Camera performance compared: HTC One X versus Xperia S

by XB on 2nd April 2012

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HTC One X versus Xperia SThe One X is the latest and greatest smartphone from HTC and is launching later this week. It has some very impressive specs to boot including a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 4.7-inch 720p display, 32GB internal storage, 1GB RAM, NFC, 1800mAh battery and a 8MP camera sensor capable of 1080p video recording. After years of lacklustre camera performance in its phones, HTC is talking up the One X which has a dedicated imaging chip.

If you want to see how the HTC One X performs in the camera department compared to the Xperia S, then click through below where we have a number of samples from both phones courtesy of ePrice. The results are not conclusive, we’ll leave you to judge which ones look better. Malaysian site Soyacincau also published a nice video comparing how quickly both phones can shoot pictures, which we’ve also attached below.

Camera samples compared: Xperia S versus HTC One X
HTC One X images are on the left and Xperia S images are on the right (click to enlarge to full size)

Camera imaging capture speed compared: Xperia S versus HTC One X

HTC One X versus Xperia S

Via ePrice and Soyacincau.


    SXS is a winner. Colours are much better!

  • definitely xperia s wins

  • XPERIA S IS WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Jenge

    Sony Xperia S has the advantage by far just by having the correct contrast and sharpness thanx to the Bravia Engine

  • Xperia S is a clear winner…. the guy holding Xperia S cant push the button correct, and for the images, the Xperia S wins… end of story!

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    HTC sound quality is great, camera very good for 8MP camera phone. I wonder if after this HTC make 12MP camera phone.

  • Rickster2kuk

    Both a pretty evenly matched I would say, maybe the S has ever so slightly less noise, but both tend to suffer from noise (the HTC is quite grainy). At fit to view both a nice.

  • Cssf09

    xperia s is winner ;) 

  • goldenblls

    I wouldn’t say there was clear winner but it’s always nice to have the choice of using those extra megapixels.

  • My Hero Wins Again !
    This Is My Dragon !
    Ha Haaaaaa !

  • reptile64

    We love Xperia S right??
    HTC and it’s 4 (useless) cores sucks :P

  • xperia s pics are warmer

  • For me they’re even :/
    One X takes an overall sharpness, while Xperia S’s focusing only at the center of the picture..
    Colors are more vivid on Xperia S…
    No clear winner at all, both have + and –

  • adsada_arc

    I can’t really make a choice over which ones better, but it would have been more interesting if you didn’t reveal  which phone took which photo, and see what people think is better (the fact your asking on an Xperia fan site there is going to be some bias :P )

  • Both are good, but I agree the Xperia S is better overall. It’s interesting to read Engadget’s generally glowing review of the camera today without any ridiculous comparisons to the iPhone’s camera and compression issues. 

  • Xperia S fan

    the photographer is not professional.

    for the same pictures, he took it from larger distance by using HTC and closer by Xperia S

  • IHUR

    Is there no one here know about photography? You judge it better by white balance and color? One X has more details. Zoom on the beige portal in the middle. Also see the background building on the left side. See the details.

  • in one x’s photo you can see the buildind clearly cz nothng is blocking it. In XS’s photo you cant c da building clearly cz it is blocked by dat tinted glass of the door

  • look at da macro shots. XS’s is way better in those photos

  • make_believe

    and what is the effect of Bravia Engine on photo quality? Bravia Engine only enhances tha photo quality on screen of the phone where it was installed, it has nothing to do in terms of Image quality when it is uploaded.

  • Chookyman

    actually i’m pretty sure that’s the width of the lens that does that – i’ve seen many reviews that shoot from the same place and the xperia s is more ‘zoomed in’ in that sense.

  •  yah the building was clearer on one X then XS but did you see the tree on the left side plus the signs on the middle also the bushes they are all clear XS more then one X 12MP really did help there plus the colors on XS are much warmer and nicer then one X check the 4th picture look at the smart cover poster above the girl you will see that color on XS are more vived then one X also the lights on the wall are more warmer there are areas where one X is better then XS but overall from sharpness , colors and contrast + 12MP XS is better then one X .

  • pixlas

    Xs is king. Though I must say the htc X is the better phone overall. Lets unveil the competition now SONY!

  • From detail point of view, I think Xperia S is the winner, from store, I can see MacBook Air text clear from Xperia S picture instead HTC One X. Can’t say anything the color :)

  • Asad Mulla

     Your so right. Take the same question to HTC fan site and they would say HTC wins.

  • Asad Mulla

     but bravia engine has nothing to do with the camera?

  • Asad Mulla

    HTC phone designs all look the same. They same since donkeys

  • trowfd

    One X has 1800mAh battery with 4.7 inch 720p screen and quad core processor?  How is that going to work when the SXS has 1750mAh battery with smaller screen and dual core processor and still doesn’t have that good battery life?

    Off topic i know but I’m just surprised it doesn’t have a bigger battery.

  • AlexBurnout

    The Xperia S is my favorite
    Way to go, SONY!

  • Banana phone

    Defo xperia S, the colours are more vibrant. 

  • iCeQubeTomato

    xperia s camera seems warmer, otherwise they look very similar 

  • iCeQubeTomato

    and it also seems one x has a wider lens?

  • W-bernt

    The Xperia S takes mutch better Pictures and video then htc one x its a ugly looking phone as well and webbrowsing isnt that good either and this phone have no support for radio noi stay with my Xperia S which is far better then you one x and sgs3 will outperformenc this phone

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  • doraemonboi

    Sony is capable of making great phones. We just have to wait for Sony to be on par with specs with HTC and Samsung. From there on, HTC and SAMSUNG will know who is the boss lol. 

  • try compare 1080p video recording, HTC recording quality so crap, 23fps, lol

  • Also, GPS on One X is average only, where else us, got extra 3 satellites :), no problem at all for me now to lock location since changed to XS

  • Harlz0331

    Now take the Xperia S outside in bright sunlight and watch it blowout the highlights. I have an Arc S so im not a HTC fanboy just a disapointed SONY user. 

  • Happygolucky

    In the beginning I thought that since this is named xperiablog, you would be biased with the xperia S & sony as a corporate, but having posted the above videos & read though your insights about the Xperia S, I’ve gotta respect your professionalism while catering to guide readers by stating unbiased facts. Thanks a lot!

  • Tiff

    Sony .. one and only…

  • WaelFaddah

    wow if 4 core phones look like that, i am gladly to stay dual core for life 

  • XperiaBlog

    The sentiment is much appreciated. We do try to tell it as it is – we wouldn’t have much credibility otherwise! 

  • Asad Mulla

    Has any body else noticed this with there XS battery. Happened yesterday and today. Weird

  • Jan

    That why i love XperiaBlog

  • Both have issues

    The problem with the camera mounted on the Essie is chrominance noise, and the One X suffers from very bad luminance noise once past say, ISO200 and suffers from very bad chromatic abberation

  • Dmitri893

    I find the depth of field for XS quite amazing really, especially when looking at the 2nd comparison. The camera cover seems sharp while the writing in the background looks blurry whilst it seems to be the same sharpness in the 1X pic which is more typical of mobile camera quality. I also get this feeling like the 1X 6mp seems interpolated from 5mp at full size but I don’t get this feeling with XS which seems like a solid 9mp at full size where the details really make the difference. In summary I think HTC is not up to scratch against Sony when it comes to imaging. Sony should go head on with Nokia or Samsung. There’s no bias here when we’re in favour of XS.

  • Roy2tslucas

    anybody else noticed the differing angles that these pictures were taken from? seeing as all of the above make the sony pictures look better, I would have preferred a fairer review rather than an obvious favouring of the sony pictures (better light etc) and dont start calling me a hater I have an xperia play its the best thing ive owned in a while(although its nowhere near as good as either of the above phones) and I have had no trouble with it. I thought sony were above having to cheat is all i’m saying

  • Roy2tslucas

    oh dear I see what’s happened rather than use a studio and get exact picture matches they went cheap and just took the pics at the same time lame…………….

  • Tiffanytan84

    I had hands-on the HTC 4 hours ago. I have Sony X. I am not a Sony fans. Photo taking in term of focus. HTC win. But true to color. Sony UP but far……Is amazing that HTC 8M is close to Sony….. Sony please improve the focusing and aperture. please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

  • Roeshak

    you might be waiting for a long time cos they don’t look like they are in any rush to catch up spec wise. They just realease their phones first and hope to get a lot of sales before competitors come in with theirs.
    I’ve just ordered an xperia s. Will play around with it during the 7 days trial period and see what it can do.
    the lack of ics out of the box is already a big big downer and if I notice anything else remotely doggy, it’s going straight back to t-mobile.
    I won’t be considering the htc one x however, I’m just not that big a fan of how their phones are presented.
    Just got tired of waiting to see what the sgs 3 will look like so I went for a phone with a mixture of current and old specs. Shame on you sony ericsson. So hard for this company to ever get things right at least as far as specs are concerened. I mean gingerbread for god sake, how lame is that. An OS over a year old in this day and age considering how competitive the android market is. It’s like they just don’t want to make freinds outside of their some ring of loyal followers.

  • Oliver Hörberg

    I actually thought that the left photos were the SXS photos, and that the left ones were less good than the right. Then I realized that the right photos were the SXS and I smiled :)

  • Oliver Hörberg

    BTW, the burst mode test is really stupid. Of course the HOX will win.

  • no much different one x and xs..
    i’m a sony fan
    xperia S have better colour, more like real, and more detail, but too much artifacts!
    One X is good too, no artifacts, but xperia beats one x colour…

  • and why the picture on xperia S seems zoomed because OneX use f/2, xperia S f/2.4

  • News4me

    When you zoom the images, the htc shows sharper detail. Do you all don’ t see this?

  • Seegs

    I am totally sold on the Xperia S (and hopefully Xperia’s ion’s identical) camera.  From these examples alone, the colors and contrast are hands-down better on the Xperia.  Sensor size doesn’t matter so much to me – 8MP is plenty for my portable needs.  However, I’m curious what real, noticeable advantages there are to the f/2.0 aperture of the One X in low-light.  For now, it’s the Xperia for me. Come on, ion!

  • Orenz1

    I love SonyI’m Sony Lover

    But, sorry to say.. HTC One X is better.. 

    Still, i love my Sony

  • Toddler

    u are right! Sony will make better camera phone soon. With S4 snappie Cpu!

    N8 style. ICS will fix video mode focus things. Yhey working on making camera like More like Htc has. but better. But ICS wont come in months!!! so they fail to deliver ICS as they promised but itl be worth it!!!

  • Baryton76

    Sory to say for me hrc one x is winner, I don’t have neither sony or htc so I’m propably more objective. One x makes sharper pictures with more natural colors, sony have a pinkisch white on every sample. On a second picture You can clearly see distortion because of low light condition when htc one gives a picture without noises ( watch lack cover of the lens). Overall don’t be sad, sony is a great phone with really good camera.

  • Adriel

    Why Xperia S photos it´s more close than One X?Because the blog it´s about xperia?

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