Sony SmartWatch gets firmware update

by XB on 31st May 2012

in Accessories, Firmware

SmartWatchThe Sony SmartWatch accessory has received a firmware update today. One of the big improvements is that the watch face will now be visible at all times, even when the watch is in standby. This is a sensible addition, especially given it is meant to be worn on the wrist, it would seem silly to wake the device just to see the time. We do wonder what kind of hit this will have on battery life though.

Other additions include improvements to the Music Player and Weather apps as all as third-party apps which means they should run quicker and more smoothly. The Endomondo Sports Tracker is also now available in the recommended applications list. SmartWatch owners should receive a notification to download the update, if not you can always head over to Google Play.

  • any video ?

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid

    VIDEO?! It’s too expensive for them.

  • sixco14

    Sony why make smart watch update when you cant even make ics for xperia play,am sure nobody would have bought xperia play if you didnt promise us ics, fucking wish i had listen to my friends advise to buy google nexus,infact Ericsson who have thought better.fucking waste my 450euro for so call shit xperia play

  • Hannad Ahmed

    The price is Too Damm High!!

  • :D are u sure ? Sony always spend so much money for advertisments.

  • AlexBurnout


  • denny RR

    how much is it?

  • Ethan Lin

    There is a trick if u are still on old firmware. Just shake the wrist, the time will appear and still save the battery.

  • wyvern

    I dony get what all the rage is for if you bought the play it was to play games. The games have major stability issues in ics not through sony but because developers haven’t made them compatible with ics. So whats the point in blaming sony Because they cant fix gameloft or EA games direct your rage at the proper target or just get over it kid.

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