Platform Development Kit (PDK) should bring faster Android updates from manufacturers

by XB on 28th June 2012

in Android

One of the more important announcements from yesterday’s Google I/O event was the announcement of the Android Platform Development Kit (PDK). The PDK is targeted to hardware developers such as Sony Mobile, Samsung and HTC. The idea behind it is to help to shorten the time taken for manufacturers to port the latest and greatest Android release.

The Beta version of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean PDK has been available to a few partners over the last few weeks, although we have no confirmation of exactly who these partners are. Going forward beyond Jelly Bean, the PDK will be available to hardware manufacturers around 2-3 months before the release date of future Android versions.

This is good news for all Android owners and should mean that we see much speedier updates to new Android versions. If you look at what happened with Ice Cream Sandwich, manufacturers like Sony Mobile, would have received the code at exactly the same time as when the SDK (software development kit) was publicly released. This is why despite ICS being announced in October 2011, Sony Xperia devices only started to receive the update from April 2012. The introduction of the PDK should mean that going forward this lengthy gap should be considerably shorter.

  • DragonClaw

    That’s Awesome. Google is cool. Xperia S will be updated soon that will mean btw. :-D

  • dereknobuyuki

    I wrote about this on twitter “No more excuses for makers’ slow adoption”
    so I’m happy about Google’s new commitment to getting this out well enough in advance of every future android platform launch.

    The 2013 Xperia line-up might be awesome =) or awesomely updated quickly =)

  • Zappor

    It’s actually targeted at hardware platform developers like Qualcomm, TI, Nvidia, etc…

  • Xperia Better get the Jelly bean update with in 6-8 months!
    We just cant get in 3-6 months coz we jus got ICS so…

    Plus the time Sony takes to tweak the os so….itl be long time no see Jellybeans”

  • shah

    i think sony device that will be upgradable is 2012 device lineup

  • Ambroos

    It’ll be a lot faster than that. There are very few deep changes going from ICS to Jelly Bean, the update should be ready in about two to three months.

  • David J

    Although I think this is a good announcement the hard truth is Sony (previously known as Sony Ericsson) have always been slow because of the UXP placed on top of the Android release. Just think that HTC and Samsung used to get the code at the same time but they would update their phone quicker.
    May be shorter but will still be behind other manufacturers.

  • StarkeJens

    The update from 4.0 to 4.1 should be rather small, compared to the one 2.3 to 4.0!

  • DragonClaw

    But that need not be really the feature update as lot might be expecting. I mean, it will not be near to what GB to ICS was.

  • DragonClaw

    wil not waste my time on explaining that you are 101% wrong. I will just -1 your post

  • DragonClaw

    But there are some cool features there. Predictive touch and interactive notifications.
    And also, we might hope for fixing of compatibility issues that plagued the ICS release

  • do u even have a freakin’ idea about WTH u r saying ???
    SONY is the only company among ANDROID manufacturers to update the most no. of android devices in a very reasonable time(arguably is the fastest too).
    HTC is also good at updating but are slower and update less no. of devices while SAMSUNG and LG are the worst !!!
    SAMSUNG sometimes updates their phone some days earlier bcoz of the fact that except for the current galaxy flagship, no other phones of samsung get any kind of update, they treat their other phones as JUNK and they actually are “JUNK”!!!

  • YuuriAyano

    Ever heard of Sense and TouchWiz?

  • brixboy

    thats good so maybe we will get androi JB in something like 3 or 4 months now… at least??

  • Rene

    The fact that we are all talking about Sony updating or releasing the latest version of Android clearly means they are still not quite there yet. When Sony announces a mobile product that releases within a week of announcement and with the latest software then they are hanging with the big boys. Until then they are just ”Sony” not ”Sony Mobile”

  • I think he meant that porting it will take much less time than that of ICS.

  • Rusko

    I think project butter is worth mentioning as well. Lag-free android is even closer to reality

  • actually, you can’t say from 2.3 to 4.0 as 3.0 was for tablets

    but yes it was a big jump. this one looks like going from 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3

  • Jx

    your fucking wrong my dear!

    xperia arc s, xperia ray and xperia neo v received ics updates earlier than HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S.

    90% of Sony Ericsson Phones last year are already upgraded to ICS so can you estimate how many percent from all android phones of samsung, lg and htc are running ICS as of now? You’re a fucking idiot!

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  • miki69

    well, it’s not a major overhaul for sure, rather quite needed optimization at all levels, few new features and some visual enhancements.


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  • Ian Simpson

    Gently does it lads…..?

  • Gutsy

    I expect Sony to release 4.0.5 ICS update for all 2011 Xperia phones.. Cos, 4.0.4 is very laggy for most of the 2011 models especially for Xperia neo v, pro, mini pro.. Irritated after using 4.0.4. It’s jus been a week after I updated my Xperia pro MK16i and I’m hating the new software. Pls release the next version of ICS Wit all the bug fixes or jelly bean for the 2011 line up..

  • ole-johan

    hi..i think i have problems with the wifi
    my friends with lower version of android easily connects with the same router i cannot connect with..any solution..
    i rebooted my phone lots of times..but i get the same result..

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