Sony Xperia T (LT30at) pops up in benchmark

by XB on 5th August 2012

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The Sony LT30at, codenamed ‘Mint’ and believed to be marketed as the Xperia T has popped up in the AntuTu benchmark. The benchmark shows that the handset delivers a score of 7,012 running Android 4.0.4. It shows that it has a processor speed of 1.5GHz and the test was taken in the United States on 3 August 2012. This particular version of the Xperia T will be heading to AT&T in the United States and is believed to have a metallic back rather than the plastic construction of the international version (LT30p).

  • Steffen Gjerdingen

    Usa get metall same as iron, we in europe get plastic fantastic, why??

  • lovebmw

    Is because they have to build a negative marketing, and you were the first to jump in, they want people to complain and forms to be created about that issue… rather than unify their products!

  • Mosaarthur

    Why not launch Mint on Android 4.1 & a 1.7GHz processor. I love Sony to bits but I’ve got a feeling Mint will be deemed ordinary specs wise

  • My next phone :). I sure hope it will be announced on the 29th and released in September. 

  • Jj

    Well another phone that goes to the pits because of AT&T

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  • Adam

    Is that will be hard to SONY relase a 1.7 GHz and quad prosseser and 2gb of ram !!!!!!!!!!!! ITS 2012 !!?!!! Just few month to 2013 !!!!

  • DragonClaw

    Android is not optimized for Quad Cores. It’s a waste of battery (if not optimized). Sony rather launch dual cores with the newer Adreno GPU for this year. Quad cores next year. 

  • Yonic

    It’s just simply carrier demands. At t require metal back. As simple as that.

  • hatestupidpeoples

    what the hell is wrong with you quadcore peoples are you dumb or what ? can’t you get it that a dual core s4 is better than quadcore, at every phone every post all can see “why sony can;t release quadcore, why why let’s cry” go buy something else with quadcore then. sory friends but i’ve had enough.

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  • ugh so lucky metallic back

  • Yonic

    Sourcing components for around 6million phones must be planned a long way ahead of the phones launch. Id say around a year before it hits the shop.
    by that time, the 1.7ghz quad coredidnot exist. Sure Qualcomm said itwould come, but as manufacturer you needtohave developed prototypes to work with.
    just remember, no one has made a quad core S4 yet….

  • dide

    poor results!

    i get 6800 with my SXS

    so krait is powerless…NO it the at T bloatware..

  • evita

     fool marketing trick from Taiwanese company and guess what?

    It work!!

  • Atomic

    I’m waiting to see what the LT29I and the LT30I have to offer. I’ve got Xperia S, which is a great phone. I would love to see SONY come out with a 4.8 inch screen. The Bravia Style transparent strip is awesome. Quad core, no big deal, but the adreno 320 with a Krait processor would be great. Battery life on the XS is also very good. Jellbean would be also great on the Hayabusa or Mint. SONY need to do what Samsung does, announce the phone and launch within a month.

  • Lewis Chiverton

    The Xperia T/Mint is the phone i’ve been waiting for, skipped the GS3 just for it.

  • It will be out in late October or the first week of November! 

  • rafi

    I think if sony release new crystal led screen for smartphone, most of the used complaint about bettery life will shut their mouth for good. About quad core hurmm if s4 can offer same banefit with a quad processor, no point to make a big fuss by not having quad core inside sony smartphone.

  • surethom

    This is taking way to long, I think my next phone that replaces my Xperis S may be a Nexus phone, not this?????  Depending on specs.  Role on October/November.

  • Theunnamed

    when the LT29I and the LT30I will be released ???  i got sick of waiting !!

  • This is still a prototype. The number will likely rise slightly before release due to optimisation.

  • Ron

    Yes, we need quad-core with 4.7″ or 4.8″ screen. See the success of the first quad-core of Samsung? they sold more than 50 million units so who doesn’t need quad-core may be it’s only you. Wether marketing gimmick or not, the fact remains more people on earth want quad-core phone. I’m using SXS but I can’t just stand using Samsung so I am really waiting for Sony quad-core smartphone.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Sony know their processors. And they said themselves. ” we dont need quad core processors.” and look @ our phones in the u.s. its all dual core while europe n others get quad. Im fine with my tegra 2. Plus i dont know much bout processors. And i cant wait for the xperiaT. Please be 99$ again for this sony! Love ur phones/design.

  • They’ve sold 10 million s3’s. And there isn’t a higher need for quad-core because of a larger display. The sceen is still 720p so no additional computing power is needed.

    I would rather get my moneys worth with a Sony phone than waste money for a ridiculous gimmick like Samsung does. Sony doesn’t fool it’s customers in the same way.

  • KF

    LOL trust me too many people I know with sgs2 don’t know that it’s dual core so the same with the sgs3. most people don’t know what’s this, it’s all about marketing and reputation

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  • H-R-K

    most of the brand release 2 quad core phone this year, even iPhone 5 come with quad core. so why Sony release a quad core phone?

  • guangu188

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  • yike

  • yike

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