Xperia S Android 4.0 ICS update coming “late May/early June”

by XB on 12th May 2012

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The last official word we heard from Sony Mobile on the Xperia S Android 4.0 ICS launch date was “from the later part of the second quarter”. However, a support person over at the Talk Sony Mobile forums is narrowing this down a bit.

Xperia S is planned to get ICS somewhere around late May/early June. That’s what’s been said and that’s still what we’re sticking to,” said Markus from Xperia support. This could mean that in just under three weeks we will start to see Ice Cream Sandwich land on Xperia S handsets. We can’t wait.

Xperia S Android 4.0 ICS

Via Talk Sony Mobile forums.

  • AlexBurnout

    First! Also can’t wait to update my Xperia S & mini pro.

  • Steff1_1990

    i cant wait, just hope it is late may/eary june so

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  • Asad Mulla

    although I cant wait for ICS on my XS, 2.3.7 isn’t so bad. Just seems a bit old for a new phone. I really hope it has the Photo during Video option and even better shutter speed.I thing I really like about ICS is the Live speech to text. work really well. using it while I am driving.

  • subben2003

    I’m looking forward te this update but would like to wait untilj all bugs are solved. GB on my Xperia S is working so well that the update must be onehundred percent ok before I would go for ICS :-D

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid

    Finally, the camera problem will be solved, 12mp cannot be felt by me, when it is using it’s half. 

  • Asad Mulla

    I envisage  a lot of comment for this subject.

  • Dreamitwork

    hope ics will have burst capture option and maybe b-stop function.. :) love sony 

  • Sempaialfredo

    hey brother sorry i speak spanish but i have 1 Xony Xperia S. you need configure cam 9 mpx at 12 mpx !

  • Hope after upgrading Xperia S to ICS will kick off S2 and S3 and Nexus … 
    Sign : Hater Samsung

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  • Guest

    Great, hopefully I will have mine back from the repair center then.

    Next time I am definitely not buying the first batch. Better to wait one month and even buy it for lower price, than buy it early with the device being defective and still having to wait one month till it’s repaired.

  • Roeshak

    too little too late. The buzz surrounding the phone has died down now. ICS or not sales can only go one way and that’s down.

  • naathaanS

    Are you god? too little too late what? Enlighten me.
    Do you seriously think that people would stop buy this?

  • moopchook

    And still nothing for Xperia arc.  Ugh.

  • XYZ

     Really? The Xperia S is selling like hot cakes here in the UK. People take one look at the screen and its an instant buy.

  • Sonys smartphones are selling better than they have ever done before.. And with just cause! They’re the highest quality phones out there!

  • sufy

    So does that mean Xperia Play will be included when Xperia S gets updated to ICS ?

  • DragonClaw

    When is it coming for the mini pro? Hopefully not after the S. Along with it should be perfect. And what about 4.04 update? Anthony said, they are working on it. As the 4.0.3 update lags a hell lot. The launcher and other apps. I tried CM9 on galaxy ace, and it was smooth as ever. And Sony’s 2011 line up uses faster processor and more ram. Still it lags. Even on the arc s. Come on Sony. You can do better! We will wait for a better update soon. :-)

  • Salim Khanbashi

    Very nice news we wait in

  • Alvin

    Xperia mini pro will get the update on late may/early june…

  • plusAnthony

    Markus from Xperia support has never let me down before =)

    Looking forward to some ICS goodness

  • Lito_ni

    hey! i pointed that it in XDA forums. XB probably took it from my post lol. 

    anyway dont forget that it rolls out bit by bit to phones

  • Fcollado87

    If you are talking about the photo does not fill the whole screen, if you set your camera to 12megapixel it will not fill the whole screen, but if you set to 9megapixel then you will get a full screen picture.

  • Awan110

    Was wondering, from where you took it?

  • Tonyokoro17

    I’m not God just someone who recently spoke to someone at the phone shop.
    He said that at launch the xperia was flying off the shelves but since the launch of the HTC one x and the announcement of the galaxy s3, sales have dropped off by almost half.
    I spoke to gain on Friday at the Tesco phone shop in neasden.
    I know Sony fanboys just like the apple crowd like to deny reality but that’s the story.

  • Tonyokoro17

    That’s good for you. My experience of the gingerbread firmware we currently have is very different.
    In fact it’s the only stock Sony Ericsson rom I’ve used where the hone launcher keeps force closing. Add to that the battery issues, the fact that it lags seriously when using the phone with the charger plugged in, and the below par UI performance and poor scrolling especially in the browser.
    I for one can’t wait to be rid of this gingerbread crap that feels like it was rushed out at the last minute.

  • Tonyokoro17

    Highest quality phones? What with a dated processor and very old firmware, I think we have very different criteria for judging these devices.

  • Tonyokoro17

    For some reason the Sony Ericsson phones have always had some of the poorest UI performance out there. Might be something to do with the very graphics intensive widgets they create. But that does not explain the poor jerky and even unresponsive scrolling.
    Don’t expect the ICS update to fix this. Hopefully things will improve but I don’t expect the smoothness of even the galaxy s2

  • Terrain600

    At first, they said early January, then late febuary, then later march, then early april, and now May/early june. They’re just going to keep pushing it.

  • Fcollado87

    Same period where the remaining 2011 Xperia family to receive the ICS according to Sony after its first batch for Xperia Arc S, Xperia Ray & Xperia Neo V rolled out on end of Mar early Apr.

  • Arnoldplanb

    When is the release period of ICS for Xperia Arc ??

  • W-bernt

    Thanks for this information to xperia blog you do a good jobb

  •  +1 to that

  • naathaanS

    But do you still think that people will stop buying this phone?
    I’m not even a bit interested in those two, the one X and GSIII
    they are great but just not my taste

  • James MacDonald

    I have the Xperia S I bought it in February it said on the box “upgrdable to android 4.0” isnt that false advertisement when clearly it is not! Well not till whenever Sony decide to get of there ar*se’s and make it upgrdable :-S other wise its a great phone and I love it :-) cant wait to see how it performs with ICS

  • Raffy

    I hope when I get this new android OS in my Xperia S will hopefully improve the battery life of my phone…and hopefully this second Xperia S that I have is not defective unlike my first one that has a yellow tint on the screen and eats a lot of power.

  • Only For Xperia S?What happen for another model like Arc,Active,Play,U 

    P/s:In Malaysia ICS Updated

  • i got the xperia s and wish ive waited  on htc x 1 the s is a real let down u got dumb and little theme`s on it camera makes good pictures but needs update so u can pick your scene manual and needs faster picture taking 

    sony making a big mistake with ics to be last an there (flagshipphone) battery sucks like really really SUCKS phone keep on keeping apps (alive) on the background that kills battery even more and instead of fixing this problems sony just f- them off and bring out a (new) phone without these problems sony u did a really s**t job on this phone 
    the home and back buttens works really bad and when u brows on the net with this phone buttons  are in the way LET ALONE PLAYING GAMES ON THE PHONE NONE OF THEM ARE COMPATIBLE EVEN SIMPEL GAMES IN MARKETPLACE U CANT DOWNLOAD WITH YOUR PUNY PHONE and if u play games on it u have to charge the phone at least 3 luckely 4 me htc is offering me to swap it fore a x1 and i`m gonna do that in a hart beat and never buying a phone off u again and i hope with this message i can help other people not to fall 4 your phone that is really the baddest 1 of them all  

  • Geo

    when it`s the update for xperia pro ?

  • Pstasyna

    its absolutlely fast on my arc. i have antivirus and other tweaks and full root. phone boots up in 15-20 secs at most with my 1.3ghz OC on ARC! you just installed too many games or stupid malware. i already have ics rom as well
    you shouldnt be using android if you cant even get root or install custom rom or cwm…

  • Djdjdh2

    you are apreading lies and trolling. do you work for samsung…

  • Lolololololmyarcissweet

    wtf every game works perfect on my arc.

    stop spreading lies.

    samsung trolls this site hard… its obvious from all the poorly written responses talking trash

  • Somanynoobsonthissite

    instl clockwork mod. instll customrom. stop bitching.

    ive had ics on my ARC not even the S for almost a month. and im oc to 1.4 ghz same specs as ur arc. learn how to read and research for yourself.

    battery lasts all day. i hve full root. boots in 15-20 secs… no sony bloatware of any kind.

    dont use android. youre a noob

  • Thissitesucksbigtie

    custom rom is already out for last month!!!!

    flash it to your phone and dont wait for sony bloatware

  • James MacDonald

    Ur calling me a noob? I dont have an arc! Its just the s

  • Chino

    hope can provide call recorder function 

  • Keenan Sullivan

    Yeah…they might be messing with your phone in hopes that you will stop using it and go back to school.
    You know….so that you can troll them with proper grammar, and some eintelligence, if need be.

  • Dreamitwork

    Don’t hope to much ics will running smooth on single core unit even google mention before minimum requirement to run ics. Rooting device? How many percent people willing to do that? I think the one should be blame is google because comeout the os with high demand of power usage. If google come out the new os with minimum requirement 1ghz processor and 512mb ram for ics4.0. We will never argue about battery life or what ever related to power comsumption… Sony xperia single core user should be thankful to sony because their willing taking risk to apply ics to 2011 lineup. Now jelleybean will be announce what minimum requiremnt to run that os? Neuclear reactor perhaps???

  • DragonClaw

    Poorest UI? Thats a joke. Sony Ericsson phones have one of the best UIs out there. They are really smooth. And have cool efects to give you pleasure to the eyes. On the other hand the Samsung phones use the very virgin android, as given to them by google. With no or really little skinning.
    About the smoothness, the ics update makes the Sony apps unsmooth. That may be as the apps were designed for android 4.0:4, but were pushed along with the 4.0.3 update to go along with the timeline.
    We are hoping for a better update which will out perform all similar specs devices in performance and looks (watch out HTC), and we know Sony can do it. Best of luck Sony.

  • rafiq

     why not you go buy htc or samsung which is low to low after sale value… i think you really dont know what sony main focus… if you are sony user.. shame on you.. i you were not.. do read some article about sony mobile communication… on how they seeing things in mobile world.. not just by over do it on hardware spec but how to optimize the device more important..

  • rafiq

     old firmware? ics only hold 6% for os user choices… to young i guess… duo core consider old?? can you running adobe photoshop or autocad on quad core mobile devices?? does psp need to run quad core to run god of war??

  • afzal

     maybe on the same timeline..

    ps: malaysia among the 1st country receive ics update for tablet s. even japan not receive it yet.. so maybe same with xperia s and other line up…

  • Great….. an update for a phone that hasn’t been released in the US. While we’re at it, whatever happened to the xperia ion? Sony continues to fail. 

  • Ankur Nair

    You should read what the topic says. It clearly mentions about xperia s (LT26i) and not the ARC or ARC-S . So stop calling others a noob .

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  • I can’t wait to update my Xperia S to ICS .. SONY come on hurry up ..

  • The S4 processor was released after the Xperia S was made available. And Sony has since late 2010 been at the front of the pack regarding android updates and firmware.

  • so that’s mean Xperia S Android 4.0 available in Malaysia now??

  • Korbey1

    and yet still no upgrade

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