Xperia go now on sale in India, Sweden and the UK

by XB on 18th July 2012

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Xperia goThe Sony Xperia go is now available in the United Kingdom, Sweden and India. The handset can be purchased (in black) in the UK from a number of retailers sim-free including Clove and Expansys for £199.99. It is also available on the O2 network, where it is available on contract for £79.99 or £229.99 on pay-as-you-go. We haven’t seen any UK retailers selling the white and yellow coloured versions though.

In India, the Xperia go is on sale for INR 18,999 from Flipkart, where both black and white variants are on sale. If you’re after the black version, then InfiBeam has it slightly cheaper at INR 18,799. Once again, we haven’t seen the yellow in stock just yet. Lastly, Three Sweden also has the black and white versions of the Xperia go in stock, both on contract or unlocked for SEK 2,795. If there are any other regions that have this sale, let us know in the comments below.

  • Roeshak

    When you consider that this device costs more than a nexus 7,it makes you wonder how google can afford to sell the nexus tab so cheaply.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well… maybe Google can afford, but wonder if Asus can? :-)

  • I bought my white Xperia Go July 5 from for 2259 DKK.

  • Runnrr_up

    How about the device? Is it worth it?…
    I mean reading all those reviews about nad resolution and mic problem…

  • I’ve had no problem with the mic and the resolution seems fine to me. I very much like the device and it is pretty much perfect for me. My full mountain hiking vacation review of my Xperia Go:

  • Runnrr_up

    Good review :-)… Now ill just wait for gaming performance review… Currently i got xperia u and its pretty good at gaming since it has a good resolution…
    im waiting for xgo to be released in my country.. If the gaming performance is good as the u, ill get this device.

  • Dsdsa

    Not at all . 3G chip is quite costly so google cut it away of course they can sell it cheaper .

  • Silver Scythe

    For those of you who are not too careful with your phone, or trek a lot, or need to use the phone in the rain more often than not, you might consider getting yourself the Xperia GO. To sum up how tough the Xperia GO actually is, Watch this:

  • Aditya Shirodkar

    Oh finally Go launches in India… :-)… I want to know when will Sony Xperia Miro and Tipo be available in India. got any news?

  • sharique shaikh

    Well I guess because even though android is open source I think Google might be charging some kind of fees so as nexus is it’s own product they could afford it!

  • Andres

    299 euros wo contract in estonia

  • Avinash Pawar

    Update ASAp on pricing and availability of Yellow Xperia Go.


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