Official: Xperia PLAY ICS updated canned, plus timelines for other phones

by XB on 25th May 2012

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It turns out that the speculation was correct. Sony Mobile has cancelled the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Sony (Ericsson) Xperia PLAY. The company says that “after extensive in house testing with our developer teams and working with our partners, we have concluded that a consistent and stable experience, particularly with gaming, cannot be guaranteed for this smartphone.

The rest of the 2011 Xperia line-up will see the Android ICS release on schedule. The good news is that this will start from next week. Moving on, we finally have some official timelines for the recently launched Sony Xperia NXT phones. The Xperia S will be updated from the end of June, as expected. The Xperia P will follow that, whilst the Xperia U will “receive it a little later in Q3”. The update rolling out will be Android 4.0.4 and this will also hit the previous handsets (Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and the Xperia ray) that had already updated to version 4.0.3 of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Vindicating its decision on why it canned the Xperia PLAY ICS update, here’s what Sony Mobile had to say in full:

This decision (to cancel ICS for the Xperia PLAY) was also verified when we received similar feedback from the developer community; both experienced developers and advanced users, along with game content providers following our ICS beta ROM for unlocked Xperia PLAY smartphones.

Our priority has and always will be, to provide the best possible user experience on Xperia smartphones. In this instance the ICS upgrade would have compromised stability, where we look to ensure a quality gaming experience with games optimized and developed for Xperia PLAY.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • Clewis

    Have now just sold my Xperia play and fully leaving sony and getting the s3 well done.

  • weeeeee8888888888

    That means play still have chance upgrade it..??

  • monyo

    i cant wait for ICS in xperia S :D

  • Zaryab

    Bastardsss. if u cant give 4.03 then give 2.3.7 and give all functionalityyy

  • metcarded

    Would be nice if they at least provided an updated kernel and updated Quacomm graphic drivers.
    I have ICS on a motorola Xoom and apart from the super slick and smooth stock web browser I don’t think the xplay is missing out on much.

  • Yay! 4.0.4 official for Xperia 2011 line! This means that we will have 4.0.4 based MIUI (without bugs!)

  • arifwalkman

    pretty ,very pretty ,long time waited ,many delay ,every post saying XPERIA PLAY will get update . . .but NOW ,it;s BULLSHIT ,thanks SONY BIG THANKS !!!

  • christo

    bad news, because ICS Lag

  • robtheking

    What is the point of the play if you cant play games properly. You saw all the complaints about games not working properly on ICS. The beta was the acid test and it failed it. If it got it and you were complaining that all your games werent working properly you would still be having a go

  • hoota ragis

    true! after all they did make a promise, they could atleast make a compensation.

  • Jake

    Well i don mind since i got Arc S , XS and mini pro =D
    and they can port other 2011 rom to play also :X

  • Evita

    Sony please let’s user decide, if they wants game performance stay on GB, if not give them what they deserve!

  • Gaelex

    In translation: they fucked it up real good when they designed the phone and chose to go with lesser and cheaper specs instead of more future proof ones.

  • momo

    god damn liars i bought this phone after they said that it will be getting ICS , i should-off bought that EVO 3D instead , never gonna buy a sony product again hope they go bankrupt :(

  • hoota ragis

    yeah! and add the fact that there is still no words about the Xplay 2 from them after declaring this AWESOME news!

  • ThilinaC

    Reasonable since Play’s main sales point was gaming,then again users will be unhappy a lot.

  • Afrit
  • hoota ragis

    how will they gonna face these rage now…. im really pissed as well.

  • Ed Nickless

    I just hope they either; A) upgrade it to 2.3.7 at some point, or B) vastly improve the quality of games to come… I was really excited by the fact i could play psx titles on my phone at full speed…. but most of them available are rubbish games. Whats the point of boasting about it being ‘the’ gaming phone, if the games aren’t even good? I mean seriously, I would expect more from Sony being probably the best in console production.. the xbox is good but the ps2 blows it away, the xbox 360 is good but the ps3 blows that away, eve the n64 had better specs than the ps1 yet the ps1 still blows that away…. why have they failed with the xperia play? and failed HARD.. I dont even use my play for games anymore. Its pathetic. Everything else about the phone I love… But i could get all of those features with pretty much any of the 2011 line (some with a few better features too). Most of the games available for the play are simply android games, which can be played on any android smartphone, and the ones that are ‘optimized’ for use with the gamepad are usually easier to control with the onscreen touch buttons anyway BECAUSE THE TOUCHPADS ARE NOTHING BUT EYE-CANDY AND THEY NEVER WORK PROPERLY!!!!!

    Dont get me wrong, i wont be leaving sony as i do honestly think they have the nicest looking phones, and usually have better software and I love the timescape ui, but they did fail with this one :/ wish i had have waited: would prefer the S or U over the play anyday

    Rant over :)
    Oh and if there IS a successor to the xperia play, then you should really make it with the best hardware available on the market at that time. AND PROPER TOUCHPADS.

  • Max

    what about ICS update for xperia neo MT15i

  • The truth must be said

    At least give us some ICS features like Face Unlock and like what samsung did for GS1 users.
    I can see now sony sucks at smartphone platfor
    poor hardware – ugly GUI –
    I am gonna sell my Xperia Play and turn to another company like hTC, they at least respect thier customers’ desire.

  • hoota ragis

    i might consider rooting my phone now.

  • hoota ragis

    (on the htc)and no broken promises

  • Eddie

    Did you even read the reason why?
    The specs are enough hence why every other phone is getting ICS, its just that the game developers hadnt made their games compatible with ICS. Why did you buy the play rather than something else like the arc? To play games.

  • Jan

    I cant belive that they cancelled ICS for Xperia Play!!! One of best phones… now is going to die lacking of ics. Why they are so easily to make a very big mistake? They lose their chance in mobile gaming sector! Peeing on fans is not FUN at all SONY! Better make ICS for PLAY!

  • hoota ragis

    the point is, they did make some sort of promise. and we Xplay owners are looking forward to it.

  • Nine

    i can only say : Thank you for atleast trying SONY.

  • Jesse

    Although I am disappointed to hear that there will be no ICS release, I do understand their reasons. Especially as VZ was never going to release it anyway.

    At this point I would much rather see Sony work hard on a Xperia PLAY 2. My contract ends in 6 months and I do not want to replace my phone unless it has a game pad as I really dislike touch screen gaming. So again, I would rather at this point Sony works on a replacement or this phone.

    Am I saddend, yes. But I would like to thank Sony and Sony Ericcson for their hard work in attempting to make ICS work with our phone. They have been extremely good to use users firmware update wise compared to other companies. So again. THANK YOU SONY for your efforts and for being honest with the Xperia PLAY community. I do hope that there is a Xperia PLAY 2 in the works….

  • hoota ragis

    yeah, thank you sony for making us wait for nothing.

  • audisek


  • For delaying ICS for Xperia S, P , U their selling will decrease for 2012 Q2 and Q3 it is big mistake they didnt produce these phones with ics , however updateing 2011 line will make sony fans to stick their device , for xperia play , it shame for them , promise is promise … they must update this phone, so many ATAT users was waiting the update and ISC features …

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  • Lachupacabra

    I feel the same way bruh the phone is cool but there arent any (good)games for it. i’m not gonna lie sometimes i feel ripped off but i have faith that sony wil step its game up

  • Jamie

    And the x10 fate strikes again! I was lucky to learn my lesson with sony in 2010….
    Feel sorry for you guys

  • Coollead

    Let’s see..

    Update to ICS and lose the gaming functionality that you bought the phone for…. or keep with the current version and still be able to use the phone? Hmmm…

  • It’s official then: Sony is dead for me. And maybe Android too.

  • I know how you are feeling. I bought this piece of sh** for the same reason. But maybe, in part, it’s our fault, for trusting a company like Sony, who hate their customers..

    I will never trust Sony again.

  • xerox

    I suspect play 2 will be vita os since ICS game compatiable sux

  • arifwalkman

    SONY has slogan Make.Believe . . . .you mean it make believe . . . i think not . . .you make me wait for nothing !

  • F*** off sony.

    If sony thinks I’m ever buying a phone from them again then they can f*** right off. I bought this phone on the basis that it WOULD get the update, along with the playstation suite. Not only have they now cancelled any further updates, they have also failed to provide the playstation suite. I’m now either going to sell my xperia play and buy the galaxy s3 or root the play to get ICS, i don’t even care whether it will play games well anymore coz majority are frankly rubbish anyway and don’t run well because of the outdated specs…

  • DragonClaw

    If Sony had updated the play, we would see comments like… “no hd games run smooth after the update. Come on Sony. This is not done. This is a gaming cellphone. Have some respect to the PlayStation tag on this cell.

  • Eddie

    I know, of course its gutting that it wont get ICS but I bought the play to play games on, if I wanted the latest and greatest OS I would have got a nexus S.

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  • Very P****D OFF!!

    Thanks for nothing Sony. You promised ICS on all your 2011 Xperia range INCLUDING THE PLAY. Is this what’s happening now since you dropped the Ericsson name? Was looking into geting an NXT modell too but if this is how you treat your cutomers then you can STICK IT!!!!!!!!

  • Panik MMA

    when will the update for xperia neo come? been waiting for ages

  • Zodiac

    2012 is beginning to look disappointingly similar to 2010 for the Sony or SonyEricsson whatever you want to call them.
    Another poor story on the software side.
    I feel for play owners who still have quite a way to go on contract.
    I know see that they only managed to get gingerbread out on time in 2011 because they skipped Froyo and so had a lot of time to work at it.
    They’re back to their crap now. They’ve always struggled with android. History lends more credence to that assumption than anything else.
    Fanboys will always be fanboys. I’ve even read comments from some of them thanking them for failure while others choose to blame android. Anything to sustain the reputation of their beloved idols

  • AlexBurnout

    Uhh… I feel bad for X Play users.

  • XYZ

    I find people’s response to this to be a little hilarious.
    I have never seen such a bunch of whiny, self-entitled morons in my life. Sony is damn generous its actually even bothering to give most of its 2011 (including most mid-low end devices) an ICS upgrade. Which other OEM has even bothered to update its entire 2011 line?

    I think you’ll find the answer is none.

    Sony doesn’t produce an ICS update for 1 device – the Xperia Play and now people are throwing fits at how Sony hates its customers and how they should go bankrupt. Wow! If Sony hated its customers, they wouldn’t have even bothered with the ICS beta for the Play. They wouldn’t have bothered updating the Neo, Neo V, Ray etc. to ICS. They would have left it at Arc and Arc S at most. But no, its because they care that they’re providing the update.

    Don’t like Sony because you feel you’ve gotten screwed over, fine. You want to buy another Sony product again, fine. You’re the ones missing out.

  • XYZ

    What, the fact that they tried, sent out a BETA for users and developers to provide feedback, did months and months of bug-testing, not enough for you?

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  • i’m gamer

    i just wanna say , FUCK YOU SONY , YOU ARE ALLWAYS LIKE 2010 , this is our mistake , this is not your mistake . i should changed my oponion about sony after what you did to us on 2010 smartphone ( on x10 mini and mini pro )

    fuck you sony , fuck you …

  • naathaanS

    Oh look another god thinks he knows everything.
    its the games developers that didnt make the game compatible with ICS not Sony’s fault.
    call me fanboy or whatever but you cant judge that they are “beginning to look disappointingly similar to 2010” just because one can’t upgrade to ICS.
    Xperia S P U and Sola are getting ICS upgrade (no idea what happened to Ion)
    GX and SX are already ICS
    Right… the 2012 is beginning to look disappointingly similar to 2010

  • Jesus

    vita os for xperia play.

  • The fact is they promised one thing, that totally influenced my buying decision, and then did not fulfill it.

    So they LIED about supporting ICS on all 2011 devices, and for that, yes, I have all the rights to be pissed.

  • I’m just sick of you fanboys defending Sony and Android even when the companies are plain fucking with you. Apple fanboys are annoying? Yes, absolutely, but at least Apple don’t make empty promises and drop support for their phones 1 year later they released.

  • Quite easy to understand why. Sony didnt want to compete with themselves, so therefore they made it much less good than they’re own Playstation devices. They wanted it all, or nothing. So they made a Beta device to see how well it would sell, and it went quite well. Now, the games is coming though, its becuase Sony is all the way now. They no more compete with themselves.

  • Thats not really Sony fault either. Google always said, that ICS should be lighter and shouldnt need monsterspecs to work good. And in a way thats true. But Sony and all the others found out that ICS was actually a lot heavier then expected. And I can understand that in this case it seemed like the user experience should be a lot more worse than it was with the other phones. But I think they should release it though. And maybe they will. They said the same about X10 once when it came to GB.

  • Well they didnt lie exactly. They said also if the ICS would work like it should they should upgrade all, and it failed. The other worked better then play. But to be honest. Make a big fuzz about it. Sony has changed their mind before, when it comes to the more expensier modells like they did with X10.

  • Davlbes88

    Bad analog games are the developers fault, check gun bros

  • jx

    whats wrong people? Sony can put ICS for xperia play any time they want. But would you call it a gaming phone if gaming features will be ruined when updated to ICS version? Yeah you have the latest OS but do you think you will enjoy it if most optimised games are not properly working and give you too much problem? Honestly there is no sense for Play to get ICS of gaming features will be lost because its a gaming phone, if gaming will be lost to ICS where is the position of play in the market? a smart phone with gaming button but no good game? Common forget the Play and Get GX or SX

  • Totally agree with you here.

    I bet if they released the ICS update for the Play and the gaming aspect was not up to scratch, you’d here the same people moaning the update broke the phone.

    Sony can’t win here.

  • Some people swear like this is the end of the world. Okay Sony promised it, that’s definitely their bad but oh well, shit just didn’t work out. It happens. Besides, it’s just a phone. Get over it and get on with your miserable life’s. Go buy another brand and bitch about that when something else doesn’t go your way.

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  • F*** off sony.

    ^ this guy has common sense. If apple would make an iphone with a lot bigger screen then i’d probs go for one of those, but since apple seems to think 3.5″ is big enough (it isn’t – imo) then I doubt i’ll be getting one, not really sure what to do with my play now tbh, might sell it while i can still get a little bit of money for it…

  • sheriff

    / – /
    /? /
    / /
    /??/’ ‘/???’??
    /’/ / / /??
    (‘( ( ( ( ?~/’ ‘)
    ‘ /
    FUCK YOU SONY! I waited a long time for an update and I sat there watching other 2011 models get ics and one of many reasons why I decided to get this mobile was because a shop advisor told me that this phone was set for an ics update and Sony have the nerve to let down many dedicated fans of the play? It pisses me off!

  • fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off fuck off…
    change your brand into SORY

  • anon

    Very mature comment.. Lol

  • anon

    Be pissed off.. How many times do people have to tell you that its not Sony’s fault.. Im disappointed but the game developers did not make their games ICS compatible.. Geez.. QQ moar please!

  • anon

    I like how your name says “i’m gamer” ok, it was said that the games produced were not ICS compatible.. Sony can release it if they want to but the ICS update will ruin the gaming of the XPlay.. You guys can read but cant apprehend.. Jeez…

  • we bought this phone for gaming . If you prefer latest OS than a game performance, its not because SONY suck, but you choose a wrong phone for yourself.

  • keirke

    Well that’s crap I was counting on the ics update to fix the bugs from the verizon tainted update

  • goldenblls

    Amen to this jx. The Play has a dedicated gaming fan base. I wouldn’t ever DREAM of installing ICS knowing it would compromise it gaming ability. That, will be 1st and foremost.

  • goldenblls

    Vote with you feet. Get a new phone.

  • goldenblls

    I will never install ICS at the expense of it’s gaming ability. Anyone who does has the wrong phone.

  • goldenblls

    I will never install ICS at the expense of it’s gaming ability. Anyone who does has the wrong phone.

  • hoota ragis

    that’s a really great way of sympathizing. as i mentioned before, they made a promise, and as consumers, we have high expectations that they will fulfill it, so i guess you’re the one who’s missing the point here. Please dont call us morons just because we’re disappointed, and don’t defend their product like as if you invented it, that is so so lame mr. fanboy.

  • hoota ragis

    and what do u know? do u own an Xplay atleast?

  • roeshal

    Did you even read your own comments before even posting it. They sold phones on the express assurance that the phones will be upgraded to ICS.
    Now you want 2011 owners to be greatful for receiving what they were promised at the time of their purchase and play users to be happy that promise has been broken.
    I think you’re just a very stupid idiotic fanfool.

  • naathaanS

    Yes i do own an Xperia Play, i also have arc S

  • roeshak

    yes I own an xperia s and had an x10 so no one can lecture me about sony and software related problems.
    In 2010 they released their phones with very dated software and took over a year to get up to date with gingerbread while other manufacturers seemed to manage just fine.
    In 2012 they released another range of phones with dated software and judging by the looks of it, most of us xperia s users will not see official updates until July and August. That’s if you consider their past history on regional roll outs. Some users might not even get ICS until q3. That’s strikingly similar to what happened in 2010.
    2011 was just fortuitous because they did not like other manufactures release froyo so they had ample time to work on gingerbread.
    The fanboys buy the phones purely because it’s sony so they will be happy with anything as long as they have their beloved Sonys. Android lovers should just stay clear of sony.
    We hoped with all the noise they made last year about timely updates that we would never again see a repeat of 2010 but we’re back to square one again.
    HTC ICS staright out of the box in March, Samsung ICS 4.0.4 straight out of the box in May. Sony have released a downgraded version of ICS for 2011 but 2012 software we will not see until July/August for most outside the nordic regions.
    The xperia p and u users will probably not get ICS until q3 when jellybean is all people would be interested in.
    For a company that struggles so badly on the software side, it beggars belief that they choose to make so many phones stretching their already struggling software team.
    The company needs more than just a re-branding, they need a purge at the very top.
    Those making the decisions are just as deluded as a lot of the fanboys I see in here.
    They have not been posting huge losses for nothing you know. Losses don’t happen by mistake. Losses generally, at least in the real world, represent the fact that you are out of kilter with the marketplace.
    Maybe they spend too much time reading the fanboy comments and think Oh well it must be fine and dandy out there until the shocking sales figures come flooding in.
    The x10 was a high point saleswise and they screwed that up. The xperia s has mainstream appeal so that might buck the trend and do reasonably well especially amongst new android users. I say that because Samsung with their galaxy s3 might struggle to gain new customers because the device seems too techy but that remains to be seen.
    Sony don’t need to join the spec race like Samsung and HTC but they certainly need to do much better on the software side because google do 85% of the work for them called vanilla android.
    I think that releasing the xperia s with a downgraded ICS version or even vanilla ICS with the promise of a full upgrade soon would have been better. Even delaying the launch would have been better than launching with an OS that’s getting on in age now. It’s not about what ICS does for the user that gingerbread can’t although there are a few things I could name, but about perception. Most people when they upgrade want something new and fresh. My S just feels too similar to my x10 to justify the upgrade. Yes it’s a hardware upgrade and much quicker but it still feels like a phone in waiting.
    Every objective review I have seen about the S always slates their choice of firmware.
    The marketplace especially established users don’t take too kindly to dated software.
    That’s just the nature of the game and Sony need to step up or step aside. The choice is theirs. No company can sustain huge losses for long, no matter how big they are.

  • hoota ragis

    see? u have an arc s meaning u dont care if ur Xplay is getting any updates just as promised or not cause u have a choice between the 2, thats why ur comment is irrelevant and biased. even if u say Xplay is ONLY for gaming, well based on 5months of experience with my Xplay, it is not doing very well in gaming, and there are only limited games for it, furthermore, the control pads are not very functional for most games. if u still insists that xplay shouldnt have any ICS updates, well its your choice for your Xplay to be outdated.

  • hoota ragis

    yeah, he doesnt know anything..

  • hoota ragis

    then stick with your outdated device.

  • F*** off sony.

    We HAVE been screwed over though, I only bought this phone in the first place because of the fact that sony had announced it WOULD get ICS, and I’m sure many other people only bought the other xperia phones because they were going to get ICS too, so you can shut up saying sony is generous, the fact is, they made a promise and didn’t fulfil it, the other OEM’s didn’t make such promises and such can’t break the promises

  • naathaanS

    i dont care because why would i want an update thats going to ruin the phone, even arc S is laggy sometimes on ICS and X10 that is still on GB.
    When did i said that xperia play is only for gaming?

  • Jamic

    I fullheartedly agree with sony. Theres only one reason I want ICS and that is that I could swipe-close softwares running (handy for shutting down the web browser) and maybe that face unlocking thingy (unlocks the phone when you take picture of your face), I will be happy if they upgrade gingerbread with similar features.

  • rafi

    No ics for xperia play its ok for me as long more games to play.. ;-) getting confuse between a freak geek and understanding consumer. Sony already state the reason why it cant update ics for play but seem like the reason were strong. Sony dont want to give ics if xperia play facing no games to play at the end of the day. And then new complaint will arrive “why no games for ics??” After xperia play had ics.. huhuhu

  • Dear Sony,
    Everyday during a month I’ve been checking and waiting for ICS availability. If I only knew that you will not keep your promise I would never buy Xperia Play, PSP and PS3. I am going to buy a TV and now it totally will not be from Sony. With the first opportunity I will replace my PS3 with XBox 360. And now I will ALWAYS discourage all my friends of buying your production. Hope I’m not alone in my mind and also I hope that after reading this you will not spare money to release ICS for Xperia Play.
    Sincerely yours Unhappy customer

  • hoota ragis

    this could even lead to legal encounters, if someone have the guts..well, i dont, since
    i already wasted my money on buying an outdated phone. i hope someone does.

  • hoota ragis

    you just said your last statement.

  • XPERIA S also PlayStation™ Certified Android same with XPLAY? this is about OS,not device,how? can SONY explain this?

  • XPERIA S also PlayStation™ Certified Android same with XPLAY? this is about OS,not device,how? can SONY explain this?

  • FRKD

    That’s sad. …
    And it makes me really mad :@!!!!!

  • Eugene Polyakov

    “from the end of June, as expected.” Are you **** kidding me? They said it supposed to be the end of May, nah? It’s not even funny anymore :-(

  • khainiz94 Leaked ICS ROM for Xperia S… Android 4.0.4 confirmed… WALKMAN app, Album app and Movies app from Xperia GX and SX available… Can’t wait for Xperia S ICS update…

  • khainiz94

    Sorry video is private…
    Will reupload on my YouTube page…

  • khainiz94
  • Well, that sucks.

  • Trixz_D

    I’m glad I replaced my Play with an ARC S but I can say I do not blame Sony at least they tried heck they even releases a beta which shows us they were set on doing it but for obvious reasons it wasn’t worth releasing. If was still a Play user I would be a much more happier Play user knowing it does its job on GB rather then sucking at its job on ICS. (Even when I updated my ARC S to ICS some of the games run like rubbish, imagine that on a phone actually made for gaming)

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  • Joaquin Padilla Rivero

    I’ll buy that POS from you for 50 bucks plus shipping. Contact me if interested :)

  • em

    I had an X Arc S…I give it away and I buyed an X Play…now I’m really desapointed for the news…no upgade…wtf…Ok there is unstability in games…but why they don’t do the upgrade anyway…give us the option to choose …if I don’t like the unstability of the ICS I go back to Gingerbread….but do a good upgrade not the Beta one…I’m really pissed off…damn’

  • jx

    is seems you dont understand Sony. this is the explanation, Play has hardware gaming buttons and there are several games in the market which is optimised to use that hardware gaming buttons. If they will update play to ICS those hardware buttons will not function correctly due to developer did not update the games to support ICS. and games on PS Store is compatible for ICS and because of some games are from Sony Computer Entertaiment.

  • Jordan

    Yeah thanks for the anticipation, and bringing it down to nothing, does the PLAY get any kind of update?

  • Jordan

    SE need to get rid of this bootloader shizz, I am going crazy missing out on ics!

  • Can I kill you for your lack of understanding? If the PLAY had ICS integration, it would screw up the phone either in game compatibility, control compatibility, and how fast the phone can run. ICS is alot more power hungry, and the PLAY has only 512 of ram and a single core 1 ghz processor, so it would be very hard to get it to work well. Either be happy, or die in a fire for your inability to understand these decisions SONY makes. I still love my PLAY for the games, and not the firmware, and I hope others feel the same way and not just buying this for the ICS. If so, you should have gotten a Nexus S and lose the physical keys. And if your trying to convince others to not buy their other products, then why are you not in hell!

  • malih

    I don’t particularly like the Play, but I know some friends that have it, and they are PS3 users, they love Sony.
    So, for their loyal customer Sony should still at least give some sort of update to the Play users, maybe some value pack like the Galaxy S, or update to the latest Gingerbread version (2.3.7 – CMIIW) or whatever that helps overcome the disappointment.

  • malih

    I’ve tried gaming on 4.0.3 on my arc S, when you go back to home screen, it redraws because game sucks up lots of RAM, I didn’t have this issue with Gingerbread, so they should’ve at least made the PLAY with 1Gigs of RAM, it’s a gaming phone after all, and Games are RAM hungry.

  • Sal3m

    Very Funny
    I can’t blame u ppl, coz most of u are not technical persons.
    Before we heard from different source that ICS is not compatible with many games, but still SONY tried and they proved to us that its true ICS its not for games.
    Gingerbread was designed to support games but ICS wasn’t, may be the Jelly Bean will be designed to support games

  • FS

    i want to play old games using emulator on my xperia play with ics !!!!!i don’t like the android games !!!sony are f**** liars!!!!!!!!!!!!it’s my right to choose update to ics or not ,they promised to update!!!

  • arif walkman

    hei everyone including XPERIABLOG . . .am i wrong or what ,. . .i see THE XPERIA PLAY ON ICS UPDATE LIST ,see this LINK

  • arif walkman

    hei everyone including XPERIABLOG . . .am i wrong or what ,. . .i see THE XPERIA PLAY ON ICS UPDATE LIST ,see this LINK

  • Roland

    Always have been a SE user. But Play was my last. I dont trust Sony anymore. What if other SE models have the same problems with newer versions of Android?

  • Roland

    Always have been a SE user. But Play was my last. I dont trust Sony anymore. What if other SE models have the same problems with newer versions of Android?

  • coolgids

    the one who still insist upgrade to ICS jz dunno that ICS full of bugs and jz think that ICS is better (for now)
    i’m arc user, and even sony give an ICS update for arc ill think more than twice to upgrade it

    what i need is the stable phone that can run some games that i love
    thats why i will not upgrade to ICS until it stable and can run my favorite games
    (hope games developer will launch upgrade for ICS too ->seems like a long wait)

  • nicke

    Time 4 me to Change back to Samsung

  • Raymond

    Has the ice cream sandwich update for the xperia arc (lt15i) started rolling out for the UK first? Thanks.

  • LT15i user (GB 2.3.7)

    i’m feeling symphaties for xplay really hurts especially after waiting for so long to get ICS..
    I think Sony should considers the ICS update to xPlay and at the same time just give advice to stick with GB if you are really “heavy gamer” fair enough..
    btw i’m arc owner but already switch back to GB since ICS is not so beautiful like we heard..RAM hungry and lag problem..

  • Rodolfo Limas Vieira

    vai toma no CU seus fdp, agora eu vo fazer oq com a porra do meu xperia play, infiar no cu de vcs seus bando de fdp, duvido nda q vcs fizerao essa sacanagem com agente so pq vcs estao se fudendo com as vendas do PSVITA, ae estao pensando q o povo por nao ter o seus Xperia Play nao atualizados vao compra essa porra?? vcs tao fudido seus fdp…

  • SonyXperia

    What about the xperia mini pro ..? Is it coming soon ? I want the update ..!!! every other phone has it …

  • kurt

    FUCK YOU SONY!!! you bUnCH of PRICKS! you might as well change your name to KONY…ASSHOLES!!

  • brandon luicien

    i am a xpria play user…n i am very dissapointed on not release of ics for my phone……first you gave us a phone with low ppi resolution..low inbuilt memory…less ram..n u call it superior gaming…n now no ics update…i regrt taking this phone n suggest not 2 buy this

  • brandon luicien

    ur right bussy…i regrt spending my money on sony…n suggest pple not 2 do tht they r cheats…

  • brandon luicien

    yeah ur right…fuck u sony

  • brandon luicien

    yeah??? ny cool update….o its just gona b left 2 rust d way it is?

  • brandon luicien

    i wish d same bro/..

  • brandon luicien

    hope they go a deep loss

  • brandon luicien

    they lied too the xpria play users…fuck off sony

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  • Hamad Ali

    Sony’s rationale for canning the ICS for the Xperia PLAY was performance issues with games. If this is indeed to be believed, then one has to wonder why Sony hasn’t released the updated Adreno 205 driver. The driver update was released by Qualcomm on the 30th of December at the end of LAST YEAR. The update is believed to give a performance increase of up-to 1.5x or even 2x in some cases depending on phone and app. This is just one in a number of very simple measures that Sony could but haven’t taken to bring us a stable ICS to the Xperia PLAY. Another is the clock speed/frequency. It is currently clocked to a measly 1Ghz while it can be safely clocked to as high a frequency as 1.9Ghz, so why not clock it to a still very stable 1.4Ghz, would this not increase performance to a sufficient enough level? Alas, this brings me back to my earlier criticisms of Sony’s dev team and their utter incompetence, or at best, lack of giving a damn for supporting older devices. I was foolish to expect better from Sony, a lesson well learnt indeeD

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  • spider2174

    I am dissapointed that Sony is not goint to put the time and effort to fix ICS for the Play, One of the reasons I chose this phone was Sony’s comitment to update it to ICS. I do understand the problem as an ASUS Transformer owner who went through several months of issues and multiple updates to fix those issues. I am glad Sony did not just go ahead and send out the update but they should at least try and get the platform stable with ICS.

  • Ylainedv

    any ICS update for Xperia U?

  • Sainathkondbhar

    Fuck u Sony. I can’t play any game properly in xperia neo l. Fuck u thousands Times.

  • Fuck Sony

    Fuck android with all this bull. going to the iphone

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