Xperia P Android 4.0.4 ICS update starts rolling out

by XB on 17th August 2012

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Xperia P ICSGreat news for Sony Xperia P owners,  the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update has commenced.  This is a few days earlier than we expected so it is good news all around. As with other updates the rollout will continue over the next few weeks. There is no word on the ICS update for the Xperia U,  Xperia sola and As will Xperia go,  however Sony Ericsson expects to update us shortly. 

  • Mohamed Habib

    What about ion ? :(

  • Sony Ericsson…??? It’s SONY now…:P

  • Maxman

    I know this was asked before, but : Does this update clear any of my data ? (Apps, Savegames, SD..?)

  • Aditya Shenoy

    Time to move on my friend. Its only Sony now. :-)

  • Roeshak

    It’s still Sony Ericsson!!!!! We might and that’s the operative word “might” see the first true Sony Mobile smartphone next year. Agreed Nxt line are definitely more Sony than Ericsson but the rest of the phones they’ve released or announced so far have Ericsson’s fingerprints all over them.

  • M Usman

    yes. its a major update from gingerbread so yes. do this. go to market. install mybackup, 30day free trial, backup ur msgs, and any photos, mms messages, contacts and call logs you have. then update your phone. reinstall mybackup and restore all your files such as photos, mms, texts, contacts call logs. don’t worry about it. it won’t touch your internal storage your so photos will be safe. just use mybackup to backup texts, mms, contacts, call logs etc. then you’ll be fine. it won’t wipe your sd card. but you will have to reinstall all your apps again.

  • Maxman

    Good to know there`s an app for that !But the files i`m really worried about are my savegames from a couple of games i have installed. From what I`ve heard i can only backup these files, if my phone is rooted am i right ? Or does the app include files like these too ? Anyway, thank you very much for answering my question !

  • ho

    Has anyone actually gotten this update on their p?

  • xnightkidzx

    does anyone know when is sony releasing the update for xperia Ion? this site has a post back in early July saying that it would be released soon, but it’s mid August and we still didnt hear anything from Sony =/

  • That’s what I’m saying :( I want my update!

  • Shane

    For Xperia U, ever no….:@

  • Tohar Lalua

    When is Xperia SL getting launched??? My current K810i has gone kaput you know :-p

  • krima

    i installed using pccompanion and all my files and apps are there after the update

  • fake nam,e

    Thisis 99% same ROM as in Xperia S ics….

  • sterk-bin-dai

    I think xperia sola & U will get ICS with xperia P because they have similar hardware :(

  • farlaks

    well nope .. i got d update.. i did nt erase any of my data :)

  • patrick

    What firmware will they rollout? There is no ICS firmware for Xperia P listed on PTCRB yet..

  • Maxman

    Sweet ! Thank you !

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Can you post images here for Xperia P ICS? Still no new firmware certified on PTCRB.

  • Yes, and it’s amazing!

  • update ion please. had phone less than month can still return it to best buy

  • Khanh NPQ

    Updated succesfully my P, but I have to say, I hate the new arangement: u cant go direct to the Setings by pressing the menu button anymore, u have to drag the blind down from the top notification bar to get to it. Also the ‘press n hold anywhere blank’ no longer pops up the wallpaper/shortcut/widget option , that will now alsobe chucked in the top notification bar insteadvery hard to use with onen hand

  • jxPerience

    its officially launched today check this link

  • jxPerience

    i am also looking forward for the first SONY MADE XPERIA :)

  • jxPerience

    nope its not. Because you have two options to update your mobile. 1. normal update to keep data 2. update + factory reset that will delete all your existing data. so its up to you.

  • jxPerience

    we have the same sentiment, But i will suggest to make shortcut for settings application so that you can easily access the setting menu

  • jxPerience

    nope its not. Xperia P has 1GB ram compare to 512MB of sola,go and u

  • jxPerience

    before waiting for xperia u ics update, better go back to school and study well. So next time your comment will make sense

  • Tohar Lalua

    Birather jxP… :), it says coming soon regarding this phone…which in Sony words means wait for another 2 months :-( thanks for the info though :)

  • Felix Dash

    How about xperia ion:(

  • I want the update for my Ion :( Stupid AT&T

  • Guest

    I love how the back still has the SE logo. Hehehehe

  • Joses Lemmuela

    Uh, really? where are you from? Is it bugless so far? What about battery life and overall performance? Would be glad to hear the answers :D

  • Joses Lemmuela

    I’m getting it tomorrow!(listed in global Sony site as 20/08/2012) Good timing, you better not disappointe, sony.

  • Joses Lemmuela

    *dissapoint me

  • Have been waitin here in the philippines

  • Hows the ics? Cant wait

  • mcdo fries

    how about the experia u ics. update?

  • I live in Sweden. I got the update an hour before this article was published.
    I have yet to experience any apparent bugs. The homescreens are a little more fluid and the overall UI is smarter and sleeker.
    Battery-life changes are not extreme, haven’t used it enough to see a difference but it’s at 20% after 31h unplugged now, which is ok.

  • Feanor

    Unlike with my arc that I had to wait two months to get the ICS, this time with my P I was very lucky! I got the update as soon as it was released.
    Up till now I have faced no issues other than the fact that Facebook integration refuses to upload contact pics to my contacts. Maybe it will appear later. Everything else works as a breeze.
    However Adobe Flash is lost with the installation and is no more available on Google Play.
    And generally it is a very different built from ICS for 2011 line-up.
    Everything else is great. Web browser is super fast.

  • User

    It’s really good news. I’m still waiting for update android to my Xperia U.

  • Ye Thura

    I still don’t get ICS updat on my SXP.

  • xperiaster

    im from malaysia.. why still cant update to ics?

  • Feanor

    The updates roll gradually and they are carrier dependend. As I told you, I was waiting two months for the update on my arc. The roll out for the arc started in the end of May but I received it in the end of July because my arc was bought from T-Mobile.
    I bought the P without any carrier branding and this time the update was available from the first day.

  • Feanor

    Well, I don’t mind this so much. But it’s true that the arrangement for the P is very different from ICS for 2011 devices. Two completely different builts. The one for 2011 devices retains many aspects of the original gingerbread built.

  • fex

    I m from pakistan n bought xperia p without any branding…but still didnt receive any ics update…plz advise

  • I’ve updated too, but the homescreen was very laggy… figured out that the “Xperia Cosmic Flow” live wallpaper slows it down, with anything other its perfectly fluid.

  • Tarik

    Hi am in UK I have not still received my ice cream sandwich update

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Sony Certified Same firmware for XPeria Sola

    Hope ICS update soon.

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  • i have updated my xperia p a week ago, and believe me its working smoother, better n more reliable than before ………..everything is working greatt without any lagging or any kinda problem that i faced before including battery too …………now its giving great back up to after updating to ics…… :) :) me a satisfied xperia p user………………

  • rpgsunico

    when will be the update on xperia p here in the philippines???

  • Colin Simpson

    I’m still waiting for my update to ICS here in the UK on a sim-free phone. Come on Sony – get your finger out!

  • pulak Malhotra

    No update for xperia u that’s not fair in Sony website it is written that xperia u will get ics

  • chris

    Here in uk it says update is there but wright when u go on to step 3 on pc comp it then says there is no update. I’m with o2 . Any help plz, thanks

  • gin

    what happened to the gallery????? :|

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  • chris

    Plz oh plz can someone help me, has anybody from uk and on o2 got ics for the xperia p yet, it says there is in the phone ane when u goto geu it the lap top says there is no update.

  • X,P


  • Gray

    my xperia cant update
    can update but it is wait so long already??

  • sohail

    I have a problem my Xperia p, album and movie folder can’t launch pics and movies

  • Hamz

    Darn,… The battery life is fu*ked up. I just leave my phone on the table. Auto sync to google and FB it’s only last up to 8hours. It’s sad pathetic smart phone.what a wasted. :(

  • npcv

    I have the same problem, did you fix it? I’ve been going crazy trying to fix that problem

  • Tom Thomas

    i havent got any update and when connected to pc companion my firmware is upto date(6.1.1.B.1.54)

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