Xperia arc and Xperia neo Android 4.0 ICS updates start rolling out

by XB on 29th May 2012

in Android, Firmware, Xperia arc, Xperia Neo

Sony (Ericsson) Xperia arc and Xperia neo owners can rejoice, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update has started to become available for these handsets. The phones will be updated to Android 4.0.4 and will remain on kernel 2.6.32.

If you’re eager to find out whether your phone has been updated keep an eye on the Talk Sony Mobile forums. Xperia arc owners will find out which SI numbers have been updated here, whilst Xperia neo owners can look here. Other 2011 Xperia handsets should see their ICS updates rolling out very shortly.

The Android 4.0.4 firmware is also hitting the Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray. These handsets were previously running Android 4.0.3. One of our readers sent a screenshot of the Xperia neo V that shows it has been updated to firmware build number 4.1.B.0.431.

Xperia arc and Xperia neo Android 4.0 ICS updates start rolling out

Thanks ?@imSuhaib!

  • chizburger

    MT11i… isnt that NEO V?

  • dont forget to inform us about the other Xperia’s update.. hehe :D

  • Thx84

    well, the screenshot is the NEO V(MT11i), not the Neo(MT15i)

  • arcSuser

    Wait so when does the arc s get the 4.04 update?

  • Scorpion

    Do a review !

  • i have mt11 it is neo v

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  • RaM

    is this update bring sense me functionality to entite 2011 phones?….

  • DragonClaw

    Xperia Arc S, Neo V, Arc, and Neo have started recieving the ICS 4.0.4 update. The rest will follow soon. No word for Live with Walkman though.
    Check out this link for more info:

  • Guest

    I am more concerned about getting root after the update. 4.0.4 is new I am not sure if they fixed the root exploit…

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  • Hmm

    It says Ray,Arc S,Neo V all are getting the latest update as well.

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  • DragonClaw

    Live with Walkman thread added too, :)

  • DragonClaw
  • DragonClaw

    No root solution till now without unlocked bootloader.
    But DoomLord will come to the rescue soon. :D

  • mt11i

    A Ya – tomat!

  • metallica57

    do we have to wait for all SI numbers to get the update for another month? my Xperia neo is not in the SI numbers list :(

  • jag

    there is really none for xplay.. sad……

  • I’m waiting until DoomLord releases root access.

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  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks – we’ve reworded the post (and added the fact that the Xperia ray, neo V and arc S are also receiving Android 4.0.4) to make it clearer!

  • Kireal

    No update for Germany yet :(

    (Xperia ARC)

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  • i’m gamer

    Damn you SONY

    you are nothing , your engineers are nothing

    DAMN you for canceling xperia play ICS …

  • ThilinaC

    If you have unlocked boot loader flash custom kernel that have cwm pre installed,send super user files to system via it and root works.But latest exploit that worked on 0.562 fw is not working on this tho

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  • it works but if you unlock your bootloader you will lose DRM forever. That means I can’t use my lovely TrackID anymore. I hope someone will figure root access without unlocking bootloader.

  • no update in pakistan

  • Yeah baby!!

  • also I’m not willing to root it if Sony Xperia phones didn’t have that stupid auto-brightness feature. that is the most annoying thing. you can’t turn it off if you don’t have root access. Sony have that Greenheart policy they are still sticking with it. People should have a choice to turn on/off that feature.

  • lasttodie

    Hi maybe a stupid question, but do I have to upgrade my Arc through a PC or is this update Over Air?

  • jlmcr87
  • android-indir

  • I’m using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, but don’t have any update yet.

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  • ThilinaC

    yse s1tool method.or setool2 paid method
    those ways you won’t loose drm,same in my neo v ;)
    track id works good too

  • arc s

    We can use android beam right?

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  • RobTheKing

    Nope, none of them have NFC

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  • I updated my arc to the ics arc s. It’s littered with bugs etc wonder will this fix it. Only thing is assume since my kernel is changed to arc s will have change it back and gb Rom too before updating. If so how????

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  • dey

    no update yet in Costa Rica for XPERIA Arc

  • neo v

    bug fixed ?
    or still laggy..

  • Sam

    i have the same SI number but y still cant update?

  • John

    Guyz anyone, can you tell me how to view the list for SE Neo, they say that click the image but which image? the one on the link is just an image

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  • Sonythetop

    When Xperia Ray get update to ICS 4.0.4 anyone here please show me when :)

  • Antonio Kukas
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  • Gatosmania83

    from greece now update!!!

  • yeye

    How is overall performance compared to 4.0.3?

  • Vikramaditya

    There won’t be any OTA update of the ICS, you’ll have to either using the PC Companion or the SEUS.

  • gatosmania83

    ray update

  • mtweg12

    can you tell me if you could root the Arc?

  • Samith Madushan

    same here.. my phones SI no is listed.. but still it says ur phone has lated update when i try to update :|

  • Antonio Kukas

    Well, I didn’t try out 4.0.3, I switched from 2.3.4 to 4.0.4. But the performance is great. There is no lag, except in some extreme situations. All apps seem to be running a bit faster, and WiFi and GPS are much faster. That is compared to GB.

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  • same … hope xperiablog do a review of a few xperias that have been upgraded to ics… so i can see if it works before i take the plunge

  • Antonio Kukas

    I tried almost all available one-click root methods and none are working for me, if that is what you want to know about.

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  • How long, would it approx take for global generic?

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  • Just figured out, My Phone model number, LT15i and SI number : 1246-7449 are not among the lists, whose updates are out.
    Need to wait more :)

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  • iphone-sh*t

    I’ve got SE XPERIA NEO
    1246-9893 on the back, I think I’ll get this update tomorrow, do u agree with me?

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  • Tom

    The newest Xperias, the S, P and U (I own the S, my wife the P and my daughter an U) have to wait longest. I am not very amused. That ins Not what I call service.


    I’ve got SE XPERIA NEO
    1246-9893 on the back, I think I’ll get this update tomorrow, do u agree with me?

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  • darlo69

    my xperia arc has SI 1246-9197 but isnt on the list so when am i getting ics?

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  • vijay

    hey soumya, my si no is same as u,
    if u get ics update plz inform me my contact no is +918291392352
    jst sms me plz

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  • JeffreyChan

    Xperia s will get more than ics update but a walkman stock app with clearbass , so it worth the waiting

  • JM

    same SI as mine. Hopefully tomorrow. Want the new gmail and other functions too. Hopefully it’ll run smooth!

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  • Will the new gallery and walkman app included in this update?

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  • Batista

    We asked xperiablog the same for when Xperia arc S ics update was released, and they didn’t make a video for that. I don’t have any hope that they will make one for the xperia arc either.

    They said they would do try and put a video up in the “next day or so”….it’s been months. Seriously, wtf.

  • No thanks.

    Upgrade to ICS = crappy battery, NO vpn (since its broken in ALL 4.0.x ICS builds), and other unforseen glitches.

    People want to upgrade just so they can tell their friends they have ICS on their phone. Aside from 6-12 apps (that you won’t use anyways), there is NO reason to upgrade to ICS.

    Use Espier Launcher so your phone looks like iPhone, and download free ICS keyboard (from Redmondpie dot com) and you’re set.

    My 2.3.4 is 90% stable, FAST, and problem-free. AND I have full root even on locked BL.

  • Me too, NO upgrade in Canada yet.

  • J

    No update yet in the Philippines for Xperia Arc.

  • paul4id

    If you download the newer TrackID from the Google Play Store it will work!

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  • astronarh

    Vmestet my Fruktovyi? Sad!

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  • J

    What approximate date are we looking here? You mentioned update goes by batch. The question is when will the next batch for xperia arc coming? Days, weeks or months?

  • Ams

    My neo SI # 1247-8406 (Sri Lanka) not yet have ICS update any comments about this guys

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  • karan

    hey i m using live with walkman when will be ics come for this phone.

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  • No update yet in the Egypt for Xperia Neo

  • when will get lt15i??????????

  • AlexBurnout

    Can’t wait for my XS

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  • Ante

    My xperia ray IS-number is in the update list, but pc companion doesn`t suggest update. Pc-companion is updated today, and I thougt that would bring ICS 4.0.4 to the phone, but it did not. Why?

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  • raf

    hey, im from the philippines and i got the update already..
    if you can’t wait for the update, just flash the firmware to your phone…

  • FerryVanGaudinho

    nice update… wanna try it

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  • lasttodie

    This does not go fast enough,HURRY UP SONY my Arc hungers for ice cream sandwich. lol :)

  • Robert

    =( amigo cuando sepas q ya esta la actualización me podrías avisar, tambíen soy de Costa Rica y estoy esperando la actualización, mi correo es

  • “The phones will be updated to Android 4.0.4 and will remain on kernel 2.6.32”
    people were waiting a new kernel, hopefully 3.x

  • welopaulino

    download Superoneclick v2.3.3.0 . . . i went through the same as you and that was the only SuperOneClick that worked for me

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  • J

    what do you mean by flash the firmware? ple ase help

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  • im using xperia arc in malaysia…actually when can i get the ics update???my SI number is 1237-5348

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  • amir nik

    i have xperia neo.i think presented SI nomber in sonymobile message is 5% or 10% of xperia neo phones in world. because i am see in my contry some of SI numbers.

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  • Buyers from Asian markets gets the updates at last always?
    Any particular mechanism to decide on who gets updates first, when all pay the same price to buy the phone?

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  • Xperia arc and Xperia neo’s SI’s are listed only in the above article.

  • Vikramaditya

    I can’t find any proper videos of the Xperia arc running 4.0.4 & Xperiablog too won’t do a review. Is there something wrong with the update? I’ve read it makes the phone laggy and also introduces a couple of bugs.

    Should I update or not?

  • ludy branco

    How u did it?

  • Sidd

    when is it coming to India???

  • Antonio Kukas

    That might have worked on some of the older GB versions, but it doesn’t on ICS.

  • Frankness

    2 days whit out new SI numbers? comon sony

  • LTD

    Yeah!!! What the flying F#?% is happening?

  • dhruv

    Soumya / Vijay – same here; 1246-7449

  • amansingh

    when will india get update si no. 1246-7449

  • Mahesh

    well mine is beore urs SI NO:1246-7448 :)

  • stupid update………………after all the wait wifi and usb tethering dont work….downgraded to GB

  • mtweg12

    I also tried downgrade, but wasn’t successful. How did you do it?

  • you can use flashtool to update your xperia arc, just go this link to download the flash tool and the firmware..

  • RaffaellW

    Xperia Neo (Mt15) Brasil

  • RaffaellW

    Xperia Neo (Mt15) Brasil no update yet

  • Ash

    same.. my pc companion says thrs an update and it says its ics bt getting n error when preparing.. :|

  • anik

    installation error….. trying from yesterday night! :(

  • No update for India yet :(
    (Xperia Arc)

  • lasttodie

    Do Sony have problems with the ICS update? no new SI numbers sins May 29th. Do anyone out there got any info on this?

  • Bankchai

    Lolz…No in the list yet ..=.=!..LT15i

  • javid

    Now , xperia ray update file available in iran by pc companion….

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  • Alex_Ukraine

    No update for Ukraine yet!Why?

    (Xperia Neo)

  • Dave_Arc

    They lying us… this is Sh*****t. don’t like it.

  • Shervantha

    The update has been rolled out to Asia but for SI Number 1246-9197 hasn’t yet got the update!!! What’s the hold up Sony? Couldn’t you just have released the update just like Sony Ericsson did which was region-wise instead of SI number-wise!!!

  • lasttodie

    Nothing for Norway yet. HEEEEYYYY Sony put the pedal to the metal!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-P

  • Ratha

    My phone (MT15) SI 1246-9092, hasn’t got update yet. And there is no this SI number on When sure???

  • nak

    how to get screenshot in android 4.0

  • nothing in UK arc

  • nothing in UK, arc

  • when in India

  • Hold power button and volume down at same time

  • I’ve same problem

  • I bought my xperia arc from Kuwait now I live in egypt and no updates yet ! is the update for free?

  • Yes, the update is for free. But, releases at different times in different countries. I think, everyone will get the update in 1 week time.

  • Ryan

    when will it be for Hong Kong users.. :(

  • I am from India. I updated my Xperia Neo using flashtool. i am so happy to have Ics in my Neo. Ics is great compared to ginger bread. Love you SONY. I followed the sony forums, just great.

  • Pat I flashed my Arc with the inter national version with none of the Rogers bloat ware on it and it’s great. After I just went to the Play store and downloaded the Rogers MY Account app.


  • update in nigeria is out…………i need the ftf file if the wifi and usb tethering is working well

  • jovan

    when i go check for updates it tells me my neo is updated :((
    no available :((((((((

  • System gives Installation Error : Unable to install or start phone software update components.

  • Problem Solved.
    Download Sony Ericsson Update Service.
    PC Companion didn’t help.

  • Dragolax

    Just got update today, downloading and installing it now on Arc.

  • jayant

    xperia arc got updated … to 4.0 available in india ….by pc companion

  • Phoenix

    Updated it Last night, Upadte looks good.

  • lasttodie

    NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got an SE Arc and when I try to update to ICS nothing happens, PC companien detected the phone and there is the update for it . I downladed it and done everything as I should , but when I come to the last stage nothing happens. I turnd of my phone waited 5 sec hold the back key and connected the usb cable, the sony ericsson logo appers for a few sec then the battery indicator and then nothing happens. someone PLEASE HELP.


    HEEEELP!!!!!! i have an Xperia Arc and when I try to update to ICS nothing
    happens, the problem is the last stage of the update. I dissconect the phone
    ,turned it of ,waited 5 sec and when I hold the back key and connect the usb
    cable the Sony Ericsson logo pops up a few sec then the battery logo and then
    nothing happens. can anybody PLEASE HELP ME

  • rairaiwashere

    ics for xperia pro is very nice. update is available in the philippines :D

  • javid

    After updating to 4.0.4 in xperia ray ,sms notification LED doesn’t work any more,please other friends check it and tell me the result , thanks

  • Dreem

    I just updated my Arc S in Russia. It looks like get better a little bit.

  • dave1975pafc

    my 2011 arc si number is 1246-9197.
    it seems ive beenwaiting an age for the update to roll out, now it has it just seems like mine will never recieve it!!! nearly every si number but mine, even after todays (05/06/2012) new list update :(

  • Yeah the official update isn’t available, however that doesn’t stop you from updating with the international version as Doug said below… I’ve had this version on my Arc for at least a month now with no problems. It runs perfectly and looks beautiful. I think I might just keep this one and forego the official software update since the Rogers version will undoubtedly have a whole bunch of extra crap on it I don’t need. I highly recommend you do the same. You can find it in the Arc forum section of

  • Agree as Johnny said, however you must hold them down continually for 1 or 2 seconds before it activates. It took me a few tries to figure that out embarrassingly enough.

  • harry

    xperia neo
    no SI number 1247-8406 in the list

  • Danny Abella

    you can use Sony Update Service software instead of Sony PC Companion, It works with me.


    Question: If I already unlocked my BOOTLOADER will be able to update my phone via PC Companion? Or do I need to use other method?

  • beefburger

    Morning, Dave1975pafc i share your pain, also 1246-9197, i will never undrestand the random way they release these updates, am sure it will turn up at some point, hopefully before the next version comes out, sony…. should be slowly…..

  • lasttodie

    Well it’s bad not to get an update, but it’s f”%!ing terrible to get an update and it wont work, I tried SUS & PCC on 3 diffrent computers, NOTHING!!! I even reseted my freakin’ Arc,
    N O T H I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody who can help an Ice Cream Sandwich hungry dude?

  • im using arc in malaysia and i just updated to ICS…it’s freaking awesome…

  • uA414

    I flashed my Xperia arc to ICS 4.0.3 using flashtool with the guide named ”Install Official Android 4.0 ICS to your Xperia arc [Guide] but now when the official ICS 4.0.4 update came to Xperia arc it says I already have the latest software and I cant update.
    Please help me how to do

  • ZooMaz

    UI is better, optimized. Response is bit slow but stable.
    Text contrast is better with grey background. Easier to read compare to just black and white.
    Camera interface is better too.
    Overall, it felt more refined.
    Good job, Sony.

  • limeonade

    does the global ICS for xperia Neo Mt15i have arabic on the language list. I am from Cairo, Egypt and I really need this language

  • Sony do an,youtube video about the upgrade. Ppl here are scared an insecure about the upgrade.

  • shizu

    when i can update at Japan ??? ( AU IS11 )

  • i have a sony neo mt11i n when i try to update my fone from pc companion it always shows online server overloaded…plzzz help me out how to update my fone to the latest ICS version…

  • pufff

    why my si is not there?? e.e

  • pufff

    it is 1247-1361

  • why si is not there it is 1247-1361??

  • shizuoka

    it’s not work with me ( JAPAN )



  • DhanChavez

    It works with me also..

  • Andrew

    I finally managed to update my Arc S to 4.0.3 through the Sony Update Centre (by holding back key) as Sony PC Companion kept failing to do the update. The build number is 4.1.A.0.562 but noticed that there is a further update to 4.0.4 – 4.1.B.0.431 but phone update states I already have the latest software. Can anybody please help, or advise if I can get this latest firmware?

  • You need to flash back to gb first. Find links etc in XDA. Thats what I done though update to 4.0.4 not hit UK yet

  • Samith Madushan

    I updated my Xperia Neo (MT15) to ICS two weeks ago.
    I have noticed that the speed of the phone has reduced significantly compared to when it was on Gingerbread. Even the games run bit slower on ICS on Neo. So if you highly value your phone;s speed, don’t update it to ICS.

    Further more, there’s a drawback :
    On the locks screen you can not see the notifications of unread messages, missed called etc. They only display on the thin notification bar at the top of the screen. On Gingerbread you could see those notifications in the middle of the screen, without even unlocking your phone.

  • Satisfied Customer


  • dudesingkit

    I have re-updated my Arc S more than 1 week ago… but checking the android version, it is still 4.0.3. How come? Just wondering,. with android 4.0.4, I’m crossing my fingers that they have worked out some of the 4.0.3 bugs (e.g. wifi disconnecting from time to time, slow reaction when going to the dial pad/contacts, slow rotation, etc..). Thanks.

  • dudesingkit

    same concern here… wherecan we get the 4.0.4 upgrade?

  • kim mervyn

    is android 4 available in India for xperia arc..

  • kim mervyn

    can anyone please tell ne the date when Indian xperia arc users gonna get android 4

  • krutarth

    How to update

  • ryan

    saw my SI number for updates released but PCcompanion says that my software is still updated., what will i do to get updated androis ICS for my phone(xperia arc)

  • ryan

    i also tried updating my phone (arc) directly on it but it still says it is still updated but i only have a android version 2.3.3

  • ryan

    someone pls help

  • Had the same problem. Updated with the sony update service software.

  • clint

    i am at kuwait , i have an xperia mini … i connected my phone with the pc and the latest downloaded pc companion to upgrade my phone to ics
    but it says i am updated … while i have android 2 version

  • Blacksoul

    its available now in Sony PC Companion.

  • Arc S user

    Updated my ARC s to 4.0.4 yesterday via PC companion and I noticed :
    1- the phone is sluggish
    2- screen shots now is a hassle with 2 physical buttons to hold at the same time
    3- poor wifi connectivity (signals is on off most of the time)
    4- starting the phone dialer from standby takes like 10 seconds
    5- same goes to the xperia gallery

    Any fix for these issues? But thanks Sony for the upgrade :)

  • vincenthsp

    i have just updated to ICS yesterday morning, having problems receiving calls, my normal missed incoming call would goes direct into voice mail instead of SMS from my SP. Always no network, always prompt me to restart, please help.

  • Marija

    Works for me – Macedonia

  • Marija

    Does anyone know how to get back the old arc launcher on ICS. I miss the old one, dont like new one.

  • Fifi V

    The Sony PC Companion tells me I have a new software version available, (4.1.B.0.431). I’m using Xperia arc S LT18i. Last month I updated to ICS only to downgrade back to Gingerbread because it was just too slow. So this is version a newer, better one? Anyone knows?

  • Hey guys
    I did upgrade for one week ago, and that#s why I first write now about it. I was like most of you afraid to upgrade but it went well. Everything is more fast and fluent on the phone, does not increase the battery thought. The phone works great and the new features are really usefull. Bit of advice > do delete you SD card and do a fabrik setings on the phone before the upgrade. Clean Phone = Clean result. I hope that was helpful. Enjoy your New Xperia Phone it’s worth it.

  • read

  • rokr66

    Updated my arc lt15i and found out:
    Good things:
    Improved ui

    Bad things:
    Lots of bugs and issues…
    1)half the games like shadow gun,gta & angry birds do not work.
    2)video player at times refuses to play 720p videos..
    3)while downloading from app store large apps fail to download under the pretext of low memory even though there was 50mb of intrnl memory
    4)lockscreen music controls look pathetic compared to the ones provided by realplayer & other music playerz on Android market…

  • Wans

    My Neo V (in India) has been updated with 4.0.4 yay.. such a refreshing change from GB.. i haven’t faced any problems yet.. here’s hoping i won’t!!

  • mahko

    how can i make a screenshot?

  • Harry

    Still not got ICS update for neo

  • Arc S user

    Hold both the power button and the volume down keys at the same time to take the screen shots. Takes few practice to make it work.

  • FmTroll

    Updated my Arc yesterday… It’s soooo SWEEEEET! I really enjoy ICS, but need to find an app or two to compensate for some of the features removed (which I used..)

  • Bong tra

    Oh my god. Why am I updating my sony arc s need to wait so long? I wait I wait but it still on the step 2 and it is preparing computer for software update? :(

  • budoy

    fucking xperia arc!!! cannot update!


    thanks for the info , my NEO MT15i is now running with 4.0 ICS… :-)

  • mgyit

    how to root this

  • Dilshan Priyanga

    Well, I’m using a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo MT15i phone. It’s Android version is 2.3.3. I need to upgrade it’s Android Version upto 4.0.4. I was wanderring through the internet to find out whether I can do it or not. But unfortunately, I couldn’t abled to find a way to do so. Please help me guys! I’m an Xperia user in Sri Lanka……

  • saurabh

    did you face any performance issue? actually i had update to 4.0.4 but my cell become bit slow.

  • Doriankrl2

    Will be for 1246-9194 ?

  • sharvari

    Nothing works on this stupid phone!!!

  • Grover

    Updated my Sony xperia ray to 4.0.4 ICS, Its working much smoother that gingerbread. 
    For any issues mail me-

  • Hi…Could u tell me how u did it?

  • Roland Arzabe

    Hi, I have a Xperia NEO MT15i and I want to upgrade it to Android 4. Does anyone had trouble when upgrade this android version? 

  • Amir

    I wish I didn’t update to ICS.
    It has serious problems.I should have waited more!
    Dial pad takes about 5 seconds to appear
    Arc ICS doesn’t work with some full screen apps and games.
    And these are basic expectations from a normal smart phone.
    I hope Sony get the bugs fixed as soon as possible.

  • Nguyenamc

    Upgrade to ICS can make your phone run terribly slow. I just want to get rid of my xperia pro after installing ics.

  • morris saunyama

    i have had my xperia arc updated to a recent software but i cant figure out how to take a screen shot anymore. it has all changed. Please F1

  • morris saunyama

    hi guys, i got an update but i cant figure out how to get a screen shot on my phone. it has all changed, Any trick?

  • Prince J

    My experia already update but my set suddenly warm when i opened any application. Y?

  • Masoud_ha

    how can i get android updates for my xereria neo

  • Prathmesh

    when will sony xperia u will get an android ics update ?

  • Newcastle25_josh

    When is my Xperia neo going to be updated to ice cream sandwich 4.0.4 my si number is 1246-9893

  • Penky

    I agree, I’d go back to Gingerbread if I could, ICS way too slow on the Arc

  • Nasarkhan1

    My Kit is available and has been for a while but no update is showing on my phone or on PC Companion.  Can any one help.

  • Likustar

    Yah u are right.hear i represents international.and there is a other version of neo v MT11a and hear a stands for america.

  • DEB

    Just press power button and lower volume key,and hold for 2 to 3 second and hear is your screen shot

  • DEB

    I think u must go to you tube and watch the official video of sony ,how to update xperia phone to ics.

  • Jody

    Can I update my Sony Xperia U witch has Android 2.3 to Android 4.0? Is it possible to do this now or do I have to wait for later?

  • Eu


    O xperia neo v já está com atualizão, estou baixando nesse exato momento.

  • Eu


  • Patriotic

    Will be update for xperia arc with SI number 1246-9193 ?.

  • my si number not on the list

  • Sri134

    Hi All,

    I have SE Xperia Neo. It came along with Android 2.3.2 and then updated
    it via Sony PC Companion to 2.3.4. Performance boosted like about 2x
    than before.

    Now 4.0.4 is available but to my understanding 4.0.4 may require better
    hardware config. Can anyone suggest if moving to 4.0.4 affects the
    current performance?

  • K31van

    What is the latest firmware and software for Ray please? My network provider’s tech team recently upgraded my Xperia Ray software and now if I put the phone to my ear during a call and then remove it, the screen remains inactive. The home and power buttons are also inactive and the only way to terminate the call is to remove the battery! I am on Build 4.0.2.A.0.42 and Android version 2.3.4 at the moment.

  • Wasifsaikh1992

    i remove my Xperia Neo v while updating my phone on Sony PC companion ,its error
    that why i remove it now my phone is not start 

  • usmell123

    How do you download the international version of ICS for xperia arc??

  • Nig Nig Nig

    how do i screen shot now

  • Oliver

    Xperia neo (running on 2.3.3) here, SI-number 1246-7725, regarding to the list mentioned below update to ICS available sind 2012-6-4, did not update so far, even if I manually ask for an update (Settings – phone info – …) it says no update available. WTF?

  • Shamanthak

    Press the lock button and volume down button for a second! :-)

  • Ravi

    how to change default memory use to sd card..when downloading apps. cant download bigger apps even i have memory in my sd card. as internal memory is already full. i m already using apps 2 sd application. but cant transfer some apps.

  • Rynhartcalamohoy

    I just update to android 4.0, but I cant find how to screenshot.plz help.tnx



  • BC

    I have Xperia Arc LT15i, I updated to Android version 4.04. It is HORRIBLY SLOW!!! To open messages, 5 seconds. If wifi is on, it takes 10 seconds. Same times for opening contacts. Games sometimes freeze or crash. Phone sometimes resets on it’s own!!!

  • Pallav

    I used PC Companion to update my Sony Xperia Arc S to ICS (Official Sony update). The update did not complete and showed an error. When I tried turning on my phone, it displays the Sony logo, followed by the image of a phone with an exclamation symbol next to it. Then the phone goes blank. I even tried removing the battery and putting it back. Also tried charging my phone. The same thing happens. I don’t know what to do. Please help guys. I’m scared that I won’t be able to revive my phone

  • Joe Michals

    I have sony ericsson experia neo whit android 4.0.4 and it’s very cool. I show it to my friends and they like it very mach.I look the statisticks and experia neo whit android 4.0.4 is beter then arc s .

  • Help

    Same thing happened with me! how do you fix it????

  • Nik0La

    I have Neo , when i bought phone all was fine, doing updates and stuffs,than ICSh!t update come out, i did update somehow, 1st its was show me some error on middle of update after few tries update done. 1st some Hami apps on chinesse was all over my phone. what is funny i am not even close to china (Macedonia), i cant remove them bcs its rom apps….
    2nd… and more frustrating I cant use my home wifi! after few sec of use connection stay alive but no internet…. to SONY noobs!! I WANT MY PHONE BACK!! !@#!@$#@%

  • hehehe

    it work with me also..thanks danny abella

  • ajix

    Im using xperia neo.. But i cant update .. It said my fone is already latest update… Anyone give me solution? Im only using android version 2.3.2..

  • Still no update for neo SI 1246-9964 …. October!!!! Why it takes so long for Sony to deal with some SI’s ?

  • i got it, i have update ma phone and its awesome,thanks.i knew that there was no oficialy uapdat befor but one i got notification from phone that update avlbl i got,to honestly its tookd around 4 or 4 n half hour(ma net speed was avrg ), but at end im happy

  • Jose Angel

    so, eventually the xperia arc will run on 4.0?

  • hey guys .. i have a problem with my xperia arc is that i can’t download or update any applications using my network connection .. only through the wi-fi .. i did managed all the setting but no way .. please help if any one can

  • Ashok

    Hi…im using xperia’s having ginger bread android..can i upgrade to ics..if i upgrade, will there any prblems will occur? Like processing of phn wil get down slow..etc

  • leo

    I’m using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, but don’t have any update yet here in the phil.

  • zantel

    hi,,, i tried to update my sonyericsson but it failed and the phone could not able to start

  • Bhupi

    i’m using sony ericsson neo v . and i am successfully update android 4.0.4 (ICS)

  • nirav

    I’m using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to which type update android 4.0 in my phone.

  • rajesh

    I’m using Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, but don’t have any update yet.

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  • razz

    can u pls tel me how to upgrade sony xpreia arc s 2.3.4 to 4.0.4

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  • Playjot

    Same thing happened to me, but i got rid from well written guide published on

  • برای این‌که به یک انسان کاریزماتیک تبدیل شوید نیاز به شناخت خصوصیات و رفتارهای این افراد دارید. در ادامه ۴ راهکار ارائه کرده‌ایم تا با استفاده از این راهکارها بتوانید روزبه‌روز کاریزما خود را تقویت کنید و تبدیل به انسان اثرگذاری شوید که دنیا را تحت تأثیر خود قرار می‌دهدافراد با کاریزما به‌دقت روی زبان بدنشان توجه دارند و می‌دانند کجا چه رفتاری نشان دهند که اثر خود را بگذارند. شما هم می‌توانید با رعایت این نکات تبدیل به یک فرد با کاریزما شوید و همه را تحت تأثیر خود قرار دهید.

  • امروز می خوایم راجب هدف صحبت کنیم. و تاثیر هدف رو براتون توضیح بدم و راهکارهای هدفگذاریرو براتون بگم تا ببینیم چطور می تونیم ما به هدف خود برسیم.یکی از راههای رسیدن به هدف اینه که مراقب باشید اهداف با ارزش های ذهنیتون یکی باشه.فرآیند هدف همینه باید کار کنیم، در مسیر باشیم تا به قله برسیم.

  • Minahil Anwar

    This is really great news for Sony Ericsson users. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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