New Xperia S firmware certified (6.1.A.1.58) [Update]

by XB on 11th July 2012

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Xperia S firmwareSony Mobile has certified a new firmware version (6.1.A.1.58) for the Sony Xperia S. We don’t think there will be any major differences over the existing Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware (6.1.A.0.452), given the version number. It’s more likely a performance & stability release.

Update: Looks like just as we posted this a new update for the Xperia S has been ceritified – firmware version 6.1.A.0.453. [Thanks @wimpiedb!]

New Xperia S firmware certified

  • Jiakushi

    When the new firmware will release??

  • Aa

    Nice.. ICS at the moment feels incomplete..

  • Yeeeeej some much needed fixes to ICS!

  • freddy_krueger


  • Jiakushi

     Can’t wait for it!!

  • lovebmw

    fixes like what?

  • lovebmw

    i had my phone restart twice when google map was open… it happened like two times in the last week!  

  •  There are a few bugs in the current rom:

    – nfc smart tags don’t work half the time
    – music stutters every now and then
    – 3g/wifi signal seems weaker
    – 3g sometimes seems to disconnect and  won’t restart until the phone is rebooted.
    – redraws happen (too) often on the homescreen

  • lovebmw

    -I had the stutter from before the ICS, so nothing new there, but would not mind a fix. 
    -I agree with you on the signal. 
    -no problem with 3g 
    – redraws happen (too) often on the homescreen , not sure about this one.

    The only thing that annoys me is when you go inside a buiding and you see the GPS symbol flashing, it tells me for some reason the phone is looking for location, that never happened before ICS, it drains my battery and it stays all day… until i go out of the building.  perhaps an app is causing that?

  • MZ

    it sounds funny, still in the UK stuck at Gingerbread and you guys are talking about an update for your ICS!! Come on Sony don’t disappoint us…

  • Dreamitwork

    Yup i agree on wifi signal issue. Hope this update will fix it. And also on zooming image quality. :-)

  • – Apps often often quit for no reason, like maps when writing in a destination.
    – The lockscreen message slider disappearing after a second
    – Oh and replace camera from lock screen with mute

  •  Now, I have it in France

  • Dsds

    There is already UK ftf file ready for weeks .

    If you cant update , it probably locked by carrier .

  • Gdas

    Wifi signal is struttering-

  • nfredrik

    Great! Lets hope they fixed all the current small issues with ICS…. can’t wait to try it out! :)

  • fried_egg

    I expect Orange have been waiting for this before they GET THEIR ARSE IN GEAR AND UPDATE THEIR PHONES

  • try going xda and learn to flash the ics stock rom. been using that rom for weeks, only downside is battery last roughly 5 hours now =)

  • metcarded

    You are probably accidentally hitting the Home button.

  • M Usman

    hope it fixes battery issue. wifi signal issue. phone screen keeps waking up so hopefully fixes that too. rest of it seems to be ok. biggest downside is battery after GB. 

  • Mirska

    Excellent, i really hope this includes fixes for the issues. I actually flashed GB back on my phone because ICS was so buggy. 

  • 5 hours, srsly? 
    I’m at 30 hours since last unplug and have 60% battery life left. You must do something wrong :P

  • ProWeirdoGotMuthaFuckinPissed

    Yeah Xperia S got 12 Mega Pixels, but it doesn’t squeeze out it’s whole juice, I thought when the ICS release it would be fixed immediately. Do you know if it would be corrected?

  • Lito_ni

    another one got cert.

    A6.1.A.0.453ECOJul 11, 2012

  • M Usman

    Another FW got certified for the Xperia S just now. Build Number 

  • no.

  • Dreamitwork

    I hope sony will fix the zoom.quality in their new update. yup agree with pro. The 12mp seem not fully uterlize. When in zoom mode the picture start to shaking and more pixel spot appear. Already test arc s 8mp zooming quality seem equal with xps 12mp zooming.

  • having the same issue as you regarding 3g data getting disconnected…the only way to get it fixed is by rebooting the phone completely….i find this problem happens when i finish streaming videos such as youtube or flixter….not sure if you have noticed that…

  • Raffy

    A new firmware update..that’s fantastic, but why am I still on Gingerbread? Jellybean is also approaching..not happy.

  • marukko

    so, 6.1.A.0.453 for the minor updates, and 
    6.1.A.1.58 are prepared for Jelly Bean updates?

  • Buerns

    This really surprise me, I’d flash my ES Orange Xperia two weeks ago with ICS rom 6.1.A.0.452 and I haven’t got any of these problems at all so far, in fact the phone now works extremely better than before, 100% stable, 24 hs battery stamina (with some heavy use of wifi, 3g and screen), happy with all the improvements (showing off among friends with the cool face recognition unlock and all ;)and no bugs… In my case, I would never downgrade back to GB

    In case anyone wants to know: upgrade done with flashtool, done in 15 min and with no faults at all.

  • Eugene Polyakov

    Hopefully they will fix issues with music playing (all these glitches and cracks during playback in ICS)

  • Bp1488

    i have xperia s.

    when i update it for android 4.0 it always says your phone is uptodate.

    my current build number is : 6.0.A.3.75

  • we always seem to be the last to receive updates :(

  • Storytellerboyz

     how can u last so long? did u use any battery saving apps?

  • A21

    I have a problem ,I want to update my firmware to 
    and my current version of android is 2.3.7
    how can I update my android version to 4.0
    please help me 

  • No battery apps at all. 
    I kept checking the battery usage and when it hit the 72 hour mark I had 8% left and charged it. Now I’m 23h since last unplug and have 73% left. Data and GPS is always active, weather updates every 2 hours, gmail, facebook and twitter are updating.
    Is it uncommon to have 1-2% battery drain per hour?

  • Jroshan5

    That’s true I love the phone but the battery disappoints me

  • Storytellerboyz

     i use juice defender(battery saving apps) yet still need to charge it daily.. looks like imma going to uninstall it. if got any differences, i will post it here. :-D  thanks erik!

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