Xperia active Android 4.0 ICS update starts rolling out

by XB on 15th June 2012

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The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update has started rolling out to Sony Ericsson Xperia active handsets. The SI-numbers have not been updated yet on the official Sony Mobile Talk forums, but Xperia active users are reporting success in updating to ICS.

The Xperia active was the last 2011 Xperia waiting on the ICS update and this news now means that all Xperia handsets from 2011 are now on their way to ICS. The update moves the firmware build to version 4.1.B.0.431. This just leaves the 2012 Xperia handsets waiting on an update to Android 4.0. The Xperia S ICS update is expected within the next few weeks. The Xperia P and Xperia U ICS updates will follow in Q3 2012.

  • hell yeah! cant wait to have ics on my sony xperia s :)

  • loms

    damn! Its about time my Xperia S will get the update! Hooraahh!!!

  • loms

    Damn! Its about time that my Xperia S will get the ICS! Hooraaahh!!!

  • TheIndonesian

    What will happen if I update my xperia s? Will all my apps music video photos and contacts be deleted? Or will it just update the phone without having to back up all the data? Because this happens when I updated my sister’s xperia mini.

  • xperia lover

    How about xperia play
    It will be able to updated ??

  • I think the company line on that is it won’t to ensure stability with relation to games. They don’t want to update and screw over the user.

  • Strongful

    Xperia s love is well overdue.

  • loms

    that’s why sony recommend to backup everything first when upgrading your OS.

  • now it’s updated on sonymobile’s forum

  • sfu11

    no. it wont delete your user data… i dunno about your xperia mini,,, but, when i do updates for arc s and ray rolling out… i updates without losing user data… maybe you’re doing something wrong. because there’re two options while updating, first is keep data and other is wipe everything.

  • i’m gamer

    fuck you sony for what you have done on my xperia play

  • U’ll get lower game performance, lags, flicks, would u still upgrade to ICS?

  • freddy_krueger

    unknown on XDA ?

  • Jiakushi

    Hey guys, i want to ask you something that i doesnt know.
    I think the Xperia S hardware not working properly because the Android version still Gingerbread.
    I read on the random article and the article says the ICS support the Multi-core processor, so the Xperia S processor on the Gingerbread version doesnt support the Multi-core processor. So thats why if i played a game (EX: Temple Run) the game is little laggy i think.
    Am i right or wrong?

  • sfu11

    xperia s uses dual core processor.. psychically its support multicore…

  • Jiakushi

    Ohhh thanks, about the Xperia S, i know that Dual-core.
    So Gingerbread support Multi-core processor?

  • M Usman

    Dear XB. I am confused. Have Sony stopped certifying their fw versions on PTCRB? I just checked on PTCRB and the Xperia Active ST17i/a
    4.1.B.0.431 build certification is nowhere to be seen. That gave us a rough idea when the update for each phone might be rolling out but recently none of the ICS build numbers have been certified. Are you able to shed some light on this?

  • Ambroos

    Sony can ask PTCRB to not publish certification results on their website for a while if they want to. And not all firmware has to be certified depending on what has changed.

  • Ambroos

    Yes it does. Apps can properly use two cores if they want to. The Android system itself works slightly better on multicore systems since Honeycomb, but that won’t really affect the speed of games like Temple Run.

    Why is Temple Run (and other games) sometimes not 100% smooth? Because the Xperia S has a lot of pixels to render. 1280×720 pixels = 921k pixels. 854*480 pixels = 410k pixels. The Xperia S has to render more than twice the amount of pixels, and of course that puts quite a lot of pressure on the GPU. I think it performs remarkably well.

  • Jiakushi


  • spaceman2009

    when is Q3 2012?

  • M Usman

    July Aug Sept

  • M Usman

    ahh right. thanks for your reply Ambroos. Makes sense. I didn’t know that. I thought all major software upgrades were shown on ptcrb. it was so much easier seeing certification as that gave us a rough idea to when we might be getting the update. Now we are just waiting blindly. I guess we shall know in a fortnight if we get ICS. plus apparently, with ICS we shall get full use of the dual core processor… So the handset will be much faster. At least that’s what I read somewhere. Do you have an Xperia S?

  • XYZ

    This guy here is just a pointless troll.
    He obviously doesn’t have a clue about how software works, so he’ll continue to troll because really, he just can’t get on with his life.

  • Any official info about flaship’s Xperia S ICS update?

  • paul

    already updated my active

  • rafi

    Sony already mention before why xperia play wont recieve ics version.

  • MobiousO

    the games on my Arc don’t work well after ICS update. For Play users, better to stick with GB.

  • Hey Xperia mini have ics now how about write about that

  • cant wait to have ics on my sony xperia s :)

  • XperiaBlog
  • TimDogger

    Hey, Active users! I got a problem with my Active – its getting hot when i have 1 launched application ( agent) and turned on radio. It gets over 51 C! Thanks, by its waterproof ability i can cold it under water. But what is that? Is that supposed to be? Or it caused by some errors/bugs in ICS? And will it be repaired? And my phone works really slowly that it used to on GB. I just wanna know, if it will be able to work normally, or I need to rollback to GB?

    a quick and working guide of updating xperia phones to ics by offical way!

  • AlexBurnout

    My Xperia S waits for it :)

  • malih

    I think the ICS for the Xperia S will be different, there will
    be lots of additional apps and more features too – that’s why it takes
    longer to release it,
    The 2011 lineup’s ICS probably is the light version (seeing as it’s lighly skinned) because of the one year old spec, just like the ICS on HTC One V (Lite) compared to One S.

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  • anonymouse

    How about Xperia Ion, do you guys have any info on when it will get the ICS update? i know the phone is gonna be released on the 24th and i plan on getting it but also, I wanna know if there are any words about the ICS update for the Ion… Thanks!!!

  • My SI : 1253-8011 not available on ICS Update.Come on sony fix it.u alrdy make sony fans disappointed :(

    update every xperia phone to 4.0 with the help of the guide below!

  • Dude


  • Sri devi

    hey guys.. am using xperia p from past 5 days. i have android 2.3 ginger bread software. sumtyms while using internet or playin games my mobile lags and the touch completely stops workin nd evn the screen lock doesn’t seem to work for abt 2 mins. why is it happenin so?

  • delubyo

    I cant update my xperia active , the SI 1253-9974 was released 06/18/2012,
    it says that my phone was up to date using sony pc companions, i need help pls…..

  • wixou

    there is a problem with the first update so you can’t rollback to GB the unique solution is to wait for another update to fix the problem

  • john

    how was it??

  • mattyt368

    When will there b an update for xperia play? Im still on 2.3.4

  • Avelino Bano

    i need help for my xperia active billabong edition, i just can”t update it.. thank you in advance!

  • ???????

    ? ??? ?” >/3 ? ????? ? ???? ? ?/ ?????????? ? ???? ? ?????? “

  • i hope sony will rethink and made? a special update for Xperia Play with some features of the ICS and? the smoothness of jelly bean. And because i think sony has a large profit in this phone when 1st year of its release so they should update it and it is the FIRST Playstation Certified Smartphone with a gamepad. Customers of sony especially the owners of xperia play please help in contacting sony mobile to make a special update for the play. Please pass this message everywhere.

  • Ukn

    my xperia active is laggy and buggy since the ics update, i suggest u not to update. i feared that before cause if the xperia play could not support ics, i wonder how the axtive could. i am looking for a rollback method now…

  •  X.Play not avalaibe for ics update.u can use un-official rom like Xdark rom (android 4.0)

  • U can’t roll back frnd………..its a rule – we cant go back to the lower versions and as 4.0 needs higher hardware requirements compared to lower versions they may hang for some applications. That may be the problem u r facing now :(

  • Balakarthikeyan07

     Is After Updating Android 4.0 ICS to Xperia mini st15i in-built camera aspect ratio for 5Mp has changed, Kindlu help any one After update to new S/W my cam clarity has gone away..

  • Kksanthosh13

     i am also having d same problem did u get any solution for that….

  • Aalamkhan16

    Is the android 4.0 released in india ?

  • ya?ar ergün

    i tried the update, i done it successfully and i restarted the phone and “surprise” phone (xperia active) touch screen is not working. I sended a message to sony us the problem still waiting their answer about my problem. Do you have any idea for solving my problem ?

  • s

    cant believe the Xperia Ion have not got the ICS update yet. I am very disappointed.

  • malik

    when I upgrade will I lose all my saved data in my games?

  • naren

    hell yeah sony is planning a high graphical interface with this update waiting for my xperia go update

  • inc

    where is ICS for Sola??? any info about the date?

  • Abhishek

    Can i upgrade for SOLA and how

  • taxe

    Before the update of my Xperia I can watch movie on any website now the ICS update boo cnt watch no more. Help if sumbody has a solution.

  • yup brother i have a solution if u didn’t rollback yet then do mail me on i will surely guide you and you can roll back easily

  • m facing flickering problem in xperia active what should i do please mail me on

  • m facing flickering problem in xperia active what should i do please mail me on

  • Pak

    we have same serial? SI 1253-9974

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