Xperia go put through series of torture tests [Video]

by XB on 23rd July 2012

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We have already seen a number of instances of how rugged the Sony Ericsson Xperia active is, but up until now the Xperia go hasn’t been subject to the same stress tests. We’ve included a few videos below that shows the Xperia go can take some serious punishment.

The first one is the most fun, with the guys using a Sony Xperia go as a skipping stone, they tape it to a football and have a kick around, they use it to make a real ice cream sandwich, run over it with a car and even have the high-pressured water hose from a fire engine unleash its full power onto the handset. See how it fares in the videos below.

  • better than nokia 3310 ..

  • HyaeneLeipzig

    water pressure of 5 bar O.O like this really!

    2 things I am missing: Can you take a photo under water? Can you write a message under water?

  • albika

     no, you can’t take a photo nor write a message under water. its wet finger tracking, not underwater finger tracking

  • shah ajim

    There is a video where Xperia Go recording video underwater

  • Donny

    Is there’s a high end sony xperia device that has the waterproof function?

  • Xperia acro S

  • Fx7575

    I already saw a video that We can take picture inside water

  • if there’s a dedicated camera button then you’d be able to take picture  underwater, 
    xperia active had one and it was very useful :)but it would’ve been awesome if they had made the wet finger tracking feature to a”underwater finger tracking” :P

  • Angelramos17

    Excellent….Always Sony!!!!! The other mobile brands not exist!! 

  • Coolkid

    It would be freakin awesome, if top-end model like Hayabusa or Mint had this spec…
    By the way, Son of Nokia 3310 has arrived….:)

  • I have this phone and yes, its damn impressive and excellent performance as well, I use it in rains, hiking and no sweat.

  • give me a hammer and that phone then i will hit you with a hammer by giving me this awesome phone that easily and when you’r knockout i will snatch and run this phooone with me.hehe

  • why have you made so we cant see it on Youtube?

  • AkashPurswani

    Finally Chuck Norris gets a phone that’s custom built for him..

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  • Where’s the nokia 1100 Now? 

  • how’s the speaker? The sound quality?

  • Ken

    Yes. You can do so by activating the video capture before submersing the phone in water.

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  • theskig

    Good old times…

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