Xperia ion launching in Hong Kong for HK$5,198 in early June

by XB on 23rd May 2012

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Sony Mobile has only officially announced the international version of the Xperia ion (LT28i) for one region so far, Taiwan. Well it looks like those in Hong Kong will also be getting in on the action. Sony Mobile has announced that the Xperia ion will launch in Hong Kong in early June and will cost HK$5,198 (£427, €533, $669).

Those that pre-order the device will get a 32GB memory card, screen protector and HDMI cable thrown in. You will also get a HK$100 coupon to spend on mobile accessories (minimum spend HK$200). Seems like a good deal to us. We’re still waiting to hear about any AT&T launch date for the United States – Sony promised a launch in Q2 so that leaves just over a month to both create interest and launch the device.

Xperia ion Hong Kong

Xperia ion Hong Kong

Via Sony Store Hong Kong.

  • ZyxeLa

    too expensive…

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Here come the comments “Why not Worldwide release!!” , “Europe please” , “Hong Kong, Here I come!” and “I’m Shipping one!!”

  • SRM

    Too good too.

  • Hope Sony Mobile will realease more powerful phone for worldwide like GX and upcoming Haybusa…

  • aluminum body

  • Y U NO make cell phones with 3300 MAH battery?

  • fried_egg

    another orange UK xperia S update is now being pushed out, any ideas what it brings other than battery life which it claims?

  • RacecarBMW

    The Hayabusa is the GX.

  • FreeWill

    LMFAO..if i think you made this comment based on a youtube video..then you just read my mind my friends.

  • Tymodmyt

    It costs as much as Galaxy SIII, doesn’t it?

  • Chemiclus

    So was it ever a US exclusive?

  • doubleo

    so you want us to call you ms. cleo or something?

  • dmn666

     lol. Now it seems like US will be the last to see it!

  • i dont think so , Haybusa is code name of GX version 


    This phone was announced at CES in January 2012 and has taken forever to be released. I know that specifcations are not everything but Sony will have a hard time competing with SGS3/ONEX. They should have skipped the XS and Xion and tried to bring the GX to market earlier.

  • Albert Octavianus

    too late, my eyes on GX now.

  • russel

    best bt l@xpensive

  • RacecarBMW

    You said “I hope Sony will release the GX >>AND<< the Hayabusa

    That means you think they are 2 different models.

    But then you said that the Hayabusa is the codename for the GX. That basically means they are the same device.

  • please read carefull , i write : i dont think so haybusa is code name of GX version . so i mean there are two different models, one of them GX and other one is upcoming Haybusa and about Mint ( it is tablet ) … seems we didnt understand each other right :)

  • Lol

    Buy a Jitterbug phone then, cheapass. It only costs you a measley $14.99 with no contract. LOL! You don’t deserve any of these smartphones. More for the rest of us then.

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