Xperia S Android ICS update to use 3.0 kernel

by XB on 7th April 2012

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Over at xda-developers, recognised developer and FreeXperia member DooMLoRD has posted a screenshot from what is believed to be a test ICS build for the Sony Xperia S. DooMLoRD said that the “build looks polished but there are still some bugs which the devs are sorting out”. The screenshot shows the Xperia S running Android 4.0.3 with build number 6.1.A.0.226.

The interesting part, however, is that Sony Mobile is using a newer kernel (3.0.X) compared to the current kernel (2.6.35) in the existing Android 2.3.7 Xperia S firmware. The advantage of a newer kernel is the introduction of new features and optimisations. Earlier this year we questioned whether an updated linux kernel is planned post the ICS Xperia update. This now looks to be the case, at least for the newer 2012 Xperia smartphones.

Xperia S Android ICS update to use 3.0 kernel

Via xda-developers.

  • Looks like Sony is -really- listening to what people on XDA and other forums are saying! Glad to be a fan!

  • jozef rockz

    I hope they will to update 2011 xperias kernel to at least 3.0 …

  • AlexBurnout

    DDamn cool

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  • Andrey Gromak

    ICS Update xperia ARC S , RAY, NEO V (2011) get the kernel 2.6  = FAIL

  •  I really love my Xperia S. On early April, I bought this great phone. But, I can’t update the new official-firmware. I dont know why.

    In Indonesia, Sony will launch the Xperia S on 12 or 14 April, officially. Great news to hear ICS will coming to my great Xperia S sooner.

    Banda Aceh, Indonesia

  • Aerollsyah

    have you used pc companion to update the firmware??and check ur connection either data or wifi..

  • Radzie

    Thanks to your responseresponse Aerollsyah.

    I’ve connected to PC Companion. The Internet connection was good and stabil. I used wifi connection due update this firmware. But still error.

    I also can’t connect to PlayNow server.

    Thanks for helping me to solve the problem in my lovely-great-white Xperia S.

    Radzie, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

  • James MacDonald

    When is it coming to the UK? Can’t wait till I get it

  • pegel punkestoe

    hem,, maybe because xperia S is not launching officially yet at your country, so the region setting for update software for your country is not available yet.
    you should try to change your computer IP to another IP from another country who has launched xperia S before. hope this can help you :)

  •  Thanks Pegel Punkestoe. I’ll try it as your suggest. But, after I read some-news about this new-firmware, there is no big change to Xperia S. It was the improve software to Middle East region. Is that true?

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  • thats very interesting …

  • Samo

    ICS update for the Xperia S appears to be pegged for around the end of Q2 2012.
    I was as annoyed as anyone else at the sticker on the box it ships in that says ‘ICS upgradeable’ when it blooming well isn’t as Sony haven’t ironed it out yet. hopefully this won’t be another epic wait like froyo on the X10i (now that really ticked me off!)

  • when is ics coming to xperia s in the UK?

  • Aida

    How do I take a screenshot with my Xperia Arc S with Android 4.0?

  • Mossie

    press the power button and you’ll have an option to take a screenshot

  • Asdf

    power + volume button

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