Xperia S goes up against HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus in browser test

by XB on 7th April 2012

in Videos, Xperia S

We have avoided posting too many benchmarks of the Sony Xperia S against other flagship handsets. Whilst they can be an indication of power, it does not always give a true picture of real world performance. All things equal, a browser test can be a good way of comparing two handsets, especially considering how rendering web pages can be quite processor intensive.

Swedroid has posted a couple of videos comparing the browser performance of the Xperia S against the Galaxy Nexus and HTC’s newest flagship the One X. The results were a bit of a mixed bag, the Galaxy Nexus seemed to do better overall against the Xperia S, however the Xperia S has the upper hand against the HTC One X. Software optimisation is likely to play a part here, but it also goes to show that a higher number of cores doesn’t necessarily count for everything in the smartphone arms race.



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