Sony Mobile prepping “a surprise” for Monday 11 June

by XB on 08/06/2012

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Sony Mobile has let its Facebook and Twitter fans know that it plans to announce something on Monday 11 June at 11am (GMT). Here’s the cryptic message:

“Not long now… we’ve got a surprise for you at 11am GMT on Monday! Ready for something fun?”

Could this be a phone launch or something software related? We’ve got no idea and as far as we are aware there are no media events planned for Monday, so it might just be something small. Anyway, not too long to find out.

Thanks Chase!

  • roeshak

    If it’s just another phone launch then it would be idiotic to call it a surprise. I doubt that I’ll be anything reasonable. Just some crap only Sony fanboys will get excited about.
    Right now the only news I’m interested in is the ICS update for the xperia s.
    They can piss off with anything thing else. They should first deliver what they promised before any surprises.

  • Bobby

    Better be ICS for Xperia S or I’m never buying another Sony product. False promises.

  • OriginalFire

    International Xperia SX plz

  • metcarded

    Ready for something “FUN” ??
    Xperia Play 2.
    I’m calling it.

  • Adrian Casillas

    It’s probably the debut of the Xperia Ion at At&t! :D

  • Live™

    already waiting for good news at monday !

  • M Usman

    oh boy. Only surprise would be ICS related news for xperia s. but I doubt it since nothing has been certified on ptcrb

  • suavemente

    I bet its gonna be a nother false promise to draw customers just like ics on Xplay

  • Kimmy Stylelove

    Hope for xperia play 2 with android 4.0 :p

  • Vijay Subramanium

    You are wrong. Sony is a class company. Now it upgrade ICS to most of 2011 mobiles. Sony likes to provide great support for even old customers. Think it no other company release ICS for many models.

    I guess it may play 2

  • Dipish

    ICS for Xperia S finally?)))

  • i’m gamer

    the only things that make us glad is XPERIA PLAY 2 , after what you have done on our xperia play …

  • EmeraldReporter

    Which means 4AM PST – 7AM EST

  • Samuel

    It’ll be the Xperia Tipo rather than the Hayabusa. The Hayabusa probably will be announced towards the mid of this month.

  • Esteban Rodriguez

    xperia mini ics?

  • abbas

    xperia x(international version of xperia gx)

  • DERP


  • urabus

    It could be Playstation mobile launch!

  • mario

    Their update service is down.. could it be because on the 11th there will be ICS for X S? :) Sure do hope so :) but the picture looks like a phone is underneath plus they have another similar picture that say fun, social and something – surpreise so it probably a new phone? But hey, don’t they have enough already? :)

  • Hisham Nasser

    well, let’s say a quad core processor phone!!
    if so it’ll be my next phone after the arc

  • malih

    Please not another flagship, stop polluting the lineup, let the intended flagship reign for at least 6 months,

    it’s already bad enough with the tough series naming (go and acro S), should’ve been consistent, use the same name (like go and go HD or something), and have similar design, like the NXT series.

  • rafi

    if you wanted ics os what the hell you purchase xperia s at the first place? Only third world minded does nor learn the meaning of patient…

  • César Pérez Hoya

    Later, always later. ICS for XS now, No bullshit please.

  • koaiho

    ICS for xperia s please, no BULLSHIT again please= =

  • Nikolay Guselnikov


  • AxL


  • Xperia PLAY

    Please, no Xperia PLAY 2! Maybe something “fun” to Xperia PLAY :)

  • portalperson

    If they release an Xperia Play 2, I’ll punch their exec in the face

  • SeaTHX

    They promised ICS for XS at the end of Jun so wait for another 2-3 weeks then you can complain…

  • YoYo

    Yes! Come on baby, daddy needs a new Xperia GX!

  • Nine

    im from third world and i can wait …
    Hope its XPERIA Play Vita

  • rayner

    Is it more lies, Sony

  • roeshak

    So I assume from your comments you would be happy to stay on gingerbread indefinitely since you bought yours because it’s a Sony and that only.
    Idiotic fanboy.

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  • Pradeep

    ICS Update Release For Xperia S

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  • silvacrest

    they said “something fun” those looking for a xperia S update, xperia GX or anything non gaming related will be disappointed

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  • fay

    I don’t think it’s a new phone, because they are all leaked… maybe the playstation mobile or a new accessory. so if it’s a phone that could be the intertional version of the ion or GX/SX.

  • Dariusz Rybak

    It might be even shape of Ice Cream Sandwich :)

  • Aokde Gharra

    a tablet maybe?

  • Nitish Yadalam

    its the update for xperia s ! and it ll b :)

  • AlexBurnout

    Yeahh!!! As YoYo said, my daddy needs to replace that shitty iShi* 4

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  • DoucheyTuesday

    Free dancing robot for Xperia Neo owners..get in!

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  • Rubel

    What about international Xperia GX?

  • Chemiclus

    Ion release date for the states?
    Haha that would be HUUUGE news -_-

  • Alper

    Tablet :P

  • Kelvin Yip

    I second this, Xperia SX for worldwide audience please.

    It will do very well to replace Xperia Ray.

  • Jom Pichitmarn

    ICS !!!

  • siyamak

    ICS Update For Xperia S

  • MichaelGopan Jackson

    About Internation release of Xperia GX or New version of Arc S :P

  • 勝全 鄭
  • SeaTHX
  • justin

    ICS for 2011 xperia phones!!

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  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I rather think they would wait til next year, so that they can add a quad core A-15 processor, or the year after that for the parts to become cheaper

  • To 勝全 鄭
  • David J Hilton

    That’s already been confirmed for sometime this month.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    no, the vaio team still handles the tablets

  • Dipish

    Yeah but it isn’t happening yet, I’d love to hear an announcement that the update is finally rolling out!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    11am gmt or gmt+?

  • K

    ICS for XpERIA play?

  • i’m gamer

    xperia play 2

    where is that

  • Brian Tan
  • Brian Tan
  • tam


  • JUN

    I hope ICS for Xperia PLAY!!!!

  • Eske Rahn
  • XperiaJunkie85

    Hope it will be the Xperia Mint seen rumours on tinterweb that it along with a few other other phones from different brands will be making a launch with Android Jelly Bean chances are Iam way off the mark but you never know plus Google I/O is comming up soon so maybe a dual announcement fingers are kept crossed.

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  • haha

    Wow, this is a surprise shit !

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  • Bahtiar Hussein

    xperia play ics

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