeing the p and all the s could have been i dont think i would be very happy with either.. usually the flag ship has everything but it seems they are making us choose between best specs or  best design and usability… might just upgrade to another nexus now…

  • Anonymous

    Haha leave it to Sony to persuade their own customers not buy any of their products by releasing a better designed phone.

  • Anonymous

    not removable… or it would not be unibody aluminum. yes i am lost for words with sony right now… was set on buying the s… now i see the p and what the s could have been.. so i will buy another nexus because i would always wish i had the design and function of the p or be wishing my phone was faster with better camera of the s.

  • Anonymous

    dont forget the god awful plastic covers on the usb/hdmi that the s has and the p/u dont

  • And the P has docking but the S don’t!

  • gsmarena

  • ok..i saw the clip…can we use xperia s or arc like s2 or razer without no screen guard ?

  • Anonymous

    You guys forget that the Xperia S offers nanotech coating and a build quality aimed at maximum durability ( I read of a 2 shell design) whilst offering lightweight in comparison to metal clad phones…

    I never could have imagined taking a plastic phone after using a metal clad phone but I bought the an Arc S and I m happy with it…

  • But this glass in on the Active, is it on the NXT range?

  • Anonymous

     Found the link (german language): Covers non swappable power cell, anti stain feature (with nano coating), 2 shell design

  • Anonymous

     You can cut the plastic cover.  My Vivaz cover actually was removed accidentally.

  • Minato

    i think Sony will not change the price of Xperia P!
    instead they would offer pepper! probably a successor to Neo and as phone between p and u!

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  • I think that LiveDock works for all Xperia Phones

  • LiveDock should work for all Xperias

  • LiveDock should work for all Xperias

  • LiveDock should work for all Xperias

  • Anonymous

     Nope, the S has plastic covers on usb/hdmi and they are on opposite sides of the phone. This means that they cannot make a dock you can just stick your phone on like you can with the P. you will need to pick off the usb cover and run two cables from either side of your phone to your tv/pc or docking station. That is why I will probably buy the P over the S, even though the S has better specs… its a total fail that I cant but a dock for my car or desk to charge my phone while using gps/or on my computer. I’m glad they were smart enough to fix it for the P, but it also is VERY annoying to the point i may not buy any xperia device even though i was waiting all year for this.

  • Gopal KC

    Xperia P ..heart devouring device …… m addicted to it……. <3

  • Punkrockxz

    Is GPU DB8500 any good? never heard of it b4

  • Bohemia-city

    I really would like to know whether the Sony Experia U will have a micro sd slot. Can anyone help?

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