Xperia S: Demand outstripping supply in the UK

by XB on 5th April 2012

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Sony Mobile look like they are onto a winner with the Xperia S. Apparently demand for the handset is outstripping supply, leading Sony to increase shipments. Retailers such as Argos, Littlewoods and Tesco are also looking to sell the Xperia S. Sony shifted just under 10,000 Xperia S handsets for the week ended 23 March 2012 according to league tables. The uSwitch Mobile Tracker has the Xperia S sitting at number five in the top 10 chart currently, which isn’t a bad result at all.

Mobile Magazine reports that a source close to Sony said that the “Sony Xperia S is storming the ranks. It is forecast to be in the top five in the next seven days. We can’t get enough of them – demand is outstripping supply. And Sony is trying to get more stock shipped out”. Mobile retail staff are also echoing these comments. A T-mobile assistant said: “We are selling loads. After you give the customer a demo, when they see the screen, they are sold. It’s an easy phone to sell.” Let’s hope the strong sales continues.

  • zohaib

    Its the same in Saudi Arabia!!!!

  • Nacho

    yes yes yes and yes again

  • It really is easy to sell. I work at a major retailer in Belgium, I have my own Xperia S to show to customers, they’re always sold. 32GB of memory, 12MP camera, 1.5Ghz Dualcore, HD display, HDMI, DLNA (which I can demo), and they’re convinced. Lovely phone, easiest phone to sell in months now, even the Galaxy S2 was (and is) a lot harder.

  • Should be my next phone but im gonna upgrade in october so guess im waiting for the next flagship :)

  • David J Hilton

    This will now DEFINTELY be my next phone, and I will be getting in just a fortnight’s time as I can upgrade on April 19th.

    I’m truly stoked for it!

  • Lolyoulol

    AWesome! Yet another excuse for Sony to delay the ion even further! Make more Shipments of the S for the UK right now, please. Your UK fans are begging you for it, and Sony knows how much they love them. PLEASE MAKE MORE! Forget the ion, just make the S for EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY in the entire world, even the USA. we won’t complain.. LOL.
    The ion IS DEAD, fools. DEAD. It will never come to pass. LOL. Long live the Xperia S!!

  • Cssf09

    I want one! when he came to Argentina: (

  • Yeah they’re selling like hotcakes here in Denmark too :)
    It is a very nice phone, although I think it’s a bit big, especially if you’re used to use one hand and the buttons are annoying :p

  • BatesOut

    A bit big? it’s the size of a brick, awful phone imo.  I personally don’t care 1 bit for the processor or anything else they like to quote, if the phone looks like this (which most seem to be going that way) then it’s a no .. There’s a reason the iPhone has the screen size it does, it’s the optimum size to operate with 1 hand, if people want a huge phone they have to use 2 hands for then why don’t they buy a tablet?  … It will always be Apple for me simply because they truly understand what the word “Aesthetics” means and I have a phone running both OS’s and like both but there isn’t 1 company that compares to Apple when it comes to build quality and design.

  • Scorpion

    Although many people using iPhone want Apple to increase its size ?

  • Oh yeah, because of the Yellow tint issues on the screen. People are exchanging them and using up the stock.

  • Wish it were that easy here in Singapore

    Everyone here is either very Apple centric, or Samsung centric

    Every other brand practically doesn’t exist here

  • Bruce

    Do you have a 2 year old hand? I’m using one hand with my xperia s with no hassle!! Just rest the bottom of the phone on  your little finger and it’s a breeze.

    However Iphone built quality is top notch.. nobody can argue about this
    I will replace my xperia s for a second time tommorrow. First one had yellowish spots and the second cant recognise over 7 touches (advertised to 10).

  • exFictitiouZ

    Here in Thailand it’s backordered until the end of May now. All major retailers have closed their pre-orders until the backlog is cleared. But looking at the actual numbers, the shipments and the orders are still in thousands and not even tens of thousands. Personally I think Sony have to work harder in their supply chain. For the sake of comparison Apple clears their orders, presumably in hundreds of thousands or perhaps more, faster than Sony working out their thousands.

  • Any news about Xperia P and Sola? I’m waiting for these gadgets…. S is too big…

  • boosook

     Oh, come on. We all know about the issue, we also know that only a limited number of handsets will have the issue, and that Sony knows about it and will replace the malfunctioning phone, so what’s your point? Just trolling?

  • megane198

    Oh yes, I’ve been there last month. Everywhere I look when I’m in the MRT, its all apple, iPhone, iPad.

  • Roeshak

    the stupidity of your comments will be laid bare when apple release the next iPhone with a larger screen 4.0 +.
    Let me also remind you (idiot) that the surface area of the Iphone4 is quite similar to say an x10 with a much lagger screen. So a 3.5 inch screen is by no means any reflection on the ease of use of the phone.
    Apple need increase screen size or die out in the coming years.
    Marketing will only work for so long even if there are loads of superficial idiots like you floating about for them to feed off.
    Now fuck off back to your coven of mindless icrap drones.

  • W-bernt

    That shows that this phone is a top notch mobile with very stable hard and software i have this phone since 3 weeks and no problem at all and their is no yellow tint in the display i have both the white and black version 
    here you get value for you money and this phone is much cheaper then htc one x and xperia s have support for radio and one x dont have it and cammera and videorecording is much better on XS then on any other phone for the momment Sony did a very good jobb with the  XS 

  • adsada_arc

     Lol it’s good that Apple know what ‘aesthetics’ means because you clearly don’t. I think the word you’re looking for is ‘ergonomics’.

  • evita

    Hey! it’s the same in Thailand as well! We have overwhelming pre-order of xperia s approx. 5000 by now but only thousand shipped to customers.

    Please, Send our little voices to SONY HQ to increase their production capacity.

    Don’t forget about quality control too, no yellow screen tint :P

  • Polarized

    Got mine yesterday in white, f’ing love it!  Not too keen on the storage being formatted down to 25gb though, but apart from that… AMAZING!

  • Lol, somebody seems to be worried that their precious Apple phone is beginning to show it’s age :p
    Of course you “don’t care 1 bit” for the things that are actually better with this phone than the Apple phone -that would undermine your almost religious love for your “precious” (Gollum voice :D)

    I don’t hate Apple, what I hate is stupid people glamoring on about how godly their Apple things are, almost to a religious state, ignoring everything and anything else, because it’s not from Apple.

  • fried_egg

    Had mine from the day it was released (orange firmware release)…  and its stunning. I would love to know what makes it weigh so much though!  Still Sony would have been selling 5x as much if they got it out a month earlier..  htc has a strong line up now releasing… 

  • WaelFaddah

    that’s what happens when you produce a good product, and listen to what customers want.  

  • Isildore

    Wanted the Arc S to replace my venerable old X10i but as soon as I saw this I knew it was mine!

    Almost a month on and wow! Everything (apart from battery life but hey, I use it a lot!) is perfect and unlike my X10i (which had 2.3 – bad move) this has been 100% stable.

    Think Sony could become the next Apple at this rate…

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony rocks

  • paul4id

    Pity about the crappy capacitive buttons. Bring back true hardware buttons please! Capacitive / software buttons are a mere fashion trend and victory of form over function.

  • Edward0413

    Same here in China. Best seller of Xperias ever. Rocked to top1 in the first week. The only problem is the poor supply.
    Ps, another Xperia phone (Xperia acro HD) has been on the top 1 of Japan cellphone sales ranking for 3 weeks.
    I have the arc and I love it.

  • sub khan

    I want to know that why Sony Xperia is SO Sexy. Does any One Know Please help!

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