Xperia GX: Hands-on roundup

by XB on 17th May 2012

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The Xperia GX is the latest and greatest phone from Sony. For now it is Japanese bound only but we expect an international launch later in the year too. We have been scouring the net over the last day or so to bring you the relevant hands-on videos that we’ve come across. It looks like a very capable handset and we can’t wait until we hear news of a global release.

General overview

Design tour

Matte textured rear

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Walkman visualisation showed off

Xperia GX dock demo

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Sized up against the Xperia acro

Running 3.0.8 linux kernel

Xperia GX

Removeable battery and micro SD card slot

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Illuminating logo

Xperia GX

Images taken from, (1 & 2) and Impress Watch.

  • its nice but when the hell is update on xperia s bloody hell its awful most of last years phones on ics now 2012 phone still on gingerbread

  • OMG!! I’m really illy about this phone!:)

  • Sony (Ericsson) was doing a lot right during the last few months. Reading that the HTC One X can get over 50°C hot and thus throttling cpu…  I’m very happy that Sony didn’t fall for that cpu geek crap, while the time wasn’t right yet. Since the SE ARC was released there was always less reason for complaint with every device released. Their focus on style, usability and build quality – all of that for a reasonable price – pleases me a lot.

  • expected in a few weeks. 

  • I hope they will bring the toggle settings on notification and the Walkman in 4.0.4 update.X)

  • Yue Xu

    please release them globally !!!

  • Coollead

    Played with the phone last night… it’s amazing. I’ve never used a phone so sleek and fast before. It runs circles around my Arc, and the design feels better in the hand than the Arc does. It’s not big at all, like I thought it would be… imagine if the Arc grew by about 1-2mm in every direction except for thickness.

    I took some photos with it and copied them to my Arc, so I’ll email you them later!

  • Adam Wong

    Sooo jealous, how did you get your hands on one?

    I got my arc, but still have one whole year to wait for the next upgrade. 

  • Tymodmyt

    Do they have WhiteMagic display? Who can tell?

  • paul4id

    Chill. The 2.37 on your S is less buggy than the rushed 4.03 release. You are not missing much, and sometimes it pays off to wait for a high quality release.

  • weeeeee8888888888

    it look so sleek and beatiful best looking i ever seen

  • Simao_lucio

    Can you please tell me how well perform the view angle?
    Are they like in the Xperia s?

  • Basharca

    This is why we love Sony :)

  • saeed

    The globe one must be mixed from xperia s and xperia gx
    For a 100 times and forever I will say it
    Gx size battery higher

  • rafi

    I dont see any problem using gingerbread os. Still running really fast and very less lagging. Ics just bring some extra minor update only. And iam a bit worried with ram n cpu usage when ics officially adobt inside my xps. But i believe sony can optimize it very well cause thats the good side of sony.

  • Omai.. my Sony blood is in a rush.. I really love GX.. this is my next xperia :D international release please!!!

  • Damn awesome design.Waitting release on August :D

  • megane198

    Does it have a micro hdmi port as the Xperia S? Or they adopt the MHL type?
    Oh my, my micro hdmi cable will be useless if this phone is using the MHL one. 

  • Antonio Kukas

    International GX = Xperia Duo?

  • dereknobuyuki

    1.) I’m glad it’s running a rom built on android 4.0.4; I was worried it might be 4.0 which is a different level of the android API.

    2.) Just a reminder to people in Japan; Anyone can go check out the Xperia SX and GX at the docomo smartphone lounges; They are all over the country such as in Umeda, Osaka and Marunouchi, Tokyo.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Check out pictures of the dock and see what  you can find.
    From what I’ve heard, HDMI output is only through the dock.
    In the picture, I can see the dock looks to have a full size HDMI port 
    but cannot confirm exactly what kind of connector the phone itself has.
    It looks to have only 1 data connector.

  • make_believe

    can you e-mail me the pic? thanks :)
    and hans-on videos too if you have :)

  • Phone only has a USB port, which supports MHL out. Open this Sony url in google chrome, it translates the site very nicely.
    This is how you can confirm most of what’s been said here. No hdmi is a bit of a downer for me, it’s so sleek to just plug in the micro hdmi cable and voilà.
    The list of MHL supporting devices is already quite long so I assume that MHL accessories will soon be available easily. To make MHL work you usually also have to connect the charger/power supply and that sucks.

  • makes me salivate…

  • TheLoyalist

    Funny, you won’t probably notice any difference between the GB version and the ICS version. Not much though…

  • The dock has a full sized HDMI port along with a micro USB port for charging. If you want to hook up your GX to a TV your device needs to be plugged in to a charger. MHL TV output only works with external power supply. The Xperia GX itself has micro USB port which is also MHL certified. 

  • Keenan Sullivan

    Uhhhhh…..1700mAh battery?
    Oh dear…ahaha. I feel like that is dangerously low for a phone with such a large screen.

  • Don’t think so. The maximal screen size of WhiteMagic displays is limited at 4″ at the moment. 

  • surethom

    I agree, sony please put at least a 2000mAh battery on the international version.

  • sad

  • Tymodmyt

    Well, Xperia SX is lower than 4″! And if that’s not WhiteMagic, then 1700 mah is too small for such a phone.

  • How about battery performance??
    Someone tell me please :)

  • Marco77

    Does that micro-usb (?) docking station feature inductive charging?
    And since it’s going to be sold separately, how much will it cost?

  • Sony helps you ‘personalize’ your Xperia further, announces case maker partnerships

  •  That’s good!!

  • Wow… the GX looks even better in real life pictures. The second photo above especially really accentuates the gorgeous gentle arch in the back and elegant lines all around. And judging by the close-up of the back cover in the third photo, the smooth but finely textured matte finish looks so good and seems like it would also have a great tactile feel in the hand.

    I can see this design winning a lot of converts and many admiring glances along the way. Sony shows the competition how it’s done. I can’t wait to hold the international version in my palm… !

  • lovebmw

    i don’t understand how can you not see a quad processor makes wonders for your business… i know 9 million people wont buy a Sony because they are going for the ugly galaxy iii, why?  mh….. oh oh i know quad processor.  and don’t go for a quad next year… cause then something better will be out there…. it amazes me how sometimes companies work.  

  • Let’s see how it goes. This may be my next phone for christmas.

  • The dual-core S4 beats every quad-core out there. Most people buy numbers, not quality. Sony makes quality, not numbers.

  • Sony is actually ahead of the pack and has updated the most phones. And they have promised to update the most amount as well as the “furthest back”. 

    And we all know Sony makes the best version of Android.

  • redrooster13

    Drop the Ion and get this thing to the states pronto.

  • solidpig

    Honestly, the allure of quad core is just… that you have four cores. In terms of performance, the dual s4 matches and sometimes even beats the quad cores. The average user will be unable to tell how many cores there is inside the device as the performance will be snappy either way. 
    Truly, there is little reason to have a quad core other than to show off.
    And yet, not everyone knows this. Just because Sony chooses not to follow everyone else in the quad core race, doesn’t mean they are behind.
    One shouldn’t choose a phone purely on specs. It’s too bad some people are just so blind to this.

  • Laevatienn

     Except you are forgetting something. The S4 processor the GX/SX are running on is 28 nm rather than 40 nm processors used by most phones at the moment. Smaller die size means less power needed to run it despite improvement in performance. Also cuts down on heat.  I.E. The phone can run for longer than a phone with the same battery but 40 nm processor. Isn’t shrinking dies fun :).

  • Abdessemed Liberty

    I think people attractive by AMOLED screen, which Sony must turned to it rapidly, especially Japan Display Inc, promise to make AMOLED more performed than Samsung 

  • BobbyClark

    Sony Xperia GX Quadrant Benchmark
    Title reads: Surprise: Xperia GX benchmark reads lower than Xperia S.

  • Tyler9999

    we want a 1.8GHz dual-core krait with adreno 300 series, 13-16 megapixel camera and 2 gb ram and OLED screen since sony has an OLED screen on all of its other products!! by the end of this year we want an xperia with these specs
    lg has already made a phone with 2gb ram and its 1.5 GHz dual-core
    sony should know its competition!!
    msm 8260 chip set on xperia s was not a good move and the viewing angles suck on that!!
    sony is the only company that can produce android devices with apple like or greater than apple quality

  • Does anyone know which GPU is in this thing?

  • ankitw

    adreno 225 .. but rumors are that international version will release with QC8960 pro which has adreno 320 :)

  • ankitw


  • ankitw

    Pls add gorilla glass, white magic display and battery atleast 2000mAh in international version :)

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