Xperia S Boot Manager allows you to multi-boot different ROMs

by XB on 10th September 2012

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There is some great work going on at xda-developers, one member letama has created a boot manager for the Sony Xperia S that would in theory allow you to multi-boot different firmware. So for example you could have CyanogenMod 9 or 10 loaded onto your phone along with stock Sony firmware. This way you could enjoy the benefits of CyanogenMod, but if you needed to use the camera or HDMI functions you could easily switch back to stock by rebooting the handset. The boot manager hasn’t been released to the public yet, but it sounds very promising so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. See it in action in the video below.

Via xda-developers.

  • HeterodoxyCento63
  • Rammstone

    That is.. amazing.

  • domiboy7

    nicely done XDA devs u guys always are the real pros lol sony should hire u :)

  • Xajel

    WOW, all good things are happening for the phone I skipped coz I wanted a H2 flagship as Sony used to give these phones more attention and support later (like arc s vs. arc)… so I just bought it for my wife…

    I hope Xperia T will have these things, like AOSP and now thing !

  • roeshak

    I’m afraid you might be disappointed there. In my experience, most buy their phones in H1 and that’s including devs because the last longer before they begin to feel dated. Phones released in H2 are treated no differently to those released in H1. The galaxy note got the same ics update as the GS2 and it’s the same story with the Arc vs Arc S scenario. The Xperia s will last a year before it starts to look and feel old while the T will feel the same after barely 6 months once 2013 line up appear with their possibly s4 pro configurations.
    I never buy phones in H2 for this reason. As far as AOSP, I think that’s a move by Sony to stop Ericsson messing them up on the software. Seeing as nxt line are the only Sony designed handsets we’ve seen so far, I doubt the same will be repeated for any of the Ericsson builds. T included

  • off topic: how do you screen shot on ics version of xperia s?

  • Xajel

    My arc and Satio both were a H1, and in both cases I saw less attention after the H2 high-end released especially in case of Satio, the arc case was much better as Sony is working to make their support better and better… Duo to the arc problem from the beginning ( the Japan earthquake ) I didn’t had my arc till August/September just one month after the announcement of arc s, at that time I couldn’t wait another two months for arc s specially I cant gaurentee the availability of it ( after waiting 6 months for the arc to be available in my country ) as I was just done with Satio !!

    When Xperia S launched I liked it and thought of taking it but I didn’t as I just had the arc for only half a year, so I bought the Xperia S for her as she felt why I replaced it… the Xperia S was her first Android+Sony+smartphone and she’s still very happy with it but she’s still looking for a cover to protect it…

    Now I’m done with the arc, I don’t think I’ll wait for another 4 months waiting for H1 high-end + looking for rumors, the H2 high-ends will be the first true Sony smartphones as even the H1 ones will have some leftover from the good old SE… thought they will be Quads also…

    I’m just now beginning to trust Sony more with their support, not like the old days of Satio and arc ( Satio specially )… they’re really working hard to give their products a very good support and features.. but I still hope for Sony to add more features to their UI.. just to take a look for Samsung Galaxy S3 UI features

  • roeshak

    I’m afraid you’re mistaken if you think the H2 mobiles are true Sony. look at most Sonyproducts and compare you’ll find that none of the phones released this year look more Sony than the nxt line. In fact only that line look like they were designed by Sony. Typical monolithic design intended the showcase the display. The rest just look like evolutions of everything we’ve come to expect from Ericsson.
    you watch the 2013 designs will look more like nxt. Gone will be the over stylish crap Ericsson were famous for.

  • Z

    Hold down the power button+volume down button

  • you’re the best

  • Xajel

    I meant 2H13 not this year :) and btw, AFAIK next year designs won’t be NXT look a like, 1H13 will be more like 2H12… 2H13 will be true Sony designs…

  • uidesigner_sony
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  • Fraulein

    I think you’ve misunderstood how and what Sony Ericsson was. They merged the mobile companies into one, which was then 50/50 owned by Sony and Ericsson. Ericsson then sold its ownership to Sony, and they changed the name, but all the so called “Ericsson employees” are still there. You won’t see any phones that started development after the name change until H2 2013. And if you’re calling phones made in Lund for Ericsson builds, then it’s strange because one of the NXTs is made there, P. U is made in Beijing and S in Japan. And regarding “Ericsson messing them up on the software”. Lund will be the new SW center.

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