Sony Xperia sola officially announced (aka MT27i ‘Pepper’)

by XB on 13th March 2012

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Sony Mobile has lifted the lid on another new smartphone. The Xperia sola is basically the MT27 ‘Pepper’ that we’ve seen so much of recently. The Xperia sola includes a very cool new feature called ‘floating touch technology’. What this means is that you to interact with your phone without even touching the screen! The 3.7-inch capacitive screen will allow you to register your finger up to 20mm above the display. Sounds amazing. This function is not open to all areas of the phone and is only limited to the built-in browser (for highlighting links) and live wallpapers that react to the floating touch input.

In terms of the hardware, it will come with a 1GHz dual-core ST-Ericsson NovaThor U8500 processor, Mali 400 GPU and 512MB RAM. You also get 8GB of internal storage (5GB user accessible), plus a microSD card, a 5MP camera capable of 720p video recording, NFC and a 1320mAh embedded battery. The Xperia sola will launch in Q2 2012 with Android Gingerbread and be upgraded to ICS during the same quarter. It will be available in three colours (black, white and red).

Via Sony Mobile.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Looking Goood~

  • Melvile

    Beautiful . . .

  • Widz
  • Niklas Pedersen

    First in forum and here !!

  • Niklas Pedersen

    Fail :(

  • Malenimalenic

    if i can see back side again have old sony ericsson liquid logo,is it for all new sony mobile phones 

  • Beautiful, and I got a bit curious of that floating touch

    Keeps the screen from getting oily and will be the coolest thing at the party
    But I’ll stick with the Xperia P and the WhiteMagic

  • Thx84

    I don’t like the space between the screen and the buttons… Might be easy to break it. Anyway seems better than the Xperia U

  • jeffrey vandenborne

     I’m open to new things but I think this gives minor to no extra comfort. I mean, you’re eventually going to touch your screen by accident..

  • narel

    What is up with Sony?? seems like they desperately trying to fail…
    Why create so many devices and give each of them unique features? I mean, you have the technology – so why not use ALL OF IT in your flagship model (Xperia S)???
    Each device got some nice unique features, but none of them makes the perfect package (for me anyways).

  • Hansip87

    Nice feature sony :) but still waiting for Qualcomm S4 phone to come out.. Looks like Xperia 2011 is much more functional than the 2012 lineup so far (sans dual core that is); I’m hoping for Xperia P with bigger battery and SD card slot (or 32GB memory) though to meet my expectation for my Ray successor, which only Xperia S can fit but too expensive for me.

  • SRM

    May be some higher end models like hayabusa will feature all of them.

  • xperia s isn’t the flagship for sony.
    hayabusa and mint r going to b released respectively in june n september with new gen krait processors, so they r going to b the flagships for this yr.

  • Ah! This would be my next mobile phone after my Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman :)  Time to save some cash…

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    i don’t think floating touch is easy to use, at least you use both hand.

  • RaxaBoo

    Looks a treat in white but with no 1080p viddy or 8+ MP cam not going to trade my Neo for it (especially now the loudspeaker is working again after dropping it !). No HDMI out either, right? I’d rate this a B/B+ effort from Sony.

  • RaxaBoo

    I’ve never seen that before lmfao. Chin up, though, Niklas, as we say in the UK.

  • Alvin Zahran

    Copycats can copy this floating touch technology….

  • really nice feature Sony ! …i can see what Sony is trying to do … they are given each phone with different new feature to see how consumers will act upon it then they will take the most features that have a good feed back and results then they will put it in their next flagship phone .. what you think guys ? ^_^

  • matttm7

    The floating touch has been shown to work well with a bit of cloth in between your fingers and the screen, so basically this phone could be used wearing gloves, especially in winter. I think thats pretty cool.

  • Where can we confirm this information, I really need to know if I should upgrade to the Xperia S as my contract is due to be renewed in 1.5months time and I though of buying the Xperia S after seeing it during the launch in our IT Show in Singapore last weekend.

  • RaxaBoo

    That would seem to be the obvious practical benefit. 

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    there might be a phone with 2.5 GHz using the newest novathor A9600 processor by Ericsson coming out at the end of the year

  • paul4id

    It seems SE have not learnt their lesson. Back in the day they had all the tech but let crApple take market share because SE would never put all the tech into one device.

    I thought they had learnt it in 2011 (e.g. I think Xperia Pro is a perfect device), but it seems that they are keen to gimp their flagship with no SD and non removable battery, crappy non-hardware buttons; and gimp others by removing gront cams and puny batteries)

  • paul4id

    I really don’t like that lip and the squareness of it all. Bring back the curvaceous 2011 Xperia designs!

  • Amixdads

    no hdmi

  • Jimimoku

    Just to echo what paul4id said. Would like them to bring back the 2011 designs like the Xperia Ray especially the Xperia Arc with beefed up technology, screen, specs and materials. The Xperia Arc S upgrade was just silly! If the design is beautiful it’s no harm in using it again. Makes it iconic.

    I Do like the new designs too. Though i still love the curves on the Arc (amazing design, with some flaws).

  • Syin Zuin

    just when i thought this phone was perfect with micro sd slot and nfc, but why does sony had to remove the front camera?


    Try this.

    The mint r and hayabusa are the highest priced xperia phones for this year.
    So its quite possible that those are the flagships

  • Killing Spree

    time for my Nokia 5250 to go to rest.

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  • Is internal battery a flaw with smartphones specificaly considering sony !!
    what all problems are associated with internal battery feature ??

  • Pankajgaikwad27

    I was already purchased it… Was amazing to use floating touch

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