2011 Xperia range will not get new Sony media apps

by XB on 5th September 2012

in Applications

Sony Mobile confirmed this morning that the 2011 range of Sony Xperia smartphones will not receive Sony’s media applications as detailed here. However, all 2012 Xperia models will receive them via software upgrades later in the year. Whilst this may be disappointing for those on older handsets, we imagine the apps will become available to all once the source files hits xda-developers.

  • Rem

    Noooo! :( is it because of the limited phone memory? :(

  • Xajel

    I guess the apk will be extracted later…

  • rency0722

    Why does Xperia J capable of carrying that media apps, seeing that the hardware is just like the 2011 Xperia models? Hmmp.

  • Rahim Ali

    Hell with the apps, just give us Jelly Bean :p

  • malih

    Well, I have the Xperia S media apps installed on my 2011 Phone

  • Rob Caldecott

    I’d rather they concentrated on a JellyBean update before anything else.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Now This is what I am talking about… and sony fanboys get mad when I say that


  • goldenblls

    I already have all the media apps apart from Walkman, on my PLAY.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    maybe more reserved memory?

  • Whayne

    To be honest, I don’t care what you say.
    My Xperia Arc is going to be just an alarm clock after T/TX/V is out.

  • mountain

    I cannot find where they deny jb update anywhere. Have they changed their mind again?

  • Rem

    Couldn’t agree more! Hopefully a smooth JB and Google Now if possible :P

  • Does anyone use any of Sony’s apps? I know I don’t. They are coming to my phone, but I have no interest in them whatsoever. Like others on here, I’m far more interested in Android OS updates.

  • the question is, if u hate sony/sony ericsson so much, why did u always came here , why don’t u grow up and continue u life…..

  • LMFAO Nigga this is exactly why I’m going for the T yo DIG?! :D

  • DragonClaw

    No, it’s because Sony wants to give reason for people to get newer phones, rather than the older ones. :)

  • DragonClaw

    Nah. Xperia J is really inferior to Sony 2011 phones. Still, they get the apps, as it was a newer phone. Why would people buy new phones if they could get all in the old phone?

  • Ethan

    will the 2010 have

  • lovebmw

    Yeah Sony no one cares about your media player. Where is my jb?

  • ????

    We don’t want Sony media apps we just want Jelly Bean for 2011 lineup. Or Sony forgot the 18 months promise to update the phone after the release. And Samsung Google Nexus S is running
    Jelly Bean so all 2011 Xperia phones can handle it.

  • doraemonboi

    Hello, do Samsung Galaxy S get the UI Samsung Galaxy SII get? Do Samsung galaxy S II get Samsung Galaxy S III UI?

  • Rem

    I just got my Ray last April as my birthday gift, and my parents wouldn’t allow me to buy a new one! oh well, perhaps this Christmas or next year I could convince them. :P

  • usr

    Nexus, Nexus. Nexus forever.

  • jeson kamalnath

    Worthless hater! A fanboy is much much better than a hater. Do you really have a life? Why do you even visit this site if you hate Sony so much?
    Can xperiablog block this lowlife please?

  • jeson kamalnath

    There are certain psychopathic morons who love doing that. They love to hate on a company and go on ranting. There is one such asshole in esato.com and one here. Dunno if they are the same person.

  • DragonClaw

    Whenever I am feeling low, I open up Xperia Blog, and scroll down the comments area, to the very bottom. And see such comments. And it lightens my mood.

    Lol. The Truth Must Be Said, so let me tell it. You are a joker. :)

  • rickiking

    Good news for me. I have the Xperia S. I hope JellyBean will follow soon… (and the Vanilla?)

  • I thought the promise was made by Google, not the OEMs. So far only Sony has kept it though, so can’t really get mad if they stop. Because they’re still better than the alternative.

  • Adrian

    How hard can it be just to release it to 2011-models? Just release the newest version of all stuff they have and put it out to 2011-models and make customers happy. Obviously Sony have a better more optimized version of 4.0.4 availble too that they put in newest models. Most people do not buy new phone every year so we who bought for example Arc S will buy a 2013-model and maybe that will be a Sony if we feel that Sony takes care of old customers.

  • Will they update the 2011 Xperia family to jelly-bean? The ICS upgrade is unstable & filled with bugs!

  • jxPerience

    we care and I CARE!

  • jxPerience

    its advance compare to 2011 series. we are talking about internal memory J has 4 while 2011 series only have 400mb available (1GB)

  • sad sony user

    better give us the old media app back.. what was wrong about the 1st one? or the ‘ICS gallery’… and I dont really like the buttons for the new music player… the ones from Gingerbread in Xperia S were perfect…. and also the design/theme/colours of the UI and menus were nicer to look at than the new one in ICS.. :(

  • cesar


  • Xlash Andraid

    Same here bro: Launcher, Walkman, Sweep Panorama, etc. running fine in my Xperia Ray.

  • lovebmw

    perhaps a dual processor is a must in such media player? the video shows smooth sailing, i dont know about a one processor phone… just a guess

  • Rem

    really hoping they would! and I’m okay with a vanilla JB! :)

  • Avery Navas

    and you will get it sooner than the official update… as the leaks trend to get earlier to unofficial supported handsets…

  • jxPerience

    maybe, maybe not

  • Allan

    Having massive red figures Sony should think about their customers. I might replace my arc within the next half year but being so arrogant not updating “old” phones from 2011 could make me buy another brand – and my drawer contains 6 old SE phones that indeed is my favorite brand.
    And why does my touch screen freeze after playing ABIRDS since I updated to a 4. Something?

  • itr0ll1

    They can’t even push proper ICS updates…

    SOny bloatware is worse than Acers… YUCK!

    So glad I got a iphone 4s and ditched this sleaazy company who is completely going under very soon after RIM

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