Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) now on sale in China

by XB on 6th September 2012

in Xperia T

China isn’t only the first country to get hold of the Sony Xperia SL (LT26ii), it can now add the much anticipated Xperia TX to that list too. The handset is now available to order via the Sony Style China website in all three colours (black, white and pink), where it is available for RMB 4,298 (£425, €537, $677).

The Sony Xperia TX and Xperia T will be mutually exclusive in terms of retail availability. For example, most of Europe will get the Xperia T, whilst many Asian markets will get the Xperia TX instead. Expect the handset(s) to make an appearance in most countries towards the end of the month.

  • and what about America?

  • mobiousO

    That’s fast!

  • I hope the Xperia T would be available here in the Philippines, I want it more than the TX

  • jxPerience

    wow that’s fast just like the processor.

  • Will T be available in India ??? Becoz Neither T nor TX Shows up in Website….

  • Z

    which device will go into malaysia?is it xperia TX?

  • lovebmw

    i am starting to feel that Sony is concentrating their time on how to distinguish between markets, and how to create a product that has 1 important/ not so important feature to be missing in order to buy the second corrected version of the product (example Xperia V missing camera button, T missing the latest hardware)…..

    Instead, they could focus their time and efforts on how to create an ultimate technology package (hardware, design, software) and be the invy of other manufacturers…. why cant one phone work everywhere and be released at the same time everywhere?

  • Grishm

    Xperia TX might land in India and US might have Xperia T.

  • Mark phillips

    Both of these devices are shown in Indian sonymobile website I checked on first day itself!

  • Mark phillips

    Totally stunned And a bit jealous too because I need T or TX or V in India as soon as possible!

  • This time Sony rocks )

  • XperiaBlog

    We expect it will be. We know for sure Singapore will get the TX, so in all likelihood the same will be the case for Malaysia.

  • Karan

    How sure r u tht the xperia tx is coming to india ? It doesnt show up on the sonymobile site nor the any of the retailer websites ??

  • Karan

    Do ya know if India would get it ???

  • Check it again dude nothing like TX or T, even V or J is there. Only SL Shows Up. I believe it will be available in India and Across the Globe as Sony Is carrying a Huge advertisements for T(James Bond like)

  • crazychef

    well it should hit us around the end of the month but you never know.

  • crazychef

    hey is it me or is the sonymobile site slow? when you go to view the phones it doesn’t load.

  • Coolkid

    I second U… Need TX or V in India….:)

  • crazychef

    one thing i don’t understand is why does sony take so long to introduce their phones to the u.s. i love their phones, and it would be my first time buying a sony phone but i feel that they take to long.

  • Coolkid

    Sony U smashed this time by releasing the phones as soon as they were announced…. That too they didn’t jus kill other top-end phones in benchmark results also the upcomin note-II…
    By the way 2013’s gonna be so much win for Sony… Especially Q3 of 2013…. U R back to the game… All Hail Sony….!!!!

  • Fraulein

    US is ruled by the carriers. Phones will not get noticed if not sold by Verizon/AT&T, and they’re picky SOBs

  • crazychef

    i dont really like att nore verizon. i’m a tmobile kinda person.

  • malih

    According to Sony Mobile web my region will get both T and TX, but no V, probably cause of the Acro S

  • According to Sony Mobile web my region will get all of em T,TX, J and V see this is what I love bout middle east countries SONY ROCKS!!!

  • petter

    When xperias t, tx and v will be available in Poland? Will some of them be available in nearest future? Will any of them be available at all?
    At the moment I can buy the ‘latest’ xperia s after a discount for almost 500 euros… I really don’t like this. I would like to get tx or v. I need a new phone – but what if I wait and get nothing? I am seriously considering buying phone from other manufacturer.

    fun fact: sony even didn’t bother to create local version of their site for mobile phones – it redirects me to global site to see all the phones that will never be released in my country :/

  • they can’t have a site for every single country on the planet.

  • I love having AT&T. I can’t wait for the Xperia T :D

  • Damodara Kovie

    Technically, they can… And for the desktop version of their site, they do. :]P

  • Sony Mobile Malaysia confirmed TX.

  • jag

    woah! When will it arrive in Singapore? thanks! ^^

    … but i like xperia V too… >.<

  • offtopic: will it be likely for malaysia to get xperia tablet s before year’s end?

  • I really love the TX for its thin and elegant design and I want it, but I don’t think it will be available in the US and neither in the rest of America (I’m from Costa Rica) so… I think I’m gonna have to skip this “Arc Series” and wait for the 2013 models to come out because I don’t wanna go for the T as I find it a little bit too thick (I’m an arc owner, so, those few more mm in size make a big difference to me).
    On the other hand, it really worries me that, despite the TX being a lot better looking version of the Xperia T, it has been less advertised. Actually, it is almost being left out of the new Xperia series by the Sony marketing team as the handset can barely be seen on the videos Sony has released over the last week, and that makes me wonder if Xperia TX will become an abandoned device by its manufacturer in terms of software upgrades.
    I´m a die-hard Sony fanboy, but this company really needs to focus their efforts in creating a phone with groundbreaking specs and state of the art design, make it its flagship model and release it WORLDWIDE, pretty much like Apple or Samsung do. I personally dislike both, but their marketing strategy mops the floor with Sony’s. I hate it when I get to see an iPhone every ten minutes when I’m walking on the street and if I go into a mobile phone store, wherever I look at, there are lots of Samsung’s banners and handsets.
    I mean, it’s quite annoying that Sony still keeps that lame strategy of “specific models for specific regions only”.

  • Mumbly

    I found out that the Xperia TX is officially listed on following Sonymobile-Sites in Europe and should therefore be available in those countries: Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Russia.

  • petter

    but they’ve made local site for everything – except smartphones -_-
    maybe they just really don’t want me to buy any of them…

    and if they’re selling their products – they must have local site (no matter how bad and poor)

  • Arc

    If you’re referring to the alleged S3 chipset on TX, then you’re wrong, the new whitepaper said that Xperia T is using S4 8260A which is essentially identical to S4 8960 used on Xperia V, sans LTE ;)

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  • The Xperia T, V & J are listed as coming soon in

  • YoYo

    wtfChina. Europe please!

  • Mark phillips

    Sorry my bad it was global website and I thought that was Indian!

  • lovebmw

    Guys lets give Sony a hand, please state how much you want the T, TX, V, rate them, review them

    And always bump Xperiablog as one of the best websites Sony could ever have as a stalking fan hehe

  • OOT — Dear Friends and XperiaBlog team. I want to ask to Xperia S user, did your device become freez? My Xperia S now not running smooth. I dont know why, my XPS going to freez, hang, and not responding, including three button. I’ve to restart my XPS. Please, help me to fix this problem.

    Radzie, Aceh, Indonesia

  • lovebmw

    DEF, Sony does have a problem releasing a phone in the U.S. its always Beyond late, i wish they could pay attention to that problem

  • crazychef

    ok here goes a question that might be retarded but what is the diference between the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Krait MSM8260-A Dual Core processor from the xperia T and the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8260-A Dual Core processor besides the addition of the word Krait?

  • .cj

    … please tell us: who is T and who is TX and why?

  • name me

    yeah whats the diffrence between those chipset ?

  • name me

    is the xperia T 30 gonna be in china or just TX ?

  • Coolkid

    Nothing… Both are same… The differences between T & TX are in their design,thickness,weight and battery size… That’s it… I don’t understand why Sony released 2 phones with same specs in first place…. They could’ve totally avoided T… I’ll personally go for TX for its slimness and lightness or V for its waterproof…!!!

  • i need a V! any idea abt price and release date..! old phone cant handle more!!

  • shocking phone, very disappointing

    sony you need to catch up fast to samsung

    the phone is well below the galaxy nexus


  • Coolkid

    In Germany it has a price tag of 580 euros…. So when it comes to India it might cost around 36,000 – 38,000, i guess…..

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  • thanks! now all i need to kno is release date!!

  • Metanol

    Id like to buy it in China, does anybody has a good shop address in Guangzhou ? Thanks

  • Metanol

    just TX apparently

  • Metanol

    GPU difference, T is Adreno 225 and TX is adreno 220

  • So we all have to move to China? How do we obtain this in the UK, plz XB?

  • smallpro

    What!? Released in China already??
    Man! Just when my choice fell to Xperia P, this new phone shows up

    Now I’m tempted to get this phone over Xperia P

  • timoNL

    can somebody tell me if the xperia TX will be released in holland?
    i like the TX a lot but the design of the T is just worse in my opinion

  • I need to know if the 1700 and 2100 mhz band is really capable of 3G-/4G (HSPA+) on T-Mobile USA? it’s the only one concern in my mind that I need to confirm.

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  • GM_Gun

    When it will comes to malaysia…i love xperia TX..

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