Android 4.0.4 Xperia update brings LED notification issues

by XB on 11th June 2012

in Firmware, Problems

Many Sony Xperia users are reporting on a big bug that is affecting 2011 Xperia handsets that have been upgraded to the latest Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich software update. The bug seems to affect LED notification, a crucial function for many people. Users are reporting that the notification LED does not flash when receiving SMS or emails when the screen is locked.

Strangely, the LED notification does seem to function correctly for missed calls. It will also work fine if receiving SMS/email whilst the screen display is on. A whole host of phones have been reported to have this problem including the Xperia arc S, Xperia pro, Xperia ray, Xperia neo V and others. There is a workaround to getting the SMS notification working again, but it involves installing the free SMSAwake application. Sony Mobile says it is aware of the problem and we imagine a bug fix will be on the way. Have you recently upgraded your Sony Xperia handset to Android 4.0.4? If so are you experiencing this problem? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks @vikramadityarai!

  • lovebmw

    yes i believe them, you should expect the fix some time in later Q3 of 2013…. ok i am exaggeration but you know how it is with them an updates

  • Are Pee

    The ICS update is complete crap.. will be switching back to GB soon.

  • I experience no problems on 4.0.4 based MIUI V4, seems like a simple fix, not in the core of the OS.

  • marchello

    i’m about to upgrade and now i’m in two minds :/ what shall i do now? :O

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Yeah, notification LED doesn’t work for SMS here.

  • AlanH

    yes it is, both sms and exchange email. It will only flash once, then its off.

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  • Raymond

    To be honest, I never really use the led on my arc as its in the most stupid of places.

  • The same problem here, as well. We have waited a long time for this update and, personally, it wasn’t worth it. My Xperia arc is quite laggy, it heats more than on GB and it’s got a lot of app crashes, proving that GB was and still is better at managing its internal resources. If Sony doesn’t come up with a fix or something, I’m returning to GB.

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    For me, my arc’s performance is much better with ICS. It not laggy at all, in fact, I feel as if it’s speed has improved.
    ICS is definitely worth it. As soon as this issue goes, I’m certain Sony will soon release a fix.

    Have you tried Factory Resetting the phone?
    You can also disable all the bloatware that you may not use.
    Might help.

  • Martin Nilsson

    I have that problem with the Xperia Pro. It has flashed once or twice for Gmail, but otherwise dead. Installed a LED tester app but that has no effect either. Turns on when charging though :-)

  • muhsinmanu

    Yes my Xperia ray has same problem

  • joe

    alas there is another, wifi, bug. how to reproduce it:

    put the phone off line
    switch on wifi
    …use it
    switch off wifi
    again put the phone on air

    as soon as the phone catches the phone line it magically :( switches on WLAN on. anybody else w/ this bug onboard?

  • Laukik

    I agree. Never used the led notification because of its undesirable location. And for the record I m loving ICS on my arc! There is no major upgrade to any one aspect of the software, but there are little delights throughout, be it the better GUI, browser, lock screen, widgets, thus resulting in an improved user experience. Also I did a factory restore on my phone before going on board with ICS coz I really didn’t want a laggy phone. I did waste a Sunday but must say it was.worth it! The phone runs decently smooth, as smooth as GB if not smoother… :-)

  • S?awomir Grzelak

    I have problem with LED notification on sms/email receive. I have a Sony Live with Walkman

  • NielsK

    Anyone with problems with the LiveWare app not detecting the Livedock being attached using the ARc with ICS 4.04 ?

  • I have a freshly installed ICS on my arc for 3 days now. Before that, I have tried rooting the ICS and removing the bloatware but the problem was even worse then (I needed to take out the battery and restart in order to make it work after an error).

  • Stephen Hall

    4.0.4 on Neo V. All is great, no lags, no crashes, great UI. Much better in just about every respect than GB. Yes, I have the LED bug though, and I do notice it, quite a lot.

  • David Li

    Yes the bug is there on 4.0.4. Very annoying for those that depends on the LED to know if there’s a pending message or not. I am one of those. LED indicator is a factor when I purchase a new phone and I just lost this feature because of this bug.

  • eujuju

    my LED works correctly, I think. I notice the only thing strange is that my LED blinks continuously when I receive a message, a call or other notification before pressing a key with LED stop, but until now delete the notification, the LED keeps flashing.
    Even so, they could look at the wifi, since it connects herself lol.

  • you’ll come back to ICS again. Its GUI is much much better.
    I switched back to GB, it felt like my phone is so old. :P

  • shah

    xperia mini pro after ics update qwerty physical keyboard has changed to azerty keyboard. Android OS eats up the battery in idle state. Led issue present.

  • Thor

    The location of the LED notification is undesirable. Because the side of the device can hardly see the light. What is the point next to the proximity sensor?

  • AnnGMorrone
  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Hm, i didn’t do a factory reset on my mini pro and ICS runs even smoother than GB, no lags, no errors, nothing.
    The usability of ICS is a lot better than GB, the menus are easier to navigate… tres chic!

  • switch on wifi, switch on data. switch off wifi, wait for data to connect. turn on wifi, switch off data. wifi works but lags lags lags.

  • Please, also take due note that tethering doesn’t work either on some models. If you sahre your 3G connection via USB/WiFi or 3G, it assign IP but connection does not work. This is an important feature for you to review and fix.

  • legrandcharles

    Experiencing this problem on my WT19i Live with Walkman. LED notification was very important for me and I hope they come up with a solution fast. ICS may be better than GB, but annoying bugs like this really need to be ironed out.

  • Motchie

    … and
    ICS update broke Wi-Fi HOTOSPOT too…
    Xperia Pro MK17a

  • malih

    may be because of the same processing power, the smaller screen is easier for the hardware compared to the arc’s screen size.

  • malih

    I have the same thought, I wanted to get back to GB, but then after thinking about it, ICS is a lot more convenient for many tasks, and many apps looks a lot better and have better features on ICS.

  • Ergin

    Having the same issue with Xperia Mini Pro running Android 4.0.4.. SmsAwake workaround didn’t help either. It just blinks one and goes off.

    Never noticed before how I liked my LED notifications and how really useful they were to me. Understanding whether you have an e-mail, a missed call, an SMS or a WhatsApp or Viber message without having to unlock the device really helps a lot. It’s useful especially in situations such as when you put your phone in silent mode, in the theatre, public transport, a business meeting etc. and one look at the LED helps you decide whether you should check your phone immediately or just wait for a more convenient time.

    I wasn’t expecting ICS to run smoothly on my Mini Pro. Well, it does! But such little bugs really sadden me.

    By the way, I can’t get the homescreen to appear in landscape mode in Mini Pro. The menus, games, apps, browsers etc. auto-rotate just fine. But the homescreen goes into the landscape mode only if the slide keyboard is being used. Am I being really stupid here and missing something obvious, or is it just another bug? Because I’m quite sure this wasn’t the case in GB 2.3.4..

  • lqs

    when i connect the usb cable the touchscreen get some trouble (neo v on 4.0.4 with flashtool)

  • Non issue for me since the Arc S has the notification light on the worst possible place. Why it’s not on the front of the phone is beyond me.

  • Fr@nK

    From Thailand … using Xperia arc S
    Notification LED doesn’t work for SMS here.

  • dlpoi

    xperia mini pro (sk17a) – Experiencing this issue of the LED light not flashing when there is a new SMS/e-mail after updating to 4.0.4.

    I have also noticed that there is an issue with the Live Dock and attached Keyboards now. I was able to get the Live Dock up and connecting okay by uninstalling the Live Ware manager update and reinstalling it; however, there are still issues when using a keyboard through the live dock. The right mouse button now only works as an enter button like the left button and there are issues with typing e-mails in the G-mail app. The delete and backward buttons do not work when writing an e-mail and the text switches to upper case and will not change back to lower case.

  • MyLive

    Updating my Live Walkman to 4.0.4 when there’s notification on PC companion that I have the latest software available.. And what I’ve experience, known bug is on notification area.. now when we get notification like bluetooth transfer report, and then swipe down notification bar, I often got miss press, like going the wrong action although I actually hit the right one.. also swiping from one to another while on home screen area feels so laggy.. and it got worse on live wallpaper.. which as I remember it didn’t happen on GB.. Did I do something wrong? What should I do then?

  • MyLive

    I also didn’t do a factory reset on live walkman (which has the same screen resolution with mini pro) before upgrading to ICS, but I just feel it’s more laggy than GB.. :(

  • Rahim Ali

    apart from these issues generated by the ICS upgrade, does it fix the capacitive button issues on the xperia mini/mini pro? i myself have a mini and while i have fixed the issue with the solution posted on xda, just curious if ICS incorporates this…

  • boosook

    Yes, I have noticed this bug too! Pretty annoying!

  • Rakey

    Arc S is having this problem after update. SMS awake isn’t working as a fix on mine.

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Even I didn’t perform a Factory Reset. I just got rid of some of the bloatware (eg. Facebook, UEFA), uninstalled some of the undesirable apps, et voila! My arc is smoother than ever, GB is a thing of the past & I’m in love with ICS.
    I was a bit worried at first, deciding whether I should go in for the update or not, now, I’m glad I did!

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    That’s strange. ICS for me is a rather big improvement over GB.
    If it’s not working so well for you, why don’t you downgrade your arc to 2.3.4?
    You’ve already rooted your phone, couldn’t hurt…

  • jay1911

    Yes, same problem on a Xperia Neo

  • Davie

    can someone answer me :D what is new in the 4.0.4 update besides the LeD thing? :)

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  • Aniket, India

    either I am lucky or what say…i m nt facing such problem.everything is just perfect.

  • rarias

    Looks as if the rest of the devices will not get the update until Sony fixes all this bugs… I am starting to think that the fragmentation that Android has even inside one company is a HUGE problem…

  • after ICS update i cannot set my google account using WIFI!!!
    Please help..

  • Pegel

    have same problem here,, but solved with smsAwake,,, nice :)

  • deechtebelg

    doesn’t work for me either

  • Since I use a custom pure ICS rom, I don’t have those kind of problems.

  • just

    I have this pb too. For me it is the pb ti resolve, i really use the notification led.

  • Johann

    Yeah and I have purchased a perfect hard rubber case for my Neo at the same time which actually covers the led completely, but not missing it at all. Coincidence. A lucky one.

  • Jerky San Pedro

    Works fine for my Mini Pro.

  • mark

    that’s the default since GB. you can only go into lanscape when you use the slide keyboard.

  • Lots of problems… If they could create another update that fixes all this it would be better.. Problems like the camera, games, scrolling, battery life, notifications etc..

  • Oh and I forgot to mention.. Ever since the update, the connection from pc to my memory card is very slow now. sometimes when i copy a file a notification appears saying the device has either stopped responding or disconnected.

  • Arc S user

    Not only the flash led issues, I updated my Arc S via PC companion now running 4.0.4 the SMS ringtone media library function is not working. I cannot use my song from the media library as ringtone now. Tha said, the phone is now super lag I wish to downgrade to gingerbread so badly :/

  • Chum Sophea

    I am in Cambodia. But it doesn’t seem to have any update yet on my Xperia arc S. So anyone who can tell me how to get the update to ICS 4.0.4 because i am alredy up to date to ICS 4.0.3 but there are no update notification to 4.0.4. So if u have any solutions please tell me!!! thanks!!

  • alumi

    I agree with you about “the most stupid of places”.

    However, I need it to be running!

  • NNN

    I agree with your opinion about LED. I have Arc S and with GB I used FlowLite and could configure colores and rate of LED flashing and type of sound for sms, missed call etc. Now it does not work.
    Also I have a lot of problems to connect to my home wifi router after switching to ICS.
    Finally ICS drains my battery faster than GB. So instead of writing fairytales about ICS like some people I think it would be more constructive to bring up problems so people in SONY get aware and start resolving them.

  • Hani

    After updating LED doesn’t work in Xperia pro and using slide out keyboard I can’t type in ‘hinglish’ but using touchscreen keypad it works fine. I tried typing in other languages using keyboard , it is working. Does anybody else have this problem?

  • Mahdi

    i have this problem in xperia mini pro too but i have more bugs….
    1st LED bug, Camera Delay when capturing hd video, and Screen shot dont work ( idont know but i saw a video from sony for ARC S android 4.0.3 that was show, if u want make screen shot u must press power key + volume done but now when i trying there is no happen….!!!!

    sorry if my english is poor

  • I´m from Portugal and until now I´ve seen three bugs. The red LED light doesn´t blink when receiving sms or e-mail, the dailer keeps hanging for about 1,2,3 seconds to open and if I want to change the groups names I can´t, the mark is there but the keyboard doesn´t open. REPAIR ALL THIS BUGS SONY !!!

  • okies

    i have the same LED issue too with sms
    but does anyone also have problems with blank msg appearing but not able to delete them?

  • abrahamochieng

    I never thought i would miss the LED Notification until i upgraded to 4.0.4. Sony need to sort out this bug.

  • AlanH

    Its working in 4.0.4
    Settings >> Sound >> Default Notification >> Sound Picker
    Scroll down and you will see Music Library button

  • Rambo

    Not only the flash led issues, I cant login into ym when using mobile network after update. But it work fine when using wifi.

  • asen

    yeah, i have the same problem,my led notification for sms,whatsapp and email does’t work..

  • XperiaNeoVSG

    Hey it works on the Neo V…
    But does it flash green if I missed a call and blue for Facebook?

  • sirmyq

    upgraded my sony ericsson to 4.0.4 and what has been bugging me the most has been the frequent restarting of the phone on its own it does that upto every hour which is quite annoying anybody else experienced this. also the delay on the phone dialler is really annoying

  • Xperia PRO

    Sony developers, is it possible to make hardware buttons light a “notification LED” functionality?
    As it was mentioned the original notification LED is located in really bad place.
    My Xperia pro has hardware keys backlight …

  • my neo V didnt flash at all….

  • Bart

    I used the LED Notification on my Xperia arc. But now after upgrading to ICS the LED does not flash anymore. :(

  • kubira

    Same here!

  • you ca downgrade without no problems to GB until the notification LED issues is resolved:) You need two files for downgrading! 1 Flashtool 2 W19I *.ftf files

  • xperia arc s

    same problem here…waiting for update….

  • elles vavere

    does eanyone else has the problem with silent mode self turning off right after receiving an incoming call? it is quite annoying in classical music concerts where NOKIA tune rulles usually.

  • vijesh

    Ya. I do have the issue. And this one is bugging a lot.

  • Aris

    ICS on my Xperia Minipro looks so good, but the ability of the camera is not HD anymore. there’s many drop frame. besides that, there is a problem when forwarding the message. it always go back to phonebook after adding contacts. i’am really want to downgrade to Gingerbreath.

  • ollidigital


    i found a solution at xda-developers. Your phone must be rooted and you must have CVW installed. Open that link and follow the instructions.

    Many thanks to Lasan.
    Without you we get losted :-)

  • nico

    Con el Xperia mini pro SK17a ICS 4.0.4 sucede lo mismo, el led de notificaciones deja de funcionar. Esperemos una rapida solucion.
    Saludos desde argentina.

  • Jill

    I experienced the same bugs with my Xperia Active: no LED notification for SMS, WiFi connection issues and unexpected phone reboot :'( Hope it will be fixed soon

  • good juju

    same here : ( my beautiful, beloved xperia ray behaves like sh*t since ICS, no more led notifications, every day another, strange ” unknown sound” from the library instead of my mp3/ so that i won’t recognize the ringing of my damn own phone anymore. much disappointed, Sony! i’ll get back to GB.

  • disqus_BThFXjPXZh

    Am I the only one, who can’t make. Screenshots anymore?

  • i have a problem with my xperia ray 4.0.4 update. I just noticed that in the camera mode there is no front camera button.

  • Yes same problem here :'(

  • Lip

    meu xperia arc s Lt18a está com um grande bug no touchscreen, mais alguem está tendo esse problema? eu percebi isso principalmente jogando o jogo “Cytus”. por favor alguem poderia testar ele para mim e ver se há algum problema? ou é só comigo’

  • Sandra

    If you open the sound settings you’ll see a music note in the upper right corner. Click there and choose :-)

  • bugfree

    so obviously with 4.0.4 upgrade you will get some improvements at the cost of missing important functionalities like LED notification, screenshot, hotspot,..

  • Raah

    Had to notice the LED issue in practise when I didn’t react to messages as fast as expected, having glanced at my phone and figured that no notification light, no one has missed me. So far it’s the only bug that really truly annoys me as I resort to checking the light daily, not wanting to turn the screen on if it’s not necessary!

  • nico

    Same here ! hope they’ll fix it soon

  • J

    Yep I’ve got this issue with the Sony Live With Walkman. The LED light will flash once (a white flash) when I receive an SMS message and that’s it, but I go to unlock the screen and it starts flashing green like it’s supposed to when you receive a new one and the screen is locked?

    Android Version: 4.0.4

    Build Number: 4.1.L.0.8



  • finli

    ive fixed mine by repairing the device with pc companion/sony updater after upgrade.

  • finli

    i didnt lost my screenshot even a hotspot, u can make a screenshot by pressing power button and volume down key button at the same time…

  • name

    xperia mini pro, non rooted stock gb 2.0.4 upgraded to ics 4.0.4, now led notification for missed calls, whatsapp, are not working

  • I updated my live with walkman to Icecream Sandwich… led light for sms notification is not working..

  • Max

    I have the same problem, the LED notifications don’t work on arriving sms, Whatsapp or Facebook messagges, only missed calls and gmail. Xperia Arc S

  • alex

    Yes same problem here

  • viratdrocks!!!

    i dont get the dock

  • I also have this bug on Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman Android 4.0.4 ICS, don’t think this missing feature would be a cpu hog, it’s clearly a bug, and I really miss it!!!

  • same on active

  • TP

    if we download SMSAwake will the LED start workin again ?

  • Jo C

    I’m getting that problem too, on my Xperia Neo.
    It’s constantly freezing & crashing. I’ve had to remove the battery a few times just to get the phone to switch back on!!
    I also miss having the led notifications as I rely on that a lot when my phone’s on silent.

  • Jo C

    I don’t use my front camera very often but after reading your comment I thought I’d check the camera on my Xperia Neo.
    It turns out I don’t have a front facing camera button either!!

  • Ajmd

    Yes, i have the problem :(

  • guess who…

     same problem here after updating my Xperia mini pro to ICS :(

  • Terahspidgeon

    Very much experiencing this issue! Dutch SE Support downright said ‘it’s bug, not a feature, your loss’. UK support tried a little harder, but states that SE did not acknowledge the LED notification issue as a problem and recommended a repair of the phone software. For those interested, I have both chatlogs ^^
    It’s ridiculous that SE keeps ignoring this outcry – this is too serious for too many people.

  • Terahspidgeon

    @Ergin: Same here. Having to use the phone in a very quiet environment (mandatory that phones be set to quiet too), the LED notification was an awesome piece of functionality. Google Talk, Whatsapp, etc worked like a charm. No need to have your phone in hand all the time, just an occasional glance to see if the LED was blinking, and what color it was blinking in. Thanks Sony Ericsson for messing up some really decent functionality and then claim it’s supposed to work like this (which is to say, not at a@b9139cce72838670517f47a5ed2a2988:disqus ll). PS: SE UK and NL both stated that the phone can be sent to the SE repair center for a downgrade (in my case, 2.3.4 on the Arc S).

  • Tamara Preuschoff

    I updated my XperiaRay and am experiencing the same. As I have my phone in mute mode while working, I really appreciated the LED-notification, in particular the different colours to choose for sms, mail, what’s app and others.
    And I’m really hoping a bug fix will be on the way soon.

  • Winston

    Agree, before I got led mentions for whatsapp and instagram but now with the android 4.0 upgrade I lost them.
    (Using Sony Xperia S)

  • Sri Vi

    my mini pro has become slow after the update to ICS ! i shold have stayed with GB itslf ! i regret the update ! also the LED is not working..which is very important to me !!

  • Vinayak Agrawal

    My xperia arc shows 4.0.3. How can i update it to 4.0.4 ? pc companion tells me that i have the latest version installed.

  • Stuartcas

    I have just noticed this on my phone, i also have a problem when i switch my phone off, when i switch it back on all the ringtones have all been reset to erricson ringtone & the clock no longer keeps accurate time, losing 10mins within a day

  • patil

    my phone is xperia mini pro. LED doesnt work properly after upgrading android 4…that is true and also physical keypad doesnt work… hoping that sony fixes problem soon!!!

  • Milicaspgohome

    Not working on my arc s as well, which is kind of frustrating, I NEED it to be running.

  • Tulecanada

    Hi there
    After updating to new Ice scream sandwich, my ringtones goes to silience, and it’s only have 2 ringtones available to set but it’s not sound good, also I can not set my home primary E-mail any more
    So be aware if you want to update you phone.

  • Sudip_raj

    LED notification not working since updated to 4.0 ICS. Kindly provide a solution earlier as the LED notification was indeed a very good feature.

  • Langmeyer

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 and when I downloaded android 4.0.4 I no longer can swipe.  The english cannot load.  Any ideas?

  • Ranger rea

    im suffering freezing locking out and phone reboot issues on 4.0.4

  • Apanewton

    Yes I have no notification led after ICS update ( xperia s)

  • Naresh Rayat82

    secondary camera is not working with android 4.0.4 version in xperia mini pro

  • Tasosk_21

    despite this problem, i cannot even clear missed calls ….. even if i restart the phone missed calls are still there ……. i hate it 

  • Guest


    I am also suffering freezing locking out and phone reboot issues on 4.0.4

    I used to love my phone and know I literally hate it… going back to gingerbread as soon as I find a sony official repair store in lisbon (portugal).

    Don’t get me wrong though, I love sony, but this time I feel a little bit betrayed.

    I bought this phone for its camera, speed and usefullness, but with ICS (4.0.3 or 4.0.4):
    – The Camera is Worse
    – It’s not useful anymore
    – Dialling freezes while I press the buttons
    – Calling freezes on some locations because the phone is constantly changing from 2g to 3g
    – The keyboard freezes while I press the buttons
    – The xperia gallery freezes and crashes, when it does not crash it takes ages to render a picture
    – The 720p HD Video now is mono and 20fps
    – The led doesn’t work right
    – no compass working in google maps
    – and on the list goes…

    Sony would be better off telling customers that the 2011 line was not receiving un upgrade.


  • Hetty Berens

    I indeed have a problem with my sony xperia s, since i have the android 4.04. The camera is not working anymore!! The only reason why I bought this mobile phone!! What can I do?? Hetty

  • Nathalie

    My Xperia Ray problems are the notification LED not working properly (like so many others) and that my phone freezes very often when I’m typing something, i.e. I can’t use my keyboard for a few seconds, or up to a minute almost. Drives me nuts and I hope they’ll bring us an update to fix all these issues, as many are having them.

  • K31van

    My network provider’s tech team upgraded my Xperia Ray software and now if I put the phone to my ear during a call and then remove it, the screen remains inactive. The home and power buttons are also inactive and the only way to terminate the call is to remove the battery! I am on Build 4.0.A.0.42 and Android version 2.3.4 at the moment. Is this a related problem?

  • Omid

    I Upgraded my Xperia Pro with ICS and the qwerty keyboard dosent work properly. a functions as q and w functions as z! 

  • Amitpaul043

    yes i am  and this one  is screwing me

  • sony failed again

    not only led issues but also battery issues (around 6 hours, waiting time, no extra apps but whatsapp) and freezing too

  • For a while the Android 4 update worked fine on my Xperia mini, but since a week the phone freezes, crashes and reboots. Very annoying. So I hope Sony will make a quick update to correct this. Otherwise it would be nice to make a rollback to 2.3  

  • Aioliabolt


    How Sad of You SONY Mobile.

  • Nikos

    I am facing similar problems after the 4.0.4 update. Installed light flow and when I receive sms it doesn’t flash. After unlocking, reading the sms and locking back, then the led starts flashing!!!! haha! for god’s sake!

  • Nekcoladean

    Yep, same problem with LED notification xperia mini problem for whatsapp, missed calls, sms……… PLEASE HELP SONY, this is very annoying!!!

  • Samthesecond1990

    Count me in!

  • after the ics update ,i feel like i have hit a hammer on my foot……….just tooo worse…… is totally gone……

  • Lakshya Gupta

    yes i upgraded to 4.0 and after that my phone starts hanging very frequently…  and also the phone has slowed down… i am using xperia mini pro

  • Mido

    After upgrade to 4.0.4 Email does not download automatically I have to refresh to et my emails and Experia s and Experia Ray.

  • Angel_madi_7

    Hello ..
    Guys .. i want a very short answer ! should i upgrade my Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S or not ?!
    I’m so confused .. i want an answer .. i cant take  a decision ! :(

  • Terahspidgeon

    Don’t. I’ve upgraded mine only restore it to 2.3.4 2 days later. Extreme slowness and the messed up LED notification was too frustrating.

  • Faysalpathan

    I have xperia arc s n i update it…. It doesntshow any notification light

  • Joebar85

    Yes, same problem. No more LED notification on Xperia Mini Pro!

  • Remondejacqueline

    I really regret because i dont like ICS. It’s so lag on my ray. I want my GB back!

  • StoychoGanev

    I can confirm this too, the LED doesn’t work with facebook notifications for example.

  • ric

    same problem with my Neo… :(

  • Anna

    yep for me the same problem. missed calls works perfect, SMS/Email led doens’t flash when screen is locked!!

  • my phone freeze. some apps force closes cant download data for hd games over 3g network unless i change settings and that is not how it should be…sometimes my phone screen went black and had to remove battery to restart the phone

  • screenshoot does work push wolume down and power at the same time 

  • Lubacanuba

    I wouldnt know if the led works considering my email has stopped working alltogether! I cant even manually update my inbox it just says connection error, i have tried removing the account and adding it again but nothing. Have not recieved an email for over 3 weeks. This needs to be fixed NOW.

  • I think like that.. so My XMP has downgraded to GB come back.. :(

  • Ayamgoreng1996

    when I play video in gallery, I see grey colour field under the video. which suppose to be black…help me to solve this problem..

  • Yes same problem…no notificantion led :(

  • Thane

    this fks man…..

    Xperia Mini…… no led……
    c’mon SONY you can fix this bug…..

  • Yusuf Temür

    Xperia Ray; sms or facebook notifications are ok but when it comes to missed calls, I don’t get notification. It would also be a lot better if all facebook notifications were blue and all gsm action nots. were green (sms and missed calls..) Setting up different colors for different connections like facebook-blue, gsm actions-green, internet phone alerts-yellowish or whatever is a perfect idea, as long as they all work correctly.

  • Johnsmithjones

    Same problem, Sony Ericsson Arc:(
    Tryed a firmware repair but this does not work.

  • Grantwoodward

    Since the ICS update my Ray has been slower and now locks up for periods and crashes. I want Gingerbread back!

  • Bakedbean5

    I have the xperia s which I loved before I done the update, now I hate it! as it has changed everything thing, the way it runs and looks, I have the LED problem, and problems with my emails etc etc the list goes on, please Sony hurry up and fix all these problems and bring back the old look.

  • Kakchoot

    Just upgrade my xperia ray with android 4.0.4 this morning, but don’t like the font and the icon…prefer the previous android 2.3.4. Other application like WhatsApp, SMS, at this moment working well, same goes to camera function…but not sure what will happen after this…but I am thinking to turn back to android 2.3.4.

  • Bablubandhav007

    how to downgrade from ics to gingerbread plz help me as soon as possible

  • guest

    i have just updated my sony xperia sd to ics and now i have no screen shot feature , the camera is slow and jerky and am not really sure whats going on with the LED  , thus is very annoying as the phone is only a month old and was totally fine running on gingerbread , i bought it in the first place for certain features that i now dont have.
    please help!

  • Guest

    I am buying xperia s and i am thinking about upgrading it to android 4.0 should I do this or not can you please give me your opinion 

  • Just updated my xperia ray to 4.0.4….camera was really fast before d update, now its as slow as d old vga camera phone….hope sony rectifies this problem…

  • Guest

    Here’s another one. I’m disgusted as this is/was one of the reasons why I bought the xray…

  • Jmerlog

    I have the same problem. I’m really angry.

  • Majidkatoo

    I have purchased xperia S this month and I too noticed this can reach me at

  • guest

    yea, same problem on xperia arc S with missed calls and sms and whats app !! no led notification at all except for the low battery notification

  • Lyndi1213

    In my case right now I’m using the Xperia Mini  St15i. the only issue that I have is when putting the ST15i to standby mode. When it is on standby mode the Data is Enabled. I always keep going to Mobile Networks and then untick the box to disabled it. Once it will go to stanby mode it will automatically go to Enabled. Also same case on the Wifi indicator, It doesn’t show the Icon on the Wifi if it is Connected or not. I need to go to Wireless and Networks to check if it is connected. Is there any body knows why on the Ice Cream Sandwich the ScreenShot mode once you do a long press on the power is not there. any clue?

  • Adnan

    I upgraded my Ray to 4.0.4 about a month ago. Since the upgrade the os has become lot more stable & smoother than before. But the GPS has gone horribly wrong! It takes forever to get a signal. Now my phone can never locate my accurate location. It used to be one of the best features of this phone. Badly need a fix for this :-(

  • Hulk_kllr

    Hey friends I bought recently Xperia mini . Front cameara is not working.Really video call make more breathless I cant use from cam.coz its not supporting . I dont knwo wat have to do. Pls if have any idea pls help help to work with ma front cam too. Feel not worthy to wat I pay …. Sad

  • Dpa71899

    After updating my arc, the phone hangs after making a call, the touchscreen doesn’t work, you can’t end the call. You can either wait to see if it comes good, or pull the battery. If a call comes in while it’s frozen, you can’t answer it.

  • I am having a Neo V and yes i noticed that the LED is not blinking for SMS (have not checked for emails), but yes it is blinking for Missed calls.

  • i m not able to view call records on xperia mini st15i,after installing android 4.0.4 version.

  • i m not able to view call records on xperia mini st15i,after installing android 4.0.4 version

  • Marshal

    the same happen for my neo v

  • priyantha pieris

    same problem with my live with Walkman
    LED notification problem
    Video recording (720p HD Video) now is mono & slow
    Walkman button taking 5-10 sec to start Walkman player

  • Kyute_al

    me too.. my neo :((

  • Jady_06

    Same with my active. T.T

  • Lord Magnus

    Same problem with my xperia mini pro. No flashing light at notifications… :-(

  • Fyssas

    Same problem on my live walkman

  • Muss

    same for XPERIA Ray. Very very very upset((((((

  • I am having Xperia Mini Pro, i updated to android 4.0 and now i cant use my keypad untill i select input option as chinese or japanese keyboard, if i select xperia keyboard i am not able to use the keypad.
    Apart from that camera has been worsened, I think i’ll like to move back to Gingerbread..

  • parag

    Hi Friends, Even i am facing similar problem, LED flash is not working on my Neo V. Its not working for whatsapp, and for SMS.Please provide HELP — SONY.

  • thursdae

    guys! found a solution for this (for quite sometime now)… download the SMS Popup @ Google Play and enable it for sms notification. whenever my ray receives an sms, the led notif blinks every 5 sec until the sms is read. hope this helps….

  • doesn’t_matter

    i just bought my new xperia active and i love it for just a few hours of using it. then i was able to upgrade it to 4.0.4 ICS after a few hours thinking it would be great to upgrade it and now my phone freezes and everything with it is not literally useless. now i’m even regretting to buy this piece of junk.

  • doesn’t_matter

    i just bought my new xperia active and i love it for just a few hours of using it. then i was able to upgrade it to 4.0.4 ICS after a few hours. thinking it would be great to upgrade it and now my phone freezes and everything with it. now its literally useless you can’t even txt and answer calls properly. i really like this phone cause of its features and functionality and i also trust sony and i feel betrayed because of that and now i’m even regretting to buy this piece of junk.

  • Ray user

    SMSAWAKE worked for my Ray fine,unfortunately,just for 2 days and then the phone is back with flash issues :-(

  • ray user

    update is available

  • Connexxion

    I just bought a Arc S and updated it straight out of the box.

    Whatsapp messages couldn’t activate the led although I had set in the settings that it should blink.

    I downloaded Noled and am using it as long as Sony doesn’t come with a solution for this little but annoying problem.

    The phone is brand spanking new and already has a issue.

    One of the reasons to buy this model was the ability to update it to ICS.

  • Gtmg

    Very nice, work for my Xperia mini pro for now. Thank you.

  • doesn’t_matter

    i can’t use my sms smoothly after going to ICS! my phone freezes regularly and i cant txt very well its really annoying!

  • cortelis

    I just got “live with walkman” and i have the same problem here. It drives me crazy!! Its useless with out it! How is SONY comes with such a bug, its really disappointing :/ Did any

  • doc

    LED Problem also here. Xperia Neo + Xperia Mini, both ICS 4.0.4

  • Guest2

    Facing extreme slowness in Xperia arc post updating to 4.0.4

  • KaranLeela

    After updating my x10 mini pro to 4.0 ICS , CAM doesn’t work wht do to do? Give me some sujj plzzzzz….

  • Valkyrie Enders

    Sony Xperia Mini Pro – The Phone accelerometer isn’t working properly, it freezes when it goes into landscape or portrait.
    also, activating the contacts options freezes, dialing freezes, camera HD, is faulty, live wallpaper is filled with bugs, i really hope sony fixes this problems, because despite it’s draw backs i still very much support this phone and by extension the company/manufacturer by extension.

  • Valkyrie Enders

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro – Problems with the new 4.0.4 update:

    Accelerometer is buggy
    Camera frontal and back is Buggy
    and why does the HD stop working after the 4.0.4 update?
    The Contact option is buggy
    The Menu option button is buggy
    The Home Button is buggy
    The LED light is not flashing when I’ve gained a new notification
    Stuff like Timescape, music launcher is also buggy it freezes

    but I’m still love with this mobile android phone, I still support the company and the what it stands for.
    I hope to see new upgrades for this particular mobile phone.

  • scouse

    Not receiving ringtone notification for facebook and Twitter on may Sony xperia s!!! Please help!!!

  • Vasiliy

    Same problem with my Ray

  • Yes it’s true i have the same problem with the notification light. I made the update on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i at 01-09-2012 to Android version 4.0.4.

  • chaitanya

    I have a Xperia Pro and it’s LED is carefully designed to be hidden away from user view at all costs. It’s tucked above the HDMI port on the right side of the phone(instead of the front). I have to bend over or tilt the phone to look at it, and even if i do it’s just to tiny to be visible. So its of no use at all to me. Even if it were better place i wouldn’t care. What bothers me is Sony messed Up my Keyboard. Damn u Sony, the Keypad is the reason i bought the Pro instead of Sola. It’s now Azerty layout over the Qwerty keypad,fully unusable and the only solution is to downgrade it to GB at service center and had to pay them 5$ even if in warranty. The only other solution is Voiding my warranty and root and edit the layout kcm files. Everything else is good though. Faster, Smoother, No lag, All games Run, Browsers Faster, No restarts, Better Signal and the Speaker is Louder(I so badly wanted this), Better UI and Face Unlock Rockzzz

  • joel vinoya

    I upgraded my xperia arc s to android 4.0.4 then I was not able to call using Skype and even Yahoo Messenger, how the hell did this happen, SONY better try to fix this issue. it’s not fun to use Sony Xperia anymore, is this an update or a downgrade, its downgrade to me it seems.

  • Hassan

    suffering from the messages notification led :| its not working when the phone is locked :|

  • Nikkal

    hi.. i don’t know u guys, but after upgrading to 4.0.4, i’ve experienced this. I’ve set a ringtone for a contact, but when I touch on DONE, it resets back to DEFAULT… AND I DONT LIKE THAT… I’m used to different tones for different person..and it helps a lot..

    And I wonder why, some songs have the name repeatedly twice/ three times in my player…

    also, flash when receving sms.. weird tho…

  • ishaan

    Wtz d solution __?

  • Intelstud

    I am facing the same issue, as well as my phone gets hang up while playing game(s) of sliding amongst the desktops

  • billivvy

    I updated my Sony Xperia Neo to 4.0.4 this week and experience the LED problem. It is very annoying and I would like the problem to be solved asap. Any suggestions ?

  • Sujith

    Yup, Notification led wont work after ICS upgrade on my Neo V. Hope that Sony comes up with some bug fix soon..

  • Dr.Kashif

    I have Update my Xperia Ray 3 Days Back, and I feel Phone are little bit slower then earlier version, But All of Phone functions are working properly, No Led Issue, Neither problem with my cam or any other function…. and i am really enjoying,

    Sony Xperia ray is my 27th Handset i have changed in past 5 Years, And I love this Phone,
    Perfect handset

  • Maven

    hi have the same problem too with a Sony WT19i

  • sudhir

    my google maps is not working in xperia arc

  • I do have same problem in Xperia S after ICS updation, out of 50 calls 2 to 3 times proximity sensordidnt got woke up after the call ends. It was working fine in Ginger Bread, now I am serching for the solution. Sony service centres had already discontinued the degrade of ICS for Xperia S

  • guest_bi

    Same problem with my Xperia Mini after upgrading to ICS. :(

  • Pradeep


    I am from India. I recently upgraded my Sony Xperia P mobile from Gingerbread 2.x to ICS 4.0.4 but now some of its main features are not working acurately. 1) SMS notification alerts are not ringing. 2) Notification LED’s are not working too (similar to below listed issues)

    Hope to get some update rollup on these issues, very soon.

  • SONY

    No Sound on SMS alerts. I am worried about the future updates from SONY. PLEASE RELEASE SOME UPDATE ROLL-UPS ON THIS……………………………ASAP………….:(

  • Wild hunter

    ya the led notification doesn’t work wen screen s off

    my music library isn’t getting updated I cant find music files which I put on sd via comp

  • I have exactly the same problems as discribed above. (Xperia Pro)

  • Jay

    Most of the same problems on my Xperia S. Bugs and glitches everyday since the 4.0 update. Complain about your bugs to Sony so they can fix them.when the next update comes out. They did this last year with the Xperia Arc and it worked way better and smoother after the update so be patient for a while and things will get a lot better with the update. I also noticed that the walkman songs lag a lot.


    even after upgrading the updates of ICS again i have a restarts sometimes without any reason. If i give pattern lock i’m not getting slide lock always but it comes sometime.
    please fix the issue and then update the full stable version of ICS.
    we are waiting for the stable OS

  • adam

    i have no problem woth the led function. however my updated phone have no face recognition function.

  • yael

    after the upgrade my album stopped responding ! I cant get into my photos… annoying!! I dont know what to do.
    also the quality of the photos is not as well as beforeand it does not take good photos at night as before..
    Also a lot of sudden stops. the device stops responding…

  • yael

    its in the new sony xperia device

  • Jen

    Yes, it does not work properly on sms notification! Please fix it.

  • Karan Sen

    I own Arc S. The phone used to work pretty good, but since the ICS update the phone hangs. The Image quality isnt the same as it used to be.
    The LED notification light does not work when the display is off.
    I used to get different coloured light alerts for Missed Calls, SMS, WhattsApp, Facebook and Skype. But now the only alert that I get is the Missed call alerts. The rest dont work anymore.

    Waiting for Sony to provide an update to fix this issue

  • Seems like most of the issues are occurring for Arc users. I’ve been running ICS on Xperia Pro mk16 for almost two months now and the performance has rather improved. The interface is far much better than the dated GB. The ONLY issue that still remains is the LED notifications. Which seem to be working when the screen is on. No issues with music, wifi hotspot, connecting to routers (at work, home or at a relatives.. it connects flawlessly). My phone is not rooted but I have disabled a lot of useless bundled apps that Sony stuffed in and that has considerably increased my battery backup. A full charge lasts me 1.5 days (wireless/3G always on, brightness 50%, average talktime 1-2 hrs). If I’m in the gaming mood then it lasts me 24-30 hrs.
    Now, can SONY make it better? Of course!!
    • I miss the lock screen review of missed calls, emails and events.
    • LED notifications of course.
    • To be able to choose the default Android Home screen instead of Xperia Home.
    • Remove the bundled apps. who needs Wisepilot, ANT Radio and the crappy McAfee anyway
    Here are a few items that I’ve disabled from Settings > Apps > All
    ANT Radio/ Wireless State Notifier AntHalService
    A few Live Wallpapers (which I never use)
    Business Center
    Email (coz I use Gmail)
    FBiX Music Likes
    FM Radio
    Friends’ games & Applications / Music & Videos
    FUN & Downloads
    McAfee (use avast.. way better than any other antivirus)
    Play on Device (never use it)
    Setup Guide
    Talk Balk
    Type & Send
    Xperia Gallery
    Xperia Wallpapers

    I’m sure you can disable a lot more system services and free up that RAM.

  • theodore

    I have a sony experia Arc S (2012) model. The new screenshot method (power+volume down/up) DOES NOT WORK! I get the power off / airplane screen keeping the power down and then the volume just turns down the ringer!!!!!!!!

  • Yes. It’s a bit of a hassle to get a screenshot. But unfortunately it has nothing to do with Sony. The new screenshot capture method is set in the default ICS rom (from what I’ve read). Although after a little bit of practice you get the hang of it, just as I did.

  • As a follow up. There is an app called Popup Notifier which will get your screen to wake up when any app notification comes on the status bar. This gets the LED to work perfectly. The free version does the job, but if you want more customization get the Pro version. No matter what apps you are using, it gives you a list and you can select which one of those will wake your screen up and send a pop notification – hence activating the blinking LED.

  • Ryan manjarrez

    I have the missing LED issue, my phone constantly reboots, the CAM its shit!! The “HD” camera is a fake look sooo awful we need an update ASAP!!

  • Me

    My xperia active also have this problem since update on android 4.

  • courtforshort

    What is the check mark on the SMS messages? Does that mean they were received or seen?

  • Moe

    I’m having the same problems too and I have the xperia ion 4.0.4 and my lock screen notification bar doesn’t even work please Sony fix this

  • val


    Please help, I have a sony xperia mini pro running on android 4.04 and I am not able to drag down the notification area when I am holding the mobile in portrait mode.
    If I shift to landscape mode (by sliding the qwerty keyboard out), then when I press at the top status bar, I can drag the notification area down. I already tried reformating my phone and update but still the same. please help.

  • Ankit Nimbalkar


  • pick

    i have this problem on sk17i

  • Chantha Lee

    Hi! This is definitely true!! I don’t see any LED notification light on.

  • c0ng111

    also with my neo.. can i also add that i cannot set my message alert tone :c

  • kez

    Im having many of the same problems I loved having a screen shot which isnt there anymore, instagram is not compatible anymore and its slow in general and battery life isnt as good as before either, my phone freezes often, if I had known the upgrade would make my Sony xperia s run like n expencive piece of shit I wouldnt of bothered! hopefully Sony will sort this out quickly

  • Hans den Das

    No led notification for sms, whatsapp, mail. Do have notification for missed calls though. This after updating to android 4 on my xperia ray. really hate this!!

  • help pls

    the menu button of my arc is not functioning… if I turn off my device and put it back on in the lower left corner of the screen there is the word “safe mode” any idea how to fix it? pls email me

  • Spar11

    I do have the same problem today (i updated to 4.0.4 Sept. 2012.
    Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem.

  • Spar11

    Let me describe the problems i have faced until now, in more details (only a week that i am using the 4.0.4):
    1. There is no camera available on the phone !!!! (tragic)
    2. The Album (program) is lost. If i search with a file browser i can find the pictures which are stored in my phone and then if i press one of them the album program opens and i can see the pictures but slowly, with many problems.
    3. In the past when i was searching for contacts in my phone book, the search was performed in the extended data also (company name, occupation etc), Now it does not.
    Can anyone help ?
    Do you have any information if Sony is going to issue an update to fix all tese bugs ?
    Thanks for your support.

  • disqueen

    My Sony experia Tipo ICS crashes a lot!! it came with ICS and crashes on incoming call or when in screen idle mode. i hate it

  • Guest

    Hi, updated to ICS on 7-oct-2012, have LED notification issues…. whenever using data, at battery get drain within 6hrs in standby also. if i off all sync then battery usage is ok kind. Stilll so many issues to list :(

  • xperia ray

    why after i update to ICS my phone trouble connect to internet??? i was really upset why this could happen to my phone??? i was hopping it to be better not worse…please sony improve your software,and i really love xperia dont make me broken hearted………….

  • Willis

    I use xperia ray and upgraded to v4.0.4 but my big problem is that when I receive a call if the screen is locked, I cannot see the caller’s name or number. The screen does not light up. I reset the phone thinking that it was a memory problem but that did not cure the problem. Please help.
    My email;

  • steve

    Mini pro xperia. New software don’t resolve the led notification problem. A lot of useless functions on this phone.. but not the basic. Xperia? no more thanks

  • sirtapera

    I updated my xperia arc s and I love the new software except this one big problem all my applications they crash when I open them only work for a few minutes then they crash all browsers and music player, really expecting a new update to fix this.

  • subbu

    same with my sony experia sk17i

  • Xperia P user

    Same problem with Xperia P here.. just noticed it recently… Will trust SONY to come up with a solution soon..

  • Mark

    Yes, the entire sms message center settings have disappeared after an upgrade to 4.04

  • rion

    i have exactly same problem as many described above. My notification led only blinks red at low battery.
    No response complete dark on all below;
    -Missed call
    Waiting for a quick fix for this issue.

  • please i need help my sony xperia mini’s right side touch button does not work
    Can any one tell me what to do ?
    and i upgraded to ICS

  • mina

    Yess aslo xperia ray here suffering from the same problem the led doesn’t work while the screen is off waiting for solution as soon as possible

  • Mojar

    I’m Xperia Neo User after upgrade my gingerbread to the goddamn icecream sandWithch what ever it may called…my phone seriously impact my daily life…i have to restart my phone most of the time…and i wish to switch back to gingerbread…it seem like my phone have error your sim card have been removed…WTF????When did i remove my sim?and the problems & bugs repeatedly until now…..all caller also having difficulties to make a cal when the error came out…not even my awareness when it deep into my bag or pocket…u’ll knew that when u got the same bugs as i do….Hopefully Sony Ericsson will fix that bugs…or just bury the phone….

  • Pentamateur

    LED works for recharging and low battery. But not for SMS/email alerts when in sleep mode. This is a BIG problem for a visually-dependent person with hearing problems.

  • Sotos

    Recently bought a new Sony Tipo with 4.0.4 and the whole phone keeps crashing, also keeps crashing with memory, very dissapointing !!!!

  • shourov

    i am using sony xperia p. and after updating to anroid version 4.0.4 i am having problem with notification sound, the phone only vibrate but there is no sound. Any solution?

  • hi,that app smsawake works perfect.thanks

  • nikossk

    for XPERIA Ray the samee . Very very very upset :(

  • pinkey

    same here :(

  • imtiaz

    my led light works fine but the tone doesn’t play, so help me out here

  • Leibniz

    Yes-SMS AND Missed Call LED doesn´t work!

  • Pissed

    What the F**** u sony B**** ,, you released a new version of ics and yet the led notification isn’t repaired? how come this minor bug cannot be repaired?? before working your ass to jelly bean finish first your job in ics since your not givng the jelly bean to xperia 2011 devices!!

  • dissap

    why the camera options are gone? like i just want to tap at the screen to take picture and the size of picture… they were gone.. me ghed

  • Meganne

    Mine works but when my phone is just lying there no problems there is a really faint blink of the led and it constantly happened and tbh it bugs the sh*t outta me what doesn’t mean

  • kolage

    me too… very frustrating :(

  • jackie lee


  • Sarah

    LED doesnt work for most notifications in my xperia ray

  • My Sony miro, does not “lights on” while I disconnect the call, which was actually working. Is there anyone with the trick? Please share.

  • Greenavel

    Doesn’t work, that’s why I ended up here, to see if I was the only one affected. Hopefully Sony gets this fixed, I rely much on this function.

  • Stephanie

    Hello ! I am having 2-3 issues .. 1 and the worst is that I lost vibration on my phone and I need it because I have to watch my phone every second when it is in silent mode… The second is the LED issue.. It s not working at all and the last one is that my headsets are not recognized (I have to plug and unplug them several times to succeed) [sorry for my English]

  • Stephanie

    Hello ! I am having 2-3 issues .. 1 and the worst is that I lost vibration on my phone and I need it because I have to watch my phone every second when it is in silent mode… The second is the LED issue.. It s not working at all and the last one is that my headsets are not recognized (I have to plug and unplug them several times to succeed) [sorry for my English] I am using Experia Ray .. If anyone could help … please inform me

  • Virus

    Updated yesterday. LED not working on any notification… it’s driving me nuts

  • abhi

    Just change the USB connection mode to MSC instead of MTP.. and U will be okay…

  • abhi

    Just change the USB connection mode to MSC instead of MTP.. and U will be okay…

  • adrian

    yes, i have the same problem for my xperia minipro since i upgraded the new ICS android

  • Xav’

    Same issue on active. Quite annoying. It’s the only problem I have noticed since the upgrade to ICS though

  • ????

    ??? ???? ??????? ????? ??? ??????? ? 4.0.4 ???? ????? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ?????????? ??? ??? ? ?? ???? ????? ????? ??????

  • The only problem I seem to be having is that I can no longer screen shot the way I used to and the new way (Hold the power and volume button down) always ends up with the volume indicator on the screen as well…. So frustrating.

  • Pynheyro

    I’m from Portugal, and the same appens to me! The SMS ringtone dont play, the led dont flash, the only thing that the phone do when i recive a sms, is vibration, nothing else!

  • varun

    Is I have to format the sd card to update android 4.0 to sony ericsson w19i ??????????????

    plss some one reply me fast b’cos i am above to update my phone

  • MX

    Hi all, i bought the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S 3 days ago in Munich, Germany and did an upgrade to ICS 4.0. I experienced the following problems after an update: the phone doesn’t play lock screen and touch sounds though its active and checked in the settings. I tried to reset the phone to factory and also repaired it through PC companion and everything seemed to be fine again but after 5 minutes; the lock screen and touch sounds were all gone again. ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO FIX THIS?

  • joris

    Same problem here

  • joon

    My sony arc s lost ability to scroll!!! lags!!! Hang!!! Keyboard sticks!!! Wtf sony do sum and help us now!!! Pls dnt let our die :'(

  • Aparna

    I have recently updated my ph. N m facing d same problem. Led is not working for notifications, emails and messages. Is der any solution?

  • xperia ray

    i m facing the same problem with my xperia ray. please lemme know asa there is a fix for this.

  • neeraj

    i am not getting any sms tone from the time i updated my xperia u to 4.0.4 . sometimes i get the tone when i restart my phone for some time only and the problem starts again. pls help

  • maxwell

    My notification LED only works when the screen is locked, if i disable the “extended standby-mode” in energy options menu.

  • sivakumar

    Iam facing exactly the similar problem.

  • ritz

    the notification ringtone doesnt work ! teh fone doesnt ring when messages come :( im using xperia u with android 4.0.4 version

  • subham

    My msg notification tone isn’t working . Anyone can help me please…..

  • raju

    I can’t able to download MP3 songs directly from website. Pls let me knw ur comment.

  • Y Dijkstra

    It doesn’t work here either, update was saturday 8 december, Xperia P

  • Alex Simpson

    yup,the LED is not working on xperia go .it only works when charging and low bat

  • sony u

    I got this probem and it needs to br sorted

  • Ab’s

    No notification tone working for xperia U..

  • José

    Hey, i have a sony xperia j with the android 4.0.4, and the light just does not turn off, and it does not flash when i receive sms or other things. Any way to fix it? I mean it’s a new phone, when is the bug fix comming?

  • sandriidnz01

    Xperia neo v.Bootloader unlocked started blinking red after trying to install custom ROM.

  • Same problem here with Xperia Neo V. And seems that Sony is not interested in solving it…I have problems with the front camera as well :(

  • KZA

    It is an ICS feature on battery power activation. It is logic that You are on battery saver option the system tries optimize everything, so if the screen it’s locked the LED notification not works only if the screen it is unlocked. If You want to have the full functionality of Notification LED don’t use the extended battery option checked !

  • I have problem with the SMS light it is so annoying please fix quickly

  • remz

    me too have the same problem..

  • shubham

    having the same problm on my xperia p after 4.04 update

  • EvaDos

    Same here

  • Raghu

    I have a Xperia J, notification LED is on contineously it blinks for notifications but dosent go off
    What should I do ???

    Plzz suggest.
    If possible write me back on will be really very thankfull.

  • mrw

    I haven’t noticed any LED problems but two other things since upgrading my Sola to 4.0.4.
    1) The minor annoyance of losing Adobe Flash support
    2) Instagram problems. Most of the preview is black, I can see maybe a quarter of the image. It appears on the other side of the photo to the preview. I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but it makes no difference.
    Anyone else had this?

  • Jesús

    I also have this irritating problem.
    When a notification arises you have the led lighting, but it doesn’t keep lighting as it used to do

  • Anmol Ghosh

    I upgraded my Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman to ICS just 3 days back and I am facing the same problem… LED notification is not working for SMS

  • Erdalde

    …Setting / Camera Setting / disable instagram Camera

  • Same here….
    Also several apps have been crashing since the update and sometimes with catastrofic errors that result in system restart without me having anything to do with it…
    Havent rooted it… Its all original…
    I wish I could downgrade the damn thing.
    I was so happy with my w19i before… Why did i update it?

  • Muito bem dito… Or so that every one understands:
    Very whell said…

  • koulou29

    my led light is working for the sms but it doesn’t work for the whats app aplication.. is there any solution? i just downloaded the new version of whats app and it is not fixed. Is it a problem from my device only?

  • Mostafa R

    same here :(

    i want my notification LED back again…

  • emre

    notification LED doesn’t work for SMS here

  • Mason

    I have a Xperia Go and the LED notification only lights up when the screen comes on
    Its such a shame cos its an important feature for me

  • Alex

    Hrm.. Even with gingerbread it’s been a problem with a sometimes changing to q..
    It’s actually a problem on your side, your fingers are borably too thick and then you press both keys att the same time or you hit the completley wrong key.. lol

  • Fieza Shuhaimi

    same goes for me!

  • Mehdi

    I have a xperia mini pro

    and i am playing any multi touch games very smoothly with version 2.3.4…but after updated to ics

    kof android are not working with multi touch sometimes…

    that means i need to put my another finger on the screen only the virtual joystick work..i dont have this problem before update
    error message: (unfortunately, “THE GAME” has stopped)

  • Nivya

    how to downgrade it…pls gimme an answer…i love xperia but nw tis version is really annoyin…

  • same in xperia go !!!

  • Par Akmi

    notification LED doesn’t work for SMS,doesn’t work for missed calls (xperia st15)

  • Jaydeep

    my xperia e dues suffering from same

  • al de coole

    juli 2013, bug stil not fixed. Really bad service by Sony, this is the last Sony phone I bought. No answers to my questions on forum, no answers to my questions on facebook. Is sony only interested in clients who buy really expensive phones?

  • Adi

    my xperia ray captures images which appears to be broken :/

  • JR7

    I am using a Xperia Pro and the phone’s slider keyboard isn’t workin after the update It allows you only to scroll and use the directional button, enter, delete and nothing else. I checked the keyboard in the repairing shop. The guy said that the keyboard is fine, the software isn’t supporting it. If anyone knows how to activate it then please let me know.

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  • Prince Virgo

    you right bro but have some more bugs in app sms application have bugs app uninstalled have bug and also hanging problem and finally software repair problem show me error(2003)
    plz help me ..

  • Hilary A

    I have just bought a new Xperia Z, and I do not get any notification sounds for incoming emails and I have to refresh every email address that I have to get the emails! very frustrating, have I missed something in the setting up?


    yes frontal camera and led missing! Flex Cable Slider Repair? o 4.0.4 ?


    I have not solved with downgrade

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