Sony Mobile talks design

by XB on 31st August 2012

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If there is one feature where Sony Mobile has stood out in the smartphone space it is in its designs. No other Android manufacturer comes close to providing unique designs in our opinion. Obviously we may be a bit biased but despite that we can’t think of one device, apart from the HTC Legend, that has wowed us in terms of design.

During IFA 2012, Sony Mobile held a roundtable with media to talk about its design philosophy. Sony talked about the concept of dynamic minimalism when talking about design. This referred to starting out with a very clean and simple design to execute all common and simple actions both in UI and hardware. From here, layer by layer, Sony will add more functionality to the interface, but being very careful at each step to not damage the simplicity and quality of the original design. We have included a few pictures below from the roundtable along with some design prototypes below – check out the wooden Xperia too!

Sony Mobile talks design

Sony Mobile talks design

Sony Mobile talks design

Sony Mobile talks design

Sony Mobile talks design

Sony Mobile talks design

Sony Mobile talks design

Sony Mobile talks design

Thanks @AmbroosV!

  • christo

    wow 2012 Nxt Seriers & ARC series, Waiting 2013 Series

  • Xlash Andraid

    SONY, I knew that you wouldn’t disappoint us. You have my faith back. While others copy, sue, deliver a pathetic squared-closed system or design ugly phones, you make the most beautiful handsets around, focused in being the best without making too much noise. Last benchmarks scores show that your phones don’t need to be a stupid big monster to have a great performance and, also, it’s possible to combine beauty and power. Thanks for that.

    SONY fan, for ever.

  • Design at 6th picture awesome
    Rainbow effect at sony ericsson name cool

  • shah

    wow, i hope google now plan to making Xperia Nexus,with elegant,modern and stylish design.

  • k

    Sony iz boss!

  • sogin_vl

    I suppose this explains part of the reason why we’re not getting an international Xperia SX?… Cause the SX’s design doesn’t fall into the NXT or Arc line?

    (Yes, this is subtle hint to Sony that we want to see the Xperia SX. )

  • lovebmw

    we are at V, w, x, y and the phone of our dreams Z …. 3 more phones :)

  • Cloud_Connected

    j u s t +1

  • Cloud_Connected

    Since they seem to focus on the Arc series in 2012 I hope for a real NXT design “killer phone” for 2013…

  • Xlash Andraid

    SONY is THE Boss!

  • Avery Navas

    like if you think NXT Design is the best of all…

  • donny

    I Love the arc shape… Can’t wait to have a xperia v or a xperia tx…. Still figuring it out… Its gonna be tough…

  • amsaKANNA C

    A wide screen ray and a xperia j with high end specs is enough to rule the year 2013

  • sami_m

    i like the wooden one!!

  • InspectorGadget80

    I like the Metallic GREEN

  • paul4id

    I’m liking the look of the curvaceous design in 3rd photo from the bottom.

  • Ethan

    3rd to the last picture. are those concept phones?

  • MGS

    SONY Is The BEST


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  • jxPerience

    its the same apps used in my sony tablet s, this is same as recommendation in google play, usually this is html5 apps in the browser

  • jxPerience

    So it means NXT ARC Series for 2013? its gonna be the best xperie ever.

    i hope 2013 strategy will be
    3 new phones for 1st half (FLAGSHIP, MID END, LOW END)
    3 new phones for 2nd half (2h FLAGSHIP, MID END, LOW END)


  • Arie

    I agree with u, too much phones only confuse consumers

  • rickiking

    Kudos to the design team of Sony.

  • 100% true.. but i think too much phones this year: S, P, U, sola, tipo, tipo dual, miro, acro S, go, J, V, T, TX. haha i hope i didn’t miss a device :P

  • Sony4Life

    Please sony!!! Xperia’s ARC Design + Vita OS PERFECT!!!

  • i miss my x1 :(

    Whilst you are doing a good job on design with the new range (slightly different sized rectangles) could you please put some dam effort into releasing a qwerty xperia my x1 has died after many long years and with the xperia pro not available in the UK i have zero options, i hope that you will see sense and bring a successor to the market and not and under powered mid range device with old internal hardware.

    Think about it.
    Now do it.

  • Ion :)

  • dan

    what phones are in the picture 6 ?

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  • Joses Lemmuela

    SL :p

  • i forgot neo L too:P

  • uniphore mobility

    I like the sony mobile because sound quality is very nice.

  • Titanium Raven

    I miss my X1, too. (Lost it a few years ago, then couldn’t afford another smartphone at the time.) I would love to get a smartphone again, but nearly everything out there is a touchscreen clone of the iPhone — a design look I’ve grown to hate! I loved the design & metal build of the X1, the arc slide of the keyboard, and stylus/touchscreen. It was beautiful! Please bring back a slider phone with some elegance, like the X1.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Hmm, would love to have these designs back in 5″ segment,

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    and they delivered us with Square blocks instead. :3

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    They jumped straight to Z. :p lol

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