Xperia ion coming to Taiwan at end of May; United States in June

by XB on 8th May 2012

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Sony Mobile has kept the US release of the AT&T-bound Xperia ion (LT28at) close to its chest. A release date has been nowhere to be found, yet a Google ad may have given the first indication that the handset is indeed on its way. When searching for the Xperia ion on Google, one of the paid searches showed that the Xperia ion was “Coming Exclusively to AT&T in June”. Whilst this is towards the end of the Q2 launch date originally given, it’s great that we at least have a vague launch date.

The US launch would tie in with what we are hearing about the launch date for the international version of the Xperia ion (LT28i). Taiwan Mobile will start taking pre-orders for the Xperia ion on 15 May, with the phone going on sale at the end of May. The sim-free price in Taiwan will be NT$19,900 ($678, €522, £420). We’re still to hear when the international version of the Xperia ion will launch outside of Taiwan.

Google ad highlighting AT&T Xperia ion launch date

Xperia ion

Via Facebook and xda-developers.

Thanks gtrab!

  • If the Xperia Hayabusa is expected to be announced in June or July then I wouldn’t put my hopes too high for an international release of the Ion. 

  • Pauvincentg

    Could this be a sign that hayabusa will ne delayed due to shortage of s4 chipset?

  • I don’t think there will be an international version.

  • make_believe

    Or maybe it will have, because the Xperia ion on Taiwan is lt28i

  • make_believe
  • hayabusa won’t be delayed due to shortage of s4 chips.
    shortage is only for small time qualcomm customers not prime customers like sony…

  • Japan only? Damn!

  • Maybe there will be a modified version without LTE for the rest of the world. Not releasing this devices worldwide would be really stupid. 

  • Hope so!

  • Djsilent79

    The Gx, s or ion.. Which one is best

  •  The later the greatest

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  • KalassyNikoff

     The ion is so ugly compared to xperia S. The only good thing about it is the microsd and the metal back. Otherwise the S trumps it. No lightbar is ugly.

  • Jj

    Hate the AT&T branding, I want a Sony Branded one!!!

  • Jj

    The Taiwan is lt28i in the International version (W/out LTE)

  • This will be mine. Gotta love having At&t! Reduced contract price! Haha :D

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  • Lol

    I expect Sony to delay the Xperia ion date by next month. They will continue to keep quiet about the official release date until the end of summer. Then they will announce the date to 3/30/13. Then they pretend to apologize and finally they announce the actual release date to USA. By that time, everyone would have moved on and not care about the phone anymore. Then Sony Mobile goes bankrupt and they disappear forever. LOL. I would celebrate if that were to happen!

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