Xperia Unleashed campaign starts in the UK

by XB on 9th July 2012

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Last week we told you about a new campaign from Sony Mobile UK called “Xperia Unleashed”. The idea is to find the Xperiabots from the recent ‘Made of Imagination’ TV advert with the chance to win thousands of prizes. The campaign kicks off today and there is a launch video below. The game will take place online and in locations across London and Manchester. Good luck!

  • surethom

    Sony Get a grip these 
    Xperiabots adverts are pointless & useless, just show your phones & how they improve your life & stop wasting your money on these Xperiabot adverts.  No one on planet earth apart from You know what the hell they are going on about.

  • XYZ

     To generate brand awareness. Doing this may also mean they get small childred to recognise the Xperia brand, and that is something that could be potentially useful in widening the userbase.

  • owl

    i’m going to the UK for this!

    what olympics?

  • Dreamitwork

    Sony support all age level as long its creative and not as other brands with a same grene to promote their smartphone. And the ideas frm 6years boy wonder whats inside xperia. Its all about imagination …

  • Feanor

    Not bad. But they should rather concentrate on reminding to people that Sony is the most premium electronics brand in the world (…or rather they were before Apple usurped the title, but customers should not be reminded of this).
    This campaign looks more like the campaign of a newcomer rather than the campaign of a premium manufacturer.

  • Minato

     u have a point there :)

  • Minato

     oh god! Sony stop these stupid ads!
    hey guys! i have a suggestion! lets start a PETITION so that SONY change their marketing & advertising policy! they should understand that they’re weak on this part. bad advertising ruin potential of their phones and they will end up with low sales!
    Samsung sells millions of junk ONLY with heavy ADVERTISING & right Marketing, that shows how important this is! SONY should build their own marketing agency just like samsung & make it even better…..

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