Sony prepping an Xperia smartphone with 4.3-inch AMOLED display?

by XB on 6th April 2012

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Sony Mobile has used TFT displays in every Android Xperia smartphone produced to date. However, a report from China Times suggests that Sony will look to launch its first Xperia smartphone using a 4.3-inch AMOLED panel by the end of the year.

AU Optronics (AUO) will be ramping up production of these displays during Q2 2012 with shipments to Sony during H2 2012. So what do we know about these displays? Well according to a recent interview with TechOn, they will have a pixel density of between 250-300 PPI with a priority on vividness of colour and response speed.

To be honest, we’ve always liked the TFT displays that Sony has used, most have decent clarity in sunlight and we haven’t been subject to the Pentile panels of other AMOLED displays which can impact text legibility on lower resolution displays. However, the benefits of an AMOLED screen are numerous and includes better energy efficiency and contrast although colours can tend to be over saturated.

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  • 29_to_mars

    I never liked the AMOLED idea, not sure I like this :s 

  • Igneel

    Can’t Sony just create a new one? AMOLEDs sounds like Samsungs and I hate samsung products. Dunno why, don’t ask. I love Sony/SE! C’mon, beat the hell out on HTCs and Samsungs! Go Sony!

  • I do have to say I’m not terribly impressed by the Samsung OLED displays I’ve seen so far, so I’m interested to see what Sonys implementation will be like.

    Sony seems to care more about colour accuracy and quality, so hopefully their OLED displays will build upon the quality of their LCD screens.

  • junin romualdo

    Would not it be better to improve the hardware, rather than switch to another technology. I see a big difference, especially in comparison to sunlight, between a Galaxy s2 and myXperia Neo V, much lower than the screen of the Galaxy, and in relation to the density oflow-resolution screen. Regarding use, Galaxy, even in the situation in which the saidAndroid on consumption of the battery and placing it in brightness 25-40% consumptionand 30 to 45%, and is not very different from mine Xperia.

  • vikas619

    i wish they should continued with there white magic technology  .

  • WaelFaddah

    i wonder if you could put whitemagic in AMOLED, that would be a twist 

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    I have an S.E.X Arc and my friends have a Note, SGS II, and Moto Razr. I was always happy about my decision to buy the Arc for one reason more than anything else that my Arc does not have an AMOLED display.  All the three phones that I have mentioned above have an AMOLED display and all the three suck big time. The screen is so dark all the time. And when the brightness is increased, the colors are oversaturated, the pentile formation is just another ugly thing about them. Hope Sony sticks the TFT display.

  • betatesterz

    better energy efficiency? I havn’t really go look it up myself but i’ve keep seeing people commenting about how AMOLED sucks up rediculous more amount of power as compared to LCD when displaying white screens.

  • IIRC white OLEDs do exist since that’s what LG is using for their OLED TV, so I don’t think there’s a reason why OLED white magic couldn’t exist. If they could pull it off then that should actually solve all the problems I have with Samsungs OLED tech.

  • If they do it right it could be successful. I don’t like Samsung’s AMOLED-displays either, but I have a Sony Walkman with an AMOLED-display, and it really looks quite nice. Colors are nice and vivid, the display is extremely bright and blacks are really black. No blue haze like the Samsung displays at all. AMOLED done right.

    Sony Ericsson usually doesn’t sacrifice display quality for anything, on any of their phones. They never have, and I’m sure they never will.

  • nfs2010

     Sony’s been using the term ‘OLED” for a while. They made world’s first OLED tv (way back in 2007), X series walkman with OLED touchscreen (2009) long before Samsung started putting AMOLED on their craps. The way Samsung works is they just take someone’s idea, tweak it a bit, and mass produce it for a cheaper price. They also added prefix and suffix like ‘super’, ‘plus’ to make a big deal out of it. In 2010, pretty much all half-educated mobile reviewers were raving about their amoleds. What makes it ridiculous is the usage of the term ‘pentile’ in 2011. Suddenly, all those fools figured that those were pentile craps – lmao. Anyways, Sony did the right thing by dumping their display JV with Samsung. Thanks to that JV, Samsung took the lead in TV market as they were privy to Bravia development information. It’s time for Sony to stop acting like a moron and develop their products on their own. They also need to use some cheesy marketing terms like ‘crap on super amoled plus’ or something similar.

  • Pleitti

    300 PPI only ??

  • nfs2010

     Dude, I have an X series walkman too which came out in 2009. Then I was comparing its screen to that of the galaxy s I bought in 2010 and I was like – wtf ! what’s the so big deal about this super amoled. lol

  • adsada_arc

    I’m guessing though they will market it as an OLED display, in the similar way that when samsung made the ps vita’s screen they referred to it as an AMOLED screen, but Sony call it OLED…

  • I was wondering about that. We know from the leaked benchmark that the Hayabusa has a 720p display like the Xperia S. So if the Hayabusa is the one getting this talked about 4.3″ display then it would have a pixel density far in excess of 300ppi.

    I really am hoping it’s the Hayabusa that gets the OLED display and the Mint will have an even bigger OLED.

  • jex

    they can use amoled but pls do not use AMOLED term on future xperia display. Maybe a catchy name that may people will fall to that name. may Reality LED Display

  • Cssf09

    seriously ill agree with everyone is the combination
    Sony AMOLED :/

  • AlexBurnout

    I totally agree you, man! But after seeing that AUO makes those displays, I chilled out. I’m glad that Samsuck won’t be the manufacturer.
    Go SONY!!!

  • Sam

    Whitemagic I remember is only available on 4 inch screens

  • You know a very small part of me had hoped that Sonys CLED tech was advanced enough at this point so that they could fit a high res display into a phone, but I guess not :(

    Still, I’m so very much looking forward to this! From what little I’ve seen of Sonys own OLED tech on their smaller devices like the HMZ-T1, it should be able to destroy Samsungs OLED tech for image quality.

  • Well it was said that 4″ was the limit at the time, but not an ultimate limit for the tech. With this OLED display now being manufactured and now with Japan Display Inc up and running, it could be that they have the ability to produce larger white magic displays.

    I’m crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I have for a white magic OLED.

  • Minato

    i’m worried too! i just hope they name it something other than amoled so they can differentiate their technology, maybe SOLED (SONY OLED :P) or sth like that!

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Disappointin, hopefully its something I dont even care about an wouldnt buy regardless.

  • XYZ

     AMOLED, stands for Active Matrix.
    Its a technical term, not a brand name.

  • XYZ

    Kinda sad its not CLED, but I know that tech hasn’t matured yet.
    Still, this could be interesting. The advantages of OLED, mean you get impossibly good contrast ratios. Hopefully Sony’s Bravia Engine image processing remains to ensure better colour accuracy and no annoying blue tint.
    If its anything like the stuff on the X-series walkman, it will easily wipe the floor with Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus.

  • Lol

    typical Sony fanboy. Samsung rules!

  • Lolyoulol

    THEIR white magic technology.

    Learn to spell.

  • Samsung may have the overwhelming majority of the OLED market right now, but I have yet to see an OLED display from them that didn’t make me cringe. The only exception is the display on the Vita, but a part of me thinks that might be because of Sonys doing to compensate.

    Doing a bit more online searching, it appears that Japan Display Inc doesn’t expect to have OLED production up and running until March 2013. That would explain why Sony had to seek out AU Optronics rather than go with a company they were already invested in. I guess Sony felt they couldn’t want an entire year to put OLED displays on their phones. Personally I’m glad they did make this move.

  • Fastskater

    Sony amoled+whitemagic+bravia engine= AWESOMENESS

  • iliketowritearticles

    Who can blame him? Shitsung sucks :)

  • Lol

    Sony sucks. They would have gotten my respect if they didn’t kept their asses quiet about the ion. But nope, until they do, they will continue to suck in my mind… for now. <3

  • AlexBurnout

    As I said before: people should learn to damn write. I’ll say it one more time: there is not such thing as Samsung. Only Samshit, Samsuck, Samfool, Samdamn, Samass, Sambitch, Sucksung, SHITSUNG!!!
    GO SOOONYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jinga

    SONY has a way of doing their things. I have always saw technology transfer from Sony corporation to all of its divisions. Oled is Sony’s technology and it has used in some of the company’s gadget but Amoled? well, i’m not sure that. in conclusion, adopting Amoled now to me is playing catch up to others but Oled will definately shake the mobile phone market.

  • quesbivak

    I dont like amoled:(, sgs2 has the ugliest screen on earth! Xperia S sceeen is definetly the awesomest.

  • I have always thought the Sony (Ericsson) phone displays to be the best out there! I hate those ‘fake’ displays on Samsungs that enhances color way too much. Looks completely unrealistic in my eyes. Don’t want my eyes to hurt!

  • Matt

    Watch out we’ve got a bad ass over here.

  • Philip

    Good news for me! I hope Hayabusa = Great Design + Oled + HD + S4 processor!
    Time to show muscle, Sony! Catch up with Samsung, htc! 

  • Extremely mixed feelings about this

    On one hand, there’ll be good power savings on pages that don’t focus on bright colours, but on pages where there’s a lot of white, there will be more significant power drains and possibly heat generation fromt he OLED units as well

    Then there’s also the worry of OLED burn-in and the OLED units wearing out over time (faster than they should)

    Hopefully, Sony will tune the AMOLED the way the whitemagic screens have been tuned for colour accuracy

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  • bonsa

    According to the media of Japan, the manufacturing technique of Sony is supplied and AUO mass-produces this device. 
    AUO supplies OLED also to htc or ASUS. 
    However, seemingly, it differs from Sony-oriented OLED. 

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  • Samsuck sucks

    Recent report leaked from a Sony employee says the ion release date is set for may 8th.

  • Shinkirogozen

    the issue with AMOLED being battery hungry when displaying white pages might be compensated with sony’s white magic technology since it will adjust the amount of light the phone uses. so theoretically AMOLED/OLED + WhiteMagic technology = better energy consumption. the remaining question now is what name to use? WAMOLED? WhiteMagic OLED? 

  • Don’t these screens suffer color distortion because of fatigue? e.g. The Galaxy Nexus’s top strip of pixels appears more blue over time because the navigation bar is black, leaving those blue pixels (which tend to lose brightness quicker) unused, making them brighter when they are used (e.g. during full screen applications), screwing up the color balance. Oh, and since the clock, battery, etc. ARE blue, those pixels wear out faster, resulting in something like the burn-ins you used to see on plasma screens.

    I’m staying with LCD. Sony, don’t stick an amoled on the LT29 Hayabusa. Please?

  • arena

    but it’s very much associated with samsung. fans are sure to feel betrayed if their idol company starts using things popularized by rivals. sony should just create their own oled version with better technology. they have JDI to relyh on.

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